Ladies of BLEACH

I recently finished a major wiki project over on Anime Vice. I often feel that female characters aren't give enough proper spotlight for series. Too often, people are either highlighting the accomplishments of the classic shonen heroes or summing up the women of manga and anime to it's basic stereotypes. I didn't originally set out to complete some sort of lofty project. It all began when I was just filling out some of the pages for my favorite women characters from the series BLEACH. For whatever reason, I choose to go through and edit all the pages for all the women characters of BLEACH.

These just aren't simple one paragraph profiles. I condensed the information for all of these characters. That includes their origin, creation, story arcs, and powers. Each character's story in the canon manga is tightly condensed to give the reader a good summary of what they do in the series. I wanted these to be able to be quick but also informative reads. One of my personal favorites in the series in Yoruichi Shihoin. Though, the picture in this blog is of Soi Fon. She's also pretty cool.

In total, I edited about 26 profiles to completion. There are more women in the series than that. The others are just minor role characters I plan to finish when I have some time.

You can read about all the character profiles I filled out at my main blog HERE

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