ONE PIECE FILM: Z Movie Figures!!

If you are a person you enjoy detailed figures. I think you might like this set based on the next ONE PIECE movie.

ONE PIECE FILM Z is the eleventh film (technically twelfth if you count the 3D STRAW HAT CHASE movie), and was was released to theaters on December 15th. This movie is also the second of the series that had series creator, Eiichiro Oda, taking on the role of executive producer. On top of writing and drawing his best selling manga, Oda had a hand in character designs and plotting for this movie. He even illustrated the promotional image of the characters I use at the top of this article. Believe it or not, but 90% of the background characters are named and have appeared in the regular series.

Along with all the other merchandise being released for the movie, there are two sets of figures being released. The figures are based on the clothes the Straw Hats wear in the movies and are Oda's designs. He really played up the swashbuckler theme in the first set. This is probably the skimpiest outfit Oda has ever made for Nico Robin, but I can't say I'm complaining.

ONE PIECE FILM: Z was a success already in Japan, and it broke the opening day record for the movie franchise. In 300 theaters it earned ¥750 million ($9 million USD) on the first day. Check out the final trailer for the movie.

While it may be years until this movie comes to the US. I have heard word that the tenth film ONE PIECE FILM: STRONG WORLD (the first movie Oda executive produced) will be released to the US in the Summer or Fall of 2013.

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Posted by Acer.

I honestly can't wait to see this movie. Strong World was brilliant and based on reaction's this film is even better.

Posted by MatKrenz

Oh dude Strong World might come out for North America ? Awesome. Also for that awesome poster I do recognize a bunch of people in their, good think I've been rereading One Piece during the last month.

Posted by Teerack

The beach Usopp one is so cool! :O

All the figures are really cool though. The pirate Robin one is sexy as hell.

Posted by FoxxFireArt


Kotaku posted a rather glowing review of ONE PIECE FILM Z.


A source I have says that FUNimation is going into recording for STRONG WORLD early next year. I've been reviewing the latest chapters of ONE PIECE over on the news page for Anime Vice for a few months.

If you like the manga, FUNimation's official website streams the latest anime episodes for free an hour after they air in Japan with full subtitles. All the archives are posted on HULU for free, as well. Tom Pinchuk has also been reviewing the anime, and he really seems to be enjoying it. January 5th the anime will be starting the latest Punk Hazard arc.

Posted by MatKrenz

@FoxxFireArt: Thats all well and dandy for you Americans to watch HULU but we Canadians cannot.

Posted by FoxxFireArt


Oh, sorry to hear that. Not sorry you're Canadian, but that you don't get the stream. At least the manga in English is pretty close to the Japanese version. They are only a few volumes behind. 68 just came out in Japan, and 64 came out recently in the US. Vol. 64 is an awesome volumes.


I know. I'm incredibly tempted by that Nico Robin figure. Almost as nice as her Thriller Bark outfit.

Posted by MatKrenz

@FoxxFireArt: Well I live in Quebec so I get my One Piece volumes in French, been reading them like that since I was a kid.