I Have an ARKHAM CITY Problem!

As you can see, I really like playing as Catwoman in ARKHAM CITY.

I am not nor have I never have been a leaderboards chaser in video games. Still, I get a lot of fun in playing BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY on my PS3. I really enjoy playing the Combat Challenges with Catwoman. She's so fast and looks cool as you take down a room full of guys in a tight catsuit with a partially functioning zipper.

If anything, I get more fun out of playing these challenges and trying to beat my own personal best. A few weeks ago I was playing the Hell's Gate Extreme challenge. I didn't do perfectly, but I did pretty damn well. I certainly wiped my previous best score. Out of curiosity, I then checked the leaderboards. I was shocked at what I saw and took this picture.

I had somehow ranked 16th on the entire PSN leaderboards for ARKHAM CITY. A lot of people would probbaly feel a great deal of accomplishment for something such as this. I actually felt a little embarrassed. I realized I had been playing this way too much. I put down the controller and stepped away from this game for a couple of weeks. Sure, I'm back playing again, but I'm not going to try and replicate this sort of action.

I actually feel I'm qualified though to write a guide on Giant Bomb for the combat system in this game now.

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Posted by Loki9876

Hey I love playing as catwoman too but in stealth not combat.