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I thought I would share with everyone a few select pictures of some of the cakes that I make. On top of graphic art design that I do. I am also to main cook and baker for my family. Which makes the holidays and very busy time for me. I also have some very special desert recipes that I have made that border on the addictive, but I don't think I'll go into that here.

How it Started

I really had no experience in decorating cakes before I started a few years ago. Didn't have much of a desire to do so either. It really started up a few years back when my elder cousin, Ryan, was having a birthday party for his daughter, Allison. She was turning two years old and the first girl born into the family since my mother. My cousin and his wife discovered early that same year that Allison had a dangerous allergy to peanuts. They nearly lost their daughter to it. Well, crisis was averted and she came out fine. Now it's something that is always on their mind. I heard about this after the fact, but on Allison's second birthday party they had to scrap the cake. Ryan's father-in-law had gone to the bakery to get the cake when they noticed the sign on the wall that was a warning that all baked goods either contained or had been cooked around peanuts. They couldn't take the risk so they had to get rid of the cake on her birthday.
I thought this was horrible and the next time I saw Ryan and his wife. I told them I would volunteer bake the cakes for them so they could be 100% sure that the cakes would be peanut free. The next year in April they had their second child's two year old birthday coming up and they took me up on the offer. They told me Jack wanted a Spider-man cake and I went with that design. This is the image of that cake:
Cake - Spider-man
This is two sheet cakes and both were flavored as pink-lemonade (I didn't pick it) and vanilla frosting. I had gone to a local cake decorating shop to get supplies. Piping all those webbing on the cake made my hand hurt. It was funny. I spent quite a few hours baking and decorating these. At the party, Jack was a bit too over excited about his cake. They held out the one of Spider-man's chest for him to blow the candles out on. With everyone watching. He took a breath, blew, and a huge slobber of spit oozed from his mouth on to the cake. Naturally, we served the second one to the guests at the party. After this day, it's becomes a tradition to tell Jack to swallow before he blows out the candle on his cake.
There have been several cakes throughout the past few years and they had another son. I don't pick the design. They tell me what the kids request and I make it. The cakes that have followed have been.
Allison -
Barbie / Ariel / Pumpkin
Jack -
Spider-man / Sponge Bob / Transformers
Ben -
Elmo / Boz the Bear
I'm not going to bother you with pictures of all these cakes. If you'd like to see them all you can visit my devArt page. http://foxxfireart.deviantart.com/gallery/#Cakes  Over the yeas I have advanced in my skills. The Ariel cake was more like a sculpted bust of Ariel out of cake. I will share another image of the latest cake I have made for Jack. These two have more of a 'comic' theme to begin with.

Cake - Transformers
This cake is the Transformers' Autobot Logo. It's two layers of chocolate Devil's Food cake with vanilla frosting at 12x12 inches. All the dark blue parts are actually carved trenches to give the cake a real 3-D feel. It was hell trying to ice in all those trenches. My symmetry was a bit off in a few segments. I had some cake left over from the carving of the angles in the jaw. I stuck those two pieces together to make a separate cake that I put Jack's name on it and they could put the candle in. I was told that at the party Jack wouldn't let his sister have any of this little cake. His sister was after it as well, despite there being plenty from this original cake. 
I get quite a laugh out of the fact that the cake I spent hours baking and decorating fell in popularity to a small thing I threw together last minute. I'm pretty sure their parents appreciate not having to worry if a birthday cake may kill their daughter. Ryan and his wife breath easier and the kids still get to have nice cakes. That's at least three good deeds in a year. lol
Their daughter has had quite a rather disturbing habit the past few years. Ever since the Sponge Bob cake, she has taken to asking to eatting the part of the cake with the character's eyes. I've told my family that as long as Allison doesn't ask for a nice Chianti with her cake I believe we will be alright. Sadly, only my mother and Ryan's wife got that joke. I sincerely hope that the audience here fairs betters.
Unfortunately, since I pretty much just make cakes for these kids. I don't really get to experiment with favors. So far it's just been vanilla and chocolate cake the boys. Allison always asks for pink lemonade. I've really been interested in trying to develop my banana bread recipe into a cake with a butter cream frosting, sliced bananas and strawberries in the middle. I just lack any opportunity to try it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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Now I am hungry great work though!

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omg you make cakes!....marry me...

Posted by xerox_kitty

That's just GENIUS!  Is there no end to your creativity?!  I never thought you'd be a supreme baker too! ;) 
I hope they tasted as good as they look!  

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the Transformers cake looks awesome

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do sailor moon!

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@NagolNuff said:
"do sailor moon! "

LOL wut?!
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I can also cook. I think this might be the first offer of marriage I've had. I'm currently unattached. 
I don't really pick the themes of the cakes. The kids request them and I make what they ask for. It's not so much something I really enjoy doing. It's a lot of work for something that is just getting destroyed. Though, I do enjoy that I'm making cakes for the kids that make their birthday special for them and the parents know they are safe for their kids.
Thanks. Well, I've also done sculpture, landscaping, and carpentry. I wouldn't go so far as to say a supreme baker. I do like making desserts, but my best is probably my apple crisp and more recently the pumpkin pie I bake.
There are a few recipes that I've read about and want to try. I've been reading about onigiri and knish lately. Both really interest me, because they can be filled with a variety of fillings. I really like multipurpose dishes. My banana bread recipe is really versatile. I could add nuts, strawberries, blueberries, or chocolate.
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culinary ARTS at its best :-) good looking cakes! yum! yum!

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@Agent Buttons: not like do her do her...like make a cake of her....lol
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@NagolNuff said:
" @Agent Buttons: not like do her do her...like make a cake of her....lol "

i knew what you meant, Nago xD
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Wow! those are some awesome cakes!

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Wow, those are brilliant! Remarkable work!

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Love the Autobot cake.