Fred Perry of Gold Digger

It's not going to be the most popular name, but I'm going to say Fred Perry.
He's the creator and artist for the comic Gold Digger. It's a great series and the art is incredible. I know some of his background and it's rather interesting. He is a vet in the first Gulf War.  It's a series I picked up years ago and never regretted it as his art just increases. Very few artists now do all their own writing and art work.

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Posted by xerox_kitty

Heh... I should have guessed he'd be your pick ;)   
It's cool you've chosen someone different and yet personal to you!  He could give you pointers (or maybe even hire you ;)

Posted by FoxxFireArt
I wasn't really trying to be contrary with the selection. I picked him, because his art work is great.  I doubt he'd hire me. He does quite well enough on his own.

 I've never met him. I have heard he's a rather friendly guy.
On his art blog I ended up answering a question that I didn't even know was a contest. I won a free quick commission from him.