A Year of Comic Vine & Vote on the Next 4Koma!!

One Year Ago

 It all started with a picture of Ruby.
Well, it's now been well over a whole year that I have been a member of the Comic Vine website. I remember how I first stumbled upon the site. I was looking of images of Ruby Summers. I had heard about the character, and I wanted a better look at her. Every time I did a Google search on her character. The pictures that kept coming up were on Comic Vine. I really wasn't sure what to make of it at first. I didn't go much further then the profile page, at the time.
I was a regular on the Marvel message boards, but really didn't like them. The Emma Frost appreciation thread had quickly devolved into a "I Hate EmmaXScott" thread. I personally really like the couple. I also was rather put off how on the Marvel threads that even the discussion of the Spider-man OMD/BND topic was expressly banned. I found that rather dictatorial. That they would just ban any talk of a  story they published from their threads, pro or con.
Time went on. As some of you may or may not know. I do work as a free lance graphic artist. People are often hiring me to draw different characters for a variety of reasons, but more often I am not following all the series that I'm asked to draw from. I'm never sure about the latest designs or stories. I kept finding myself coming back to Comic Vine for the images. That eventually peaked my interest, and I started browsing around more. It was then I decided to join. I was very much enjoying the articles I was reading that were created by the staff. I was even more hooked by the coverage given during the 2009 SDCC. The Catwoman cosplay didn't hurt either. =D

Greater Involvement

 Balance of Action story. X-Men -vs- One Piece
My actions on the site only increased after I was browsing some of the threads. I saw one that was about the differences between manga and US comic artists. Babs had written her thoughts on the issue, and I just happened to disagree with her on the topic. I wrote my thoughts into a reply. As always, I was polite about it. Just because you disagree with a person is not cause to be rude. It seem this comment caught her attention, and I was asked to submit these comments for the site to appear in the News. Naturally, I was quite humbled and flattered. I put more detail to the comments and submitted them. That resulted in my very first article to appear on the front news segment of Comic Vine titled, " Comic Artists VS Manga Artists: Who Does It Better?". I still hold Babs in high regard for that opportunity.
That wasn't my last article either. There was another that appeared on the front page on Comic Vine. It was called " The Balance of Action". Where I compared the X-Men Utopia/Exodus story to a story arc in the One Piece manga that had some similar themes. I also raised some questions about how the comic industry could learn a few things about how action is produced. A lot of research when into this one.
I had a lot of fun writing these articles, and I was very appreciative to the staff for posting them on the front page. Both of these were even posted on the front page of the sister site, Anime Vice.

4Koma Comics

It was the year before joining Comic Vince or Anime Vice that I was working on a special project. There was an anime series out called, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. I really enjoy the drama of the series.  It played out with similar themes as V for Vendetta. I was really invested in the story, but for some reason after I watched every episode. I was inspired to draw something silly about the episode. I had a joke in mind each time. This eventually led into what I saw as just a test of my abilities. Sort of along the lines of an exercise in my writing and art skills. Every week, I would watch the latest episode out of Japan, and I would create a 4koma based on something from that episode. The goal was to produce the full image before the weekend and the next episode would air. I always met my deadline easily. At times, I was even able to produce more than one in the week's time limit. These became incredible popular on my devArt account.  

I would love to make these more often, but they suck away time I could be working on a commission or other project.
After I joined Comic Vine, I found myself more inspired to start making 4komas based not just on anime and manga, but on US comics. The first one I produced was the X-Men themed one that was based around the events predating Messiah Complex, Blinded by the Light. In the 4koma, Emma was partially paralyzed, and Scott was feeling her butt up. The full image can bee seen on this BLOG POST.
I drew others based on comics, and I shared more art. People really enjoyed them. I was again humbled when the staff was giving my 4komas front page attention. I even expressly created one for the birthday of Babs. I also mailed her the original artwork. Something I normally never do. The opening of the package was even posted on Comic Vine as part of their video Mail Bag segment. The opening of the package I sent was actually the second Mail Bag Video they released. I made me slightly regret sending such a lengthy letter along with the artwork. From watching the video it seemed they only discovered the CD that was in the package later. On the CD I included full sized images of the comic in full color. Both with and without the text work. It also included many more images I thought they might like. It felt silly to me to only burn a few images onto a CD.

The Video


The Staff

I have enjoyed the community on the site and become rather friendly with many on the site. Just recently I made 100 Followers. In the past, when I would join different online community sites. I never really felt at all interested in ever meeting anyone I met on them. When it comes to Comic Vince, I think I wouldn't mind seeing these people. Say hello, shake their hands, or to cook them dinner. That includes the staff. I'm pretty talented in the kitchen, and my desserts are quite a nearly addictive. Though, that seems unlikely given that there is that tiny issue of the three hour time zone difference. =P


G-Man has always impressed me in the year I have been a member of the site. Always friendly and polite. From an outsiders perspective, he even appears to be a rather excellent father. I thought it was clever how he even got his daughter, Little G-Girl, involved in the reviewing of comics. The feature I loved the most  of her reviews was the part where she talked about the words she learned. Anything to get a child to not just read, but enjoy doing it. He also had the wisdom to not allow her face to be shown over the internet.
I am also intrigued by his level of comic knowledge. It wasn't just the information he had, but the near encyclopedic ability to name off the title and issue numbers of comics. Sure, he may be off from time to time, but he's never off by much. 
I think the biggest disagreement I've had with him is in our tastes for fishnet stockings on ladies.  I love them on a woman, and he's an all natural kind of man. Not that I really disagree on that matter. I just have a spot of fishnets. lol


Babs, on top of being an incredibly striking beauty, is equally brilliant. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who is so skilled in languages. I'm still working on studying Japanese. The kanji is a killer. She also showed a deep appreciation for history and fine literature. I always enjoyed reading her more in depth articles about some of the finer details in the industry. I remember her analysis on the legal decisions over the copyright of the character Superman. Her expertise in the area of law really shined there. It was expertly explained. Her articles have always been so thought provoking. I could never help myself from adding rather lengthy comments of my own. I love when I read something and it gives me a perspective on things I hadn't considered before.
I do have to say that I've been a bit disappointed that she has been writing less in the past few months. I understand she has been increasing her involvement in matters behind the scenes. It made me appreciate the in depth story she did how the Suicide Girls have been denied access to SDCC, and the odd circumstances around the reasons. I only wish the people in the comments had taken that story more seriously.
She has started a video segment that i am finding rather interesting as well. I just haven't had the chance to comment in them lately.

Inferior Ego

When I first joined Comic Vince, inferiorego hardly ever wrote on the site. Now, it's daily. That's great for him. I enjoy the quirkiness of his articles. Some good humor in those. When I saw on Twitter how long his own comic cover has taken to be colored. Makes me wish I had offered my services in that project. Though I am normally a commission based artist. That doesn't mean I'm not willing to help out with someone I'm on friendly terms with.
To these three and the entire staff of the site. I own a rather large "THANK YOU!!" for creating and maintaining such a cool site. You even got me to join Twitter. @ FoxxFireArt So far, I'm only following 14 people. Half of which are either Comic Vine staff or members. A few are even following me as well.

Anime Vice Member

On Anime Vice. I haven't been a member on there for even a whole year. I reach that mark next month, and I'm already the second ranked points earner on the site. I recently cracked over 200,000 points. An issue I'm not sure whether I should be proud or embarrassed about. lol I am also a moderator on the site.
On Anime Vice, I have had many guest articles and reviews posted on the front page. Some of which had people yell at me. lol Though I've probably had just as many article submissions rejected have been posted. It's no big deal. I'm not that sensitive a person. I know I'm submitting these for "consideration". There is never any guaranty for anything. I eventually stopped submitting reviews for things. They normally got so little in the way of community response. I felt I was just wasting RedL.A.M.P. and Reizner's time. I've since then gone to writing User Reviews on the site. I've made a fair number of those already.

The Next 4KOMA VOTE!!

I have some ideas for new Comic 4komas, but I'm not really sure which to make. My previous one was based on the "Return of Bruce Wayne". Seeing how San Deigo Comic Con is coming, and this is my first year as a member. I thought I would try and give the members on Comic Vine a vote in the next 4koma I make to be posted on this site and my deviantArt profile. I have several ideas already worked out for the most part in the writing. Just some things I've been inspired about over the past few months.

Here are the Options

  1. Why it took Wonder Woman so long to be involved in Darkest Night?
  2. Spider-man with Swine Flu
  3. Jean Grey Revived and tries Online Dating
To cast your vote. You just need to tell me which option you would like to see in the comments below. The deadline is this Friday the 23rd.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my first year, and THANK YOU, COMIC VINE!!
-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-
Posted by Alphaproto

I like the 4KOMA's but I havn't seen one in a while. 
I'm casting my vote for number 1.
Posted by sora_thekey

I had never seen you article on the front page! (I just read it!)
As for the 4Koma... I vote number 2... you know why! :P

Posted by xerox_kitty

It's so hard to choose... but for fear that I gave away the joke on number 2, then... I'm gonna vote for number 3 (I've seen your version of Emma, now I'd lve to see your version of Jean & how she copes with the internet ;)

Posted by Darkthewise

I know it would be funny to see you do an 4koma Jean Grey Revived and tries Online Dating