My Illustrations of Some Ladies!!

Earlier today I was reading about the "Wonder of Women Day" in the article written by Comic Vine's Babs(Sara Lima). It's all for an art auction to benefit women who are the victims of domestic violence. Certainly an all around great cause. Seeing some of the samples of all he fine art that's up for auction sort of inspired me to want to share some illustration I've made in the past of some of my favorite female characters. It seemed rude to share these in comments of Babs' article, so, I opted to just make a quick blog post.

I hope you enjoy the art.

Code Geass - Kallen and Lelouch

This is an image of Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass. She is one of my favorite women form this series. This is my interpretation of a rather dramatic scene from the second season of the anime.

This is the inked version of some of the women in DC comics that I used in my Batman 4koma about the Return of Bruce Wayne. From right to left we have Wonder Woman, Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Talia, Harley Quinn, Barbra Gordon. Selina Kyle, Cassandra Cain, and Zatanna. You can check out my Batman 4koma if you want to see why they are all staring at.

Some may recognize this as a closeup from the X-Men 4koma I originally made for Babs' birthday a few years back. Here we have Emma Frost and Psylocke.

X-Men - Emma Frost

I'm a big Emma Frost fan. This is an image I drew of her. I decided she'd like to drink a white whine to relax.

Some SIn City-esque coloring on my drawing of Emma Frost. I put a black and white filter over my drawing but left the color of her eyes.

Batman - Cassandra Cain

This is a drawing I did of Cassandra Cain. I really like her, and she doesn't get near the level of respect she deserves as a character from DC. She's far more interesting than a lot of characters that DC gives entire books to. This is actually the first picture I colored using the graphic tablet I got for Christmas that year.

Evangelion - Asuka Langley Soryu

This is a digital painting I did a few years back of the Evangelion character Asuke Langley Soryu. I was experimenting with a coloring style. The characters were originally hand drawn, but the coloring and background was all digital painting using a mouse.

Pani Poni Dash - Rebecca Miyamoto

This is Rebecca Miyamoto from the anime series, Pani Poni Dash. It's a pretty funny comedy series about a child genius who becomes a teacher for a class of high school girls.

Code Geass - C.C.

This is an image of C.C. from Code Geass. She is an immortal who was held captive by the evil Britannian Empire. This is my interpretation of her first appearance in the series where she's freed from the capsule she was being held in.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Martel

This is Martel from Fullmetal Alchemist. She's a human chimera who was altered with genes of a snake. She's such a cool character. I'm always disappointed she didn't survive longer than she did in the series. I will say that the series introduced even more incredible women in the series. Which shouldn't be surprising considering the creator, writer, and artist was one woman, Hiromu Arakawa.

Black Lagoon - Revy

Here we have Revy from Black Lagoon. She's one of the main characters. She's known as Two-Hands for her incredible skill with twin custom pistols. This is a great series is you love villains, guns, strong women, and violence.

Naruto - Sakura Haruno

This is Sakura Haruno from the Naruto series. She's not my favorite character, but I loved this scene from the third Naruto movie. This was inspired from a scene of that anime movie.

Eureka Seven - Talho

From the Eureka Seven anime, this is Talho. Riding Trapar waves is a big theme of the series. It's almost like surfing in the air on energy waves.

Naruto - Tenten

Here we have Tenten. She is one of my favorite women from the Naruto series. She's a weapons master known for always hitting her target.


You can see more of my artwork on my devArt page:

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Spider-man Cakes

My first Spider-man cakes

For the benefit of any who might not know. I do bake and decorate birthday cakes for my cousin's children. His daughter has a serious peanut allergy that nearly killed her when she was one year old. Her allergy is so serous that on her second birthday they had to scrap a cake because they got it from a bakery that cooks with peanuts in the area. I felt so bad for her that I volunteered to start making the cakes for their kids' birthdays. Though, that tended to pile up through the years since my cousin and his wife have gone on to have three children. I just felt that their kids deserve to have some nice birthday cakes and their parents should know they are safe to eat.

Understand that I have absolutely no training in cake decorating. My first real attempt at cake decorating came up when their son's second birthday came. He wanted a Spider-man cake. I made two sheet cakes. One was of Spider-man's chest design on it. The second was just a red cake with a bunch of webbing on it.

Now, we jump to 2011, and my cousin's youngest son just turned 4 years old. He wanted a chocolate Spider-man cake. Through the years I've been able to develop in cake decorating to the point where I can now stack the layers and carve the cake into the shapes I need. Carving the shape of Spider-man's head was pretty easy. I just sort of laugh that I now make such elaborate cakes for toddlers who have no idea the level of work that goes into these.

Looking in these images you can see the depth put into the cake.

Spider-man cake Sept 2011
Spider-man cake Sept 2011

These cakes come at no cost to them. I get the supplies and do all the work for free. Why, you may ask. It's easy. I'm a schmuck. lol I started working on decorating this cake soon after Friday's Big Live Live Show. Because I watched that instead of decorating, I was up all night finishing this in time.

I forgot to add a ruler in the pictures to give a sense of scale. This is a three layered cake that's roughly about 11 x 9 inches.These things are pretty big.

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2nd Big Live LIVE Show Live Review

Big Live Show 2 kicks off

It was on Friday September 9th that Whiskey Media celebrated two years of the site mergers and subscription benefits with it's Big Live Live Show. I wrote a blog review after the first one, and thought it would be appropriate to give it another go. The show consisted of eight full hours of live entertainment hosted by the stars of the various Whiskey brands....minus one.

First off, I really do have to express a lot of gratitude to the Whiskey Media staff for adding the stream to the front page of Anime Vice. I saw the stream up for all the sites, except Anime Vice and Tested hours before the show was to begin. One hour before the show's start, I saw the stream added to Anime Vice. I spent most of my time in the Anime Vice chat. It made for a great conversation, and I was able to suggest some anime and manga series to some new users.

The Good

Ryan held the duty of host for all 8 hours

Ryan's hosting was exemplary as per usual through the length of the show. Some of the couch stuff made for some of the best laughs of the show. The music was at times both engrossing and hilarious. I don't think I had ever expected to hear an eleven string bass be played together with a ukulele. We haven't seen a collaboration as unlikely as that since Aerosmith and Run DMC. The Dance Central 2 content almost seems as if it's scheduled to be released with the Live Show. It was on last year's show. Too bad it didn't get a little extra time to watch more of the staff compete in the game. That's full of entertainment potential.

Sara and Tony talk to the Justice League after their confrontation with Emporio Ivankov

Comic Vine had a nice interview with three members from the Gender Bending Justice League. That was nice, but I couldn't help thinking that they were basically what would happen if Emporio Ivankov was ever let loose in the DC Universe. Sara was being her usual charming self, and Tony really seemed to love his Batman ski mask. Whenever he wears that thing I keep thinking he's going to rob a bank. I always enjoy it when James Robinson is on the Comic Vine Podcast. Seeing him on camera for an interview was equally nice. I was rather surprised to see the people in the AV chat didn't seem to happy about him.

Tony and Sara interview Geoff Johns on the DC New 52

Anyone who was bothered by the fact the Comic Vine interview was prerecorded for the Live Show really needs to relax. I thought it was completely reasonable. Geoff Johns is kind of a busy guy at the moment. He probably really wanted to do the interview, but couldn't make time for it on Friday. They record the spot when time was convenient for the man, and they kept it until they needed it to air. Not everyone can just drop their plans for Whiskey Media.....but they should.

The Third Society. Proof that direct to DVD can be used for great evil.

The Screening Room for the Screened segment was one of those films that was just so horrible that it was so much fun watching it be mocked. It really brought me back to the joys of Mystery Science Theater 3000. When I saw them giving that film away as I prize. I couldn't tell if it was a gift or a punishment.

Lock picking contest. Your homes are no longer safe from Norm. He won.

Norm and Will from Tested were entertaining, and that surprise upset in their lock picking was a hoot. Out of those two, it doesn't matter who wins or loses. Their reactions are always fun to watch. I was sad to see that Gary Whitta never got involved in any of the on camera shenanigans. As an artist, I was really interested in Norm's interview with the guy who made replica weapons based from games. Norm also had some very nice photography tips for cosplay and conventions.

The Bad

I think this just comes to personal taste, but I very much didn't enjoy the Star Craft 2 coverage. It went on for FAR too long. I watched that, and I have no idea what the hell is going on. I'm hearing all these words that I think are being used in sentences. It has to do with economies, and that's pretty much where I zone out. If it hadn't been for the chat. I might've dozed off.

I do wish the Comic Vine staff had more segments. They have a lot of personality that I feel deserved more time. It felt a little short in that area. I could really have done with more comic talk and a lot less Star Craft.

It was just too bad that Tom Pinchuk couldn't make it for the Live Show this year. It would've been nice for him to host some segment for the Anime Vice audience. Even if it was just a short give away for a few manga volumes or DVD box set. The guy has a lot of charm and personality.

Verdict 7/10

Brought to you by these fine people

It can't be denied that a ton of hard work was put into this year's Live Show. That should be appreciated above all else when it comes down to it. I had a lot of fun, and it was a great opportunity to chat with some of the users on Anime Vice live. I understand why the Star Craft 2 segment was in the show, but it went on far too long for my liking.

I didn't take part in any of the subscriber only features, because I'm not one. So I can't really speak to that content in this review.

I had to leave near the end of the show to meet some people for dinner. Last part I saw was Norm chopping fruit with a katana that he was wielding as if it was a baseball bat. I think that was near the finale. I hope it all worked out well for them and they got even more members. The gang at Whiskey Media worked hard and the outcome shows. Hope they got some rest during the weekend.

-Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt


Whiskey Media - Top 10 Wiki Editors


I've been a member of Whiskey Media brand of sites since July of 2009. I've been active in comments and the wiki, mostly on Anime Vice. I felt that with the second Big Live Show coming that the spotlight should turn to some of the users.

I've been at the top of the Anime Vice wiki editing list for some time now, but I was often curious about where I stood in ranking among all the WM editors. I put together a list of the top ten wiki editors, and I was rather surprised to see I'm the third highest submitter. The top two Screened users have a good showing, considering it's one of the youngest of the brands. Giant Bomb surprisingly only has one user in the top ten, and Comic Vine has the strongest showing with number of members.
Note that these numbers only reflect the points the user has one the site they rank the highest on. I don't take into account if the person has edited on any other of the sites.  don't have access to those numbers. The totals were collected on September 5th 2011 at 4PM EST. Something I noticed in this research was that the majority of these users joined during the summer months. One joined in April.

Top 10 Wiki Editors

User Name: fesak

Member Since: June 2008 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Homage Covers5,328
Donald Duck 4,469
Uncle Scrooge3,457
Mickey Mouse3,350
User Name: aztek_the_lost

Member Since: June 2008 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Lucifer Morningstar 12,933
The Endless4,171
Shade 3,116
Hell 2,260
Elaine Belloc2,106
Mr. Sinister 1,796
User Name: FoxxFireArt

Member Since: August 2009 
Top Wiki Submissions:

Points Earned
Monkey D. Luffy11,246
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion9,003
One Piece8,608
Knightmare Frames8,438
Pokemon 7,447
Black Lagoon6,797
Nico Robin5,593
User Name: mike20

Member Since: August 2009 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
The Babe Ruth Story3,587
Action in the North Atlantic2,899
No Pain, No Gain2,569
For the Boys
Impure Thoughts2,378
His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th2,339
Witness to the Mob2,256
Largo Winch2,186
User Name: Gort

Member Since: August 2010 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Battlestar Galactica8,396
Boardwalk Empire4,712
Darkwing Duck3,786
Magnum Force3,649
A Return to Normalcy3,532
Club Mario3,424
User Name: Marino

Member Since: July 2008 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Interactive Achievement Awards38,358
EverQuest 29,088
EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark16,297
Launch Titles11,691
EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin11,234
E3 2005 10,381
E3 20049,238
User Name: Superkitty

Member Since: June 2008 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Felix the Cat 1,192
Alfred E. Neuman1,147
Richie Rich1,110
Casper 831
The Phantom828
User Name: Obsidian609

Member Since: July 2009 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Pokémon: Best Wishes7,876
Ruki Makino1,987
Honey Kisaragi1,929
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl1,894
Izumi Orimoto1,821
User Name: Blue_Shield

Member Since: June 2008 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Mike Pellowski1,050
Volume 5843
Dan Buckley817
Joe Quesada781
Volume 1760
Volume 2716
George Perez658
Volume 4554
User Name: jloneblackheart

Member Since: April 2009 
Top Wiki Submissions:

SubmissionsPoints Earned
Silver Surfer17,240
Comic Geography of Earth2,468
Adam Warlock1,596
Frankie Raye1,410
Doctor Doom1,384
 These users deserves a lot of credit for the hard work they do in building the wiki database across every brand, and remember that these are just the top ten. There are even more people working hard. 

As you can see, the Anime Vice wiki shouldn't be taken lightly. Publicly, the staff haven't done much to try and make the AV users feel welcome into the community events. It was absent in last years Live Show, despite Tom's involvement; I've never seen the Happy Hour advertised on the Anime Vice main page, and there was no mention of the site in the recent survey. I don't mean to make light the recent work that has been done, but actions speak louder than words. I do hold some hope that with some of the coming events will change some matters.
I have experience in a wide variety of manga/anime series, I write both editorials and news articles for the main page, and I will continue to be an advocate for the medium and users on AV. They are a good group of user who want to be involved, but most honestly think that Whiskey Media staff and users hate them.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt


Adler's Prelude Comics Previews

Adler's Prelude - Baby Names Part 1 & 2

This is a sample of a few of my comics of the characters that I created. Though, this isn't the actual story I've been working on. These are more humorous prequels about my character Ashien's adventures in motherhood. She is a sort of warrior woman who lived never expecting to be a mother. So she has no idea what she's doing, but honestly wants to try and be a good mother. Andria is sort of Ash's guide.

These two pages actually take place before the birth of Ash's son, Adler; and it's telling the story of how she picked his name.

 Part 1
 Part 2
The joke at the end of Part 2 is a play on words. In Japanese, "yuri" means "lily" and "ko" means "child". In manga code, "yuri" is also the name used to describe lesbian based love stories.
See more of my comic previews HERE

I hope you enjoy, and you can see more on my devArt gallery.

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Women Comic and Manga Creators!

Manga and Anime isn't the stereotyped boys club many believe. A discussion of the influence women have as creators and readers.

Recently, I've been writing quite a few editorial and new articles for  Anime Vice. I've covered a lot of issues, but one I've written about recently I think effects more than just the anime community. It also speaks to the Comic Vine audience as well. I'm not going to go into all the details on here. It was after reading Sara Lima's article on the state of DC's female staff that I was inspired me. I was thinking about all these women that you see on the staff of DC Comics. There was some writers, editors, and artist. I just wonder, how many of these women are actually the creators of the series they work on? Rather than women hired to work on a series that was originally created by a man. There are comics out there that are created by women and are very well done, but they are sadly more often Indy level series that never get the level of attention they actually deserve. That's because the comic market is swimming with series by Marvel and DC publishing. DC has/had (depending on the New 52 rebalancing), but Marvel not so much.
If you look into the manga industry. There are a lot of incredibly popular and high selling series that are created by women. In many cases, they are the original creator, writer, and artist. The most well know to the Western audience is Fullmetal Alchemist. Hiromu Arakawa is a woman and her series was incredibly successful during it's run in one of the biggest manga publisher in Japan. The list doesn't end there. There are a ton of high selling series created by women. One of the most influential design group in Japan is actually an all female team that goes by the name CLAMP. The artist behind the original Suzumiya Haruhi light-novel series that spawned the blockbuster anime is a woman named Noizi Ito. Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Ranma 1/2, is credited as one of the highest selling female comic artists in history. Her various works have sold over 170 Million copies.
Layla Aker, a senior editor with VIZ Media, even boasts that their publication of Shonen Jump (a serialized magazine collection of several manga) has a 40% female reader base. How many mainstream comics can make that claim? Aker has also said that she believes that women are more open minded as readers.
I just can't possibly believe the dubious claim that there just aren't any talented women artists and writers out there for DC and Marvel to find then publish the series of their creation. Not when Japan's manga market is filled with women who are producing some of the highest selling series. These aren't even "girly" series or even manga specifically targeted to women. Many have broad appeal across genders.
Women in anime are also the voice actors behind some of th biggest characters in the industry. This is really only a preview of what I cover in the article on Anime Vice. I hope the readers on Comic Vine come check it out. The conversation in the comments has been really good. Readers have been adding to the list by naming off the series they love that are created by women. It's pretty interesting. There are a lot of series that I've heard of but never realized women were the creators.
Join the Discussion HERE
Here is the first opening for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The anime adaptation for Arakawa's manga. You can even find most of the episodes available for free streaming on FUNimation's youtube channel. Episodes: HERE

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Listening to Fans about the DC New 52


It's been kind of a sad week in my area. My local Borders is finally closing up shop since the company is now liquidating. It's been there for quite a few years and it was great having a book store so close to home. It was here that I took part in the release party for the last Harry Potter book. Last Friday, I went to take advantage of some of their steep discounts. My goal was to get some particular manga and I found most of what I was looking for. This Borders keeps the manga and graphic novels (comic books, if you will) right next to each other It's just always been noticeable that through the years this store has been open. The manga section has grown considerably and the trade paperpacks for comics has not grown much at all.
Naturally, I wasn't the only person there looking to pick up some things on discount. There were a lot of people going through the comics and I was able to overhear the conversations people were having. I casually joined in as a group of four was talking about Batman: Year One. I mentioned how that was being animated. I also did a bit of name dropping by telling them all they could get some good information about this at "". After talking for a bit about what makes Batman so cool and one of the best superheroes. The conversation shifted to the Hush story, Under the Red Hood, and Catwoman now knowing Batman's identity. This is when the topic of the DC New 52 started and it wasn't too pretty. There was frustration about what this would mean for Catwoman's history with Batman, and these readers seemed worried.  I again directed them to Comic Vine for that video interview with Judd Winick.
We then got into the whole who could win in a fight talk. I brought up my theory that though Superman is physically stronger than Wonder Woman that she's still win since she's a train warrior. Supes didn't start learning real fighting until he became Superman. One reader brought up how Batman already has a plan to take out everyone.
About this time, another person joined the conversation and the topic of Superman and the changes came up, and the mood began to turn. They all started to vent their frustrations. It was all mostly targeted at a complete lack of continuity in comics. Events and story never seem to lead into anything and editors or writers will just wipe things from history and expect you to act as if they never happened. I brought up the preview of how Clark's marriage to Lois is being wiped from the character's history and not a single person even generally liked the idea. There were a lot of OMD comparisons brought up. One person mentioned how wiping out decades of history then trying to claim you aren't only made them feel as if publishers were treating him like an idiot.
It was around here that I wanted to gauge the feelings these readers had toward manga and mentioned how continuity is almost a universal constant in most of these series. I was surprised that three of the group talked about only recently getting into manga and two were well into the story of the bigger named series Naruto, BLEACH, and One Piece. They were even looking forward to the latest episode of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood that would be airing the next day on [adult swim]. This was ironic since the outcome of those events were in the manga that I was holding in my hand at the time, but I wasn't going to spoil.

I just have to wonder if the actions of comic publishers are just starting to push more reader away than they will get new readers. Not one called the DC New 52 a "revamp" and they all used the term "reboot". As I was leaving to get into the long checkout line. I noticed some of the group walking over to the manga section and pick up a book.
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The QUMA Robot for Artists!!


QUMA is Something a Graphic Artist Needs to See to Believe!

As a graphic artist, I think a lot of others would be interested in this awesome little robot I recently learned about on Twitter. We have always seen those little wooden dolls in art supply stores, but a recent jump in computer technology has brought this to a new level with an awesome invention being called the "QUMA". Basically, it's a computerized version of those dolls. By posing the figure. It manipulates a 3D model on a computer for an artist to then use as reference for an illustration.
When I saw this cool little thing in action. I kept thinking that Marvel needs to send one to Greg Land. He seriously needs one. That man reuses so many poses in an issue it's not funny.
The video of this device really needs to be seen to really understand how cool this can be. To see the Video of it in action on my article on Anime Vice: HERE

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Catwoman actually seen in Dark Knight Rises?

I know for a while we have heard about Selina Kyle being in Dark Knight Rises, but we've never really heard if she would be playing "Catwoman". While I was looking on youtube, I saw this trailer that looks as if it "could" be real. My problem is that it has audio clips from the previous movie. It also shows clips that could be from the actual movie, such as watching a guy be injected with what appears to be the Venom. I would show the trailer that I found, but without knowing if it's the real deal I'm not comfortable perpetuating some fraud.

I'm really suspicious about this image since this appears to be a drawing straight out of the comic books - including the goggles. The more I look at it the more I feel it's fake. Also, that mask for Bane doesn't look anything like what we have seen in the teaser posters. What are your thoughts?
EDIT: This has been proven a fake, now!!
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Strongest Women of Manga and Anime

Strongest Women of Manga and Anime

Hey all, it's been a while since I've written a blog post for Comic Vine. I've been spending so much time writing guest article and filling out the wiki over on the sister site, Anime Vice. Just recently I wrote another guest article that got posted in the news section. So often, I think anime get's stereotyped as either hentai or over-the-top fan service. While that does happen. No more so than in regular comics. The article I wrote was listing many of the most powerful women to be found in anime/manga. It's titled Anime Vice: Strongest Women of Anime. It's been quite the hit with readers. I went through a list of some of the largest series in anime and selected the strongest character in the female cast.
Too often the women in comics aren't really given as much respect in the writing as they deserve. I wanted to share this list with the Comic Vine crowd to show you the kind of female characters that there are to read about and watch. I've personally filled out the profiles on many of these characters. So, if you are curious about any of them you can check out their profiles to learn more about them.
I hope I've interested some of you into at least checkout out the article I put a lot of work into. Feel free to leave a comment and check out the profiles. If you're curious about the header image here. Those are several of the women from the series Black Lagoon.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt