One Piece Inspirational Sales Image

I've been wanting to make this inspirational-based graphic for a while now. This volumes was released in Japan back in February of last year. The sales of this volumes shocked a lot of people. Japan has a company that tracks all media sales in country. In three days of ONE PIECE Vol. 61 release to stores. It sold over 2 millions units in only three days. That isn't counting they sales for the rest of the week or month. What may surprise many who read this is that these numbers aren't that surprising. ONE PIECE sells millions of copies in a matter of days every time a new volume is released. Every volume since Volume 61 has sold two million within a week. It's the biggest selling manga in Japan right now and blows away every other series in sales. Tell me the comic publisher that wouldn't kill for those kind of sales.

You can actually get this particular volume in U.S. stores now. I normally order these from Amazon or get in book stores.

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Your right there it`s a fun series . 

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I love watching the anime on the FUNimation site every Saturday. The manga really has a lot of the things people say they want in comics. It's just such a real well realized and crafted world.