Why Should I Trust Axel Alonso??

Honestly, why is this such a hard question?

 What does HE plan to do, now?
It should come as no surprise, but I am far from a fan of Joe Quesada's work as editor-in-chief. In that position he has pretty much summed up everything I hate in modern comics. OMD BND and OMIT were utter train wrecks in story writing. You were basically telling readers that decades of character development and events just never happened. Why, because Quesada didn't want Peter Parker to be married. That was his actual motivation for that. So, for that reason he took a character that was based around the idea of taking responsibility for your action into one that makes deals with the actual devil for his own selfish purposes. Normally, if you don't like what a creative team is doing with a comic. You drop it until the next team comes along. My problem is that the man responsible for it is the editor-in-chief. I swore that as long as Quesada was attached to it, I would boycott all Spider-man comics. I've done so ever since and I know I'm not alone in that idea.

If it wasn't for this artwork. I wouldn't even be considering this.
I was excited to hear that Quesada was leaving. It meant I could finally look into buying Spider-man again. I was even seriously trying to think of an excuse to buy the trades for the Spider-man Big Time comics. If only because I really enjoy Humberto Ramos' works.

Well, the euphoria I was feeling quickly faded. Suddenly, I got this nagging feeling that I had heard the name of Axel Alonso, Quesada's replacement, somewhere before. I was crestfallen to see the reason I remembered that name was because he was one of the people who were part of creating the concept of OMD. I really never imagined that Marvel would take one OMD person and just replace him with yet another.
Quesada pissed away any faith I would ever have in his ability to ever allow characters in Spider-man to ever honestly develop. To him, everything existed just to eventually be undone. Now, I'm left wondering. Why shouldn't I hold Alonso just as responsible for OMD as I did Quesada? How do I know that Alonso is about taking an honest new direction and not a "stay the course" man? I've asked this over and again, but for some reason I always get the same response from people. 

" Give Big Time a chance. "

How is that an answer to the question I've been asking? They aren't even remotely related. It's like asking someone the square root of 6 and someone saying, "Hey, try the fish-n-chips." I've looked through the credits of Big Time, and I can't see his name anywhere. Why do people want me to give him credit for something that predates him? That answer doesn't explain anything. Why do people keep bringing up Big Time when I'm asking about Alonso? Do you have any idea how confusing that is?
Why is he dating anyone if Marvel will never let it go anywhere?
I'm really trying to be open to this man, but it's not helping matters to answer a simple question with something completely unrelated to him. The fact that no one can tell me what Alonso has ever said or done that would help me to know he would be different. Just makes me assume that he wont be. If I was to support Alonso as editor-in-chief, would I be voting for Barack Omaba or John McCain to replace Bush? Am I getting change or more of the same?
There is no reason why I should have any blind faith in Marvel. I want to see evidence. I honestly want to know what Axel Alonso has either said or done that would let me know that. There are probably a lot of users who don't think I'm serious in my question. That I just want to hang on to this and they can't change my mind. Well, those people don't know what they're talking about. With Quesada gone, I'm now willing, but I need a real reason.
Does anyone know why he should be trusted over Quesada? What has Axel Alonso said that would let me know he would never pull a stunt like OMD again? Also, why is it that no one can answer such a simple question?
-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- 
Posted by BKole

You can't know, and you won't know, but he's a different person with different priorities and thoughts to Joey Q. It's more about letting it happen than Trusting him. You can't judge Axel for Joey Q's mistakes any more than I could judge you for Ramos' or Bachalo's. It doesn't have to be about trust, but it does have to do with giving him a chance - You can't write him off for something he hasn't done yet, or isn't responsible for.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
I can hold him accountable when my purpose for boycotting was OMD and Alonso was a part of it. If he was a part of creating it, which he was. If they share those same ideals for the direction of series. He might as well be the same person.
It's always about trust and faith. Quesada tossed all that away. He didn't want Peter to be married so he created one of the most convoluted and twisted tales. All so he could make Peter a single man. Something a divorce would of done the same thing. He went on to name BND and the later OMIT, which was basically twisting the knife he stabbed in the backs of long time readers.
Under Quesada there was no reason to care about any event that ever happened. Every event to him was just there to be undone as if it never happened. What is the point of having Peter be in a relationship with anyone. Under Quesada he has made it clear that it will never go anywhere. From his own words, I can tell what the outcome will be. That's boring to know the answer when reading.

I'm tired of asking about Axel Alonso and people mentioning Big Time, which he's not even connected to..
You can't tell me that as the new editor-in-chief that he hasn't made some sort of statement about his plans. I judged Quesada based on both his words and actions. The only action I have to judge Alonso on is OMD. That shows me seriously bad judgment.  Now, I want to know what he has said now that he's the leader. Is he new direction or more of the same.
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i'm just glad quesadra stopped ruining spidey
Posted by Baddamdog

Anyone is better than Joe Q, even.... BENDIS O.O

Posted by ForbushBug

Axel was editor on Millar's "Trouble" so he's well-versed in screwing with Spider-Man.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
It's nice to have him gone and away from the series. Maybe now it has some potential to be a story without rebooting everything.
My largest issue with Quesada is that he seemed set to undo pretty much everything in Spider-mans past. Spider-man's whole history had no meaning under his control. Comics need to stop rewriting history, and start working on going forward.

Experiences tells that it can always get worse. I recently read an interview with Axel Alonso. It was an interview with Marvel. So, it was unlikely they were going to press him on anything. Still, I do have to admit that I like what I read. He talks about being not too hands on as editor-in-chief. That speaks to different.
Getting to finally read the man's own words makes me feel a bit better about him. I would just like to read an interview with an outside source.
In his defense. There is quite the difference to being an editor of a comic to being editor-in-chief. As the basic editor, your main charge is just to get everything done on time and basic quality control.
Posted by Baddamdog
@FoxxFireArt:  Well he's done some great things, so I'm happy! And in several interviews he's mentioned one of his favourite characters ever is Psylocke, so I think it's great! 
 John Barber: "Axel is a big Psylocke fan. He’s been wanting to get her into the book for a long time."
(X-Position: X-Editors, December 2008)

Nick Lowe:  "[Psylocke popping up in a lot of places] It's definitely intentional and you have one man to thank for it - Axel Alonso. He loves Psylocke even more than Warren Worthington and CB Cebulski do… and that's saying a lot!"
(X-Position: Nick Lowe, November 2009)

Nick Lowe:  "Axel loves Psylocke – plain and simple. He just loves her. So that's pretty much why she's there [in Uncanny X-Force]."
(X-Position: Nick Lowe, October 2010)

Axel Alonso:  "At the X-Men summits, Gambit, Hellion and my personal favorite Psylocke always come up in discussion. I mean, I love Psylocke and I love Mystique – I would love to do a substantial series featuring them as leads, but before I do, I've got to know I can really deliver the goods."
(Cup 'O Joe: Marvel T&A, November 2010)

Axel Alonso is also the man behind  5 Ronin -- Out of all Marvel female characters, Psylocke was the one chosen to be part of it. Let's hope this  unexpected change means more good things for Betsy Braddock.    
Posted by GundamHeavyarms

You really don't have a reason to trust him, I don't have a reason either.  Think of it this way, he cant do a worse job than Joe Q did. Even if he decided to undo the deal with mephisto and have Peter and MJ together again, it would be a very messy process.  I dont like when continuity gets flipped over all the time, but it just happens. I try not to get worked up over it. Then again I am a relatively new reader, so I suppose its easier for me  to let it go.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
No, I think people misunderstand my thoughts on the issue. Marvel doesn't have to have Peter married to MJ. A divorce would of been acceptable. My issue was that Quesada seemed intent on undoing decades of character development all in the name of "new readers". That he didn't think these readers could relate to a married super hero. My issue with Quesada is that the history of the character seemed to mean nothing to him. That he was willing to undo any bit of character development at the drop of a hat.
Just saying continuity swaps "just happens" is a poor excuse. It's lazy story writing. A story where events happen, characters develop, then it's all undone as if it never happened is boring, There is no narrative strength.

People keep telling me to buy Big Time that Peter is changing and developing. Yeah,....for how long until they just undo all those changes?
This is part of what I mean. Under Quesada, he was never going to let Peter ever get married again. So, why have him in a relationship with anyone? I know not every relationship will lead to married or last a week. Here's the problem. The fun thing about reading relationships in a story is that you never know where it's going to go. There is a world of potential for what could happen. Any girl could be the next Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy (one that hopefully doesn't sleep with Norman Osborn).  Under Quesada, from moment one you knew that it was never going to go anywhere. So then why have it in the story at all?

I've read an interview with Axel Alonso recently that does make me feel a bit better about him. I do want to try and like the man, but after Quesada. Spider-man potential is next to nothing. He seems to imply that he wont be very hands on as an editor-in-chief.
Posted by Nighthunter

Well.....the new girlfriend is named after Quezada's daughter so maybe it was supposed to be long term, so he got rid of MJ so that Peter could date his daughter......I'm only making him look worse right?

Posted by FoxxFireArt
Certainly not helpful in the case of Quesada, but after OMD BND and OMIT. He was a lost cause.
People talk on and on about how much things have changed in Big Time. While that certainly appears to be true. How long until they just undo it all as if it never happened? What's the point of any of this if things go right back to square one. It's a case of two steps froward and three steps back.
Posted by danhimself

do you guys just not understand OMD is that??  because saying that years of character development were thrown out the window is absolutely wrong....everything happened...EVERYTHING...all except for the marriage....Peter and MJ were still together in a relationship they just weren't married....it's not as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be

Posted by FoxxFireArt
That idea that they were still together but just not married is utter rubbish. If she couldn't be married to him, why would she still be dating him or living with him? It's the same as a marriage but without a ceremony. If she was just so passionate that she couldn't even be married to him. It makes zero sense that she would stay with him. How would it be any different living with him? 
There is also the daughter. She's been completely wiped from Marvel altogether. She was replaced as Spider-girl. So, that didn't happen either.

Just as an example. Black Cat was so jealous upon her return that Mary Jane had MARRIED Peter that she attacked MJ. Marry Jane took what she wanted. Why was she that pissed off if they weren't married? So, that didn't happen either.

It also isn't just about the marriage. It's about having Spider-man making a deal with the devil for his own selfish desires. A hero that was suppose to be about taking responsibility for actions didn't. These events don't mean anything if in a few years it's going to be treated as if it didn't happen and continuity in Spider-man is an absolute joke.

OMD was a giant middle finger to long time readers. All this mess when a simple divorce would of done the same thing. Under Quessda, he was never going to let Peter be married again. So, why is he dating anyone in the comics. We now right from the start that it will never be allowed to go anywhere. Knowing the outcome is boring.
Posted by xerox_kitty

I wish I could offer any wise words of advice.  However, Axel Alonso is one of those names I see a lot, but I don't really know what he's done... I just hope he'll make some good common sense judgements.
Posted by crackerjack82

At best he was an decent editor, i mean hell blazer didn't suffer much under him nor 100 bullets, i will give him the benefit of the doubt, for now, Joe Q is out, thank you, maybe we will get really lucky and Matt fraction will stop ruining BOOKS

Posted by FoxxFireArt
I read an interview with him recently. In it he pretty much described himself as the servant and supporter of everything Quesada has done. Alonso tried to claim that Quesada was a "if it any broke don't fix it" type of person. Yeah, that's a load.
He described the change in this manner " It's not like you have a Democratic president with a Republican coming into office". That statement tells me one thing. He's not about changing anything. He's about staying the course. I was feeling a lot better about him until I read that.
I don't see why we should trust him. How many times do you let them disappoint you before you say 'enough'? No event means anything anymore.

I don't see the point in an editor change if he is just going to continue what Quesada started.

Fraction is good at creating a concept for a story. He just seriously lacks in the follow through. The outcome never lives up to the build up.
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Well i guess giving the BOD is out the window ,  Fraction is great early stage writer, if they kept him there and let a follow through writer pick up his stuff would great, But it is Broken so needs to fixed, i hate Joe i am gonna hate him and i hate disney for buying marvel

Posted by LP
 FoxxFireArt said:

It also isn't just about the marriage. It's about having Spider-man making a deal with the devil for his own selfish desires. A hero that was suppose to be about taking responsibility for actions didn't. These events don't mean anything if in a few years it's going to be treated as if it didn't happen and continuity in Spider-man is an absolute joke.

This. You simply make sense, FFA.
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@Nighthunter said:
"Well.....the new girlfriend is named after Quezada's daughter so maybe it was supposed to be long term, so he got rid of MJ so that Peter could date his daughter......I'm only making him look worse right? "

proves what I've said about Joe Quesada.
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 I really hope that AA will stop  with this  " two giant crossovers every year"  nonsence and characters showing in anoher books fo no logical reason trend. JMS left Thor, because Marvel wanted him to make crossovers ( thank you, Quesada).