Connecting Dots between Comic Vine Staff and Manga

Often times in my blogs, I like to showcase or educate the mostly Western comic audience of Comic Vine about some of the characters or series from Japanese manga. A few months back, I thought it would be interesting to showcase some characters by comparing some I felt shared similarities with the Comic Vine staff writers. I'm just now getting around to writing it. Back while I was still in school, I did quite well in the study of psychology. More precisely, in the area of analyzing personality.

Let me be clear. This is not in any way based on the character's appearance. This is a focus on character personality. Naturally, I can only go by what I've learned through being a member on the site, reading articles, and listening to the podcasts. I will also not be directly connecting the dots between these characters and the Comic Vine staff. I'm going to be giving you a brief summary of each of the characters, then I'll let the reader make the connections themselves. I hope you enjoy.

Tony Guerrero and Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin Kurosaki is a Soul Reaper and former head of the Tenth Division of the Gotei 13 in the Soul Society. Though he seems rather relaxed for a commander, he was also very devoted to those that served under him. He made the decision to give up his powers as a Soul Reaper to save the life of the woman he would eventually marry and have three children with. As a father, Isshin seems often goofy and playful, but what can never been questioned is his devotion to family.

Sara Lima and Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the archeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She's a mature beauty who is always fashionable, and she is highly intelligent. At the age of six, she became a scholar, she's traveled much of the world, and she can understand numerous languages. When not out on wild adventures, Robin can often be found in the library or on the deck of the Thousand Sunny reading a book and drinking coffee. She aims to discover the truth behind the 100 year void of history, a goal that's been outlawed by the World Government. Researching this gap in history is why Robin's home island of Ohara was obliterated by the World Government.

Mat Elfring and Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Urahara was the former captain of the Twelfth Division of the Gotie 13. Much of his history was a complete mystery, but he has been known to hold several jobs through his long career. At first a jailer, then the founder of the scientific research division. While on Earth, Kisuke runs his own little shop in Karakura Town. He's the man who taught Ichigo Kurosaki to fight. While he can be deathly serious when the need arises, he's always found time to do things with a cutting sense of humor. Just hope you're never the butt of his jokes.

For Mat, I very nearly went with Dr. Franken Stein, but I don't believe he's a sadist; or Nozomu Itoshiki, but I also don't think he has serious issues with depression - his students may be just as insane.

Less is known about staff members Corey, Gregg, and Jen. It made it hard to make any general comparison to any of the characters that I know about. Is there any character from manga that you could suggest for these three?

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ FoxxFireArt


ONE PIECE Theme Weddings Available!!

You can now have your wedding aboard the Thousand Sunny. Don't tell Hancock!!!

Who needs Vegas or conventions anymore of your wild themed weddings? We now have the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. For the past year they have had a special cruise attraction that allowed guests to ride a life sized, working recreation of the Straw Hat Pirates' ship, the Thousand Sunny. This ship reportedly has a working Gaon Cannon that it fires, a souvenir shop with exclusive merchandise, statues of the Straw Hats for photos, and an aquarium bar. Admission for adults is ¥1,000 and children under 4 are ¥600 yen. The cruise lasts for 20 minutes.

When ONE PIECE Ch. 668 was released in June 2012, it included an announcement that starting June 1st people could now register to have their weddings aboard the Thousand Sunny cruise that Huis Ten Bosch holds. Since the advertisement talks about having your wedding "with the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny". It makes me wonder if there are actors to officiate, or are they just talking about the aforementioned statues (which can be seen in the video below). Luffy is the captain. I guess he would have the authority to marry you. Just don't let him anywhere near the buffet table.

Since the ship's capacity is rated at 250 people (not sure if that includes staff), you could have quite the blow out for your wedding. No real word on the cost of this reservation. Would any of you like to have your wedding aboard this ship of dreams?

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Cover Stories: BLEACH Cover Comparisons

See if you can find what VIZ is trying to hide in these releases of BLEACH.

While I was updating many of the manga covers in the BLEACH series to the U.S. editions. I noticed a little touch in all the VIZ Media releases. There are two particular volumes where these two manga have an oh-so convenient placement of the title card that wasn't there in the original Japanese versions. Take a look at the images before and see if you can find the change.

BLEACH Vol. 42 JPN to US Comparison
BLEACH Vol. 46 JPN to US Comparison

As you can see, VIZ moved the BLEACH title to slightly cover the rather prominent breast for both Tier Halibel and Rangiku Matsumoto on BLEACH Vol. 42 and Vol. 46. It's just sort of a silly edit. As if we aren't going to suddenly notice they are there. I guess there is more of a case of Matsumoto's version. If they put it at the top, it would have covered her face. It's not really a big deal as long as the art inside isn't changed. I just thought it was kind of funny.

While we're on the topic, I'd love to ask why they don't keep the volume names on the covers. They do the same thing to NARUTO and ONE PIECE.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ FoxxFireArt


Shonen Trilogy Review 4/29/13

I've been writing reviews for the Shonen Trilogy (ONE PIECE/NARUTO/BLEACH) published in Shueisha's WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP on Anime Vice for a few months now. It's not really a paying gig. it keeps me busy, and I feel helps me improve my writing. I thought it would be nice to occasionally share my work with the Comic Vine community, I also felt for a long time that this community could use some manga reviews. I even wrote a blog dedicated to that idea. - Could Comic Vine Use a Staff Manga Reviewer?

These are my reviews for the WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP issue that was released on 4/29/13. I do not use pirated scans for these reviews. I use my official SHONEN JUMP online subscription. Back in January they went on same day release with Japan and it has full English translation. It's a major innovation in manga distribution.

ONE PIECE Ch. 707 Review

My opinion of shonen tournaments has taken a complete 180 with an incredible realization.

Bellamy the Hyena is facing off with the alliance created by Dagama in the tournament for the Flame-Flame Fruit, and Luffy is challenged in a battle of wits. You can guess how the latter one ended.

The Good

Lepanto's words seem familiar to Bellamy

I used to be a pretty big wrestling fan as a kid. I'm talking the classic era of Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Andre the Giant. On top of the matches in the ring, were were also led to believe there were these complex story lines going on back stage. There were betrayals, rivalries, alliances, signature moves, and a cheering crowd to bare witness to it all. That's when it all fell in place for me. The only difference in what I'm reading now is that wrestling had actors playing roles. In ONE PIECE, they are these over-the-top characters.

This tournament is just like watching an epic Royal Rumble. I know I made that joke last week, but this chapter only reinforces the idea that was originally made in jest. Reading from this head space, I started to see Bellamy as Rowdy Roddy Piper. The only thing missing is the tartan kilt. It's no secret how people hate Bartolomeo, but that's the point. He's the obnoxious Heel character that the audience loves to hate, and he just seems to eat up their contempt for him. Cavendish says as much.

The Bad

Well, Luffy tried.

I was a bit disappointed that Luffy couldn't even manage to hide his identity for even a single match. I'm not foolish enough to think he could go this whole tournament in secret. This trip up was coming. I just didn't think this was going to happen before he even stepped into the ring.

Verdict 4/5

Oda has never been all that shy in weaving in modern and pop culture into the fantastical world he's created. I can't say for sure how much Oda is into professional wrestling, but you can see all the tropes in this Dressrosa tournament. Even if you don't like shonen tournaments. Take a step back and look at it from the perspective of watching a wrestling match. Like me, you're likely to find your enjoyment drastically increases.

A talented author can grab the attention of the audience in ways they never see coming. While reluctantly going into this tournament, I was interested in following Rebecca, but now I'm fascinated with where Bellamy is going. That's something I never could have imagined. Two weeks in, and I'm still flabbergasted by that realization. I would like it if the tournament pace was a touch faster, but that's a minor quibble of something I'm enjoying.

NARUTO Ch. 628 Review

Want to know what we've missed of the Shinobi Alliance? They aren't telling.

Naruto's thinking, "Wow, what's happened was so amazing. I hope no one missed that."

The Shinobi Alliance are back on the ropes, and the Ten Tails has started to go into a rampage.

The Good

Awesome page, but I think "Exclamation!!" would have been more accurate.

One of the first things that I'm enjoying about this chapter is having the flashback behind us. We're back into the meat of this entire Shinobi World War Arc. However, much of what has happened is missing. From a visual standpoint, this had a lot of amazing looking scenes. Story wise, I'm confused. Was this really the outcome of Shikaku's final master plan? Naruto shields everyone while he still does all the fighting?

At least we're moving forward once more. That should be appreciated.

The Bad

I think I preferred "Believe It!" over this valley girl talk.

If there was anything that irritated me about the flashback arc of the previous weeks. It was the feeling that we've been missing something going on in the war. Those fears were realized as I began reading this chapter. Last we left, Naruto had super boosted the entire alliance, Rock Lee kicked Madara in half, and Naruto was face to face with Obito. Suddenly, we return to find the tide has taken a completely different turn, but no idea what led up to this. It's the equivalent of missing an important episode of a show, coming back, and left wondering what you missed. The only difference is that there was no episode. Just a gigantic hole in the plot.

I've normally avoided getting into critiquing the translation work as I've reviewed NARUTO since using my official WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP subscription. It's predominantly solid, but things just got silly this week. I've already noticed the translator is using literal terns such as "Konohagakure" for the Leaf Village, then this person uses "Master" in place of "Sensei". While those are minor issues, what I couldn't get over was this line Naruto uses saying "I totally super-hate that about you!". I don't doubt that was the literal translation of what he said, but better judgement should have won out that Naruto shouldn't talk like a 90's valley girl. Add "quibbling" to the list, and none of this sounds like words Naruto would ever use.

Verdict 3/5

Great visuals this week, but I'm getting annoyed with the slow pace of the war. Lets see some action. The entire turn in the tide of the war comes across as artificial. It feels that things have only gotten worse becasue the plot required it, and Kishimoto needed to give the Hokages something to do when they show up. That or he wanted a cliffhanger for Golden Week.

Honestly, how many times do we need to listen to Naruto and Obito go back and forth with their debate over the value of friendship? It was perfectly acceptable the first time, but all they're doing is going in circles. I was so happy that Kakashi sucked Obito away with him. Maybe we'll finally learn why Kakashi had to kill Rin.

BLEACH Ch. 535 Review

Kisuke Urahara truly is the Reed Richards of manga.

It's not like you can go somewhere for a second opinion.

Time is growing short for the fate of Masaki Kurosaki, and Isshin is left with a choice that has no positive end for him. Except maybe a future wife and three kids.

The Good

This is how people reacted when I agreed to join the SHONEN JUMP subscription

I'm not going to try to pretend to be this big FANTASTIC FOUR fan, but I did see the movie. Partly becasue of Jessica Alba. However, I have been well aware of the joke that Reed Richards is a completely ridiculous character. Not due to his Luffy-esque skill set, but that he always seems to have the exact invention needed to do whatever task is required at the time. Why? Because he's a genius. That's exactly what I see in Urahara. As a reader, we're expected to believe that he has just the right invention needed at just the right time. By sheer coincidence, he happens to have this incredibly unique gigai that will help prevent Masaki from entering Hollowfication.

The chapter was almost like a medical drama. It's a tough decision that Ryuken is hearing. He obviously admires Masaski on a level, but it's such a painful choice to accept. It's a hard pill to swallow to hear from a doctor that you can never go back to the way you were before some illness or injury. More so when it comes to someone who is so young. You have to give it to Isshin who just jumps in to basically be the 'donor' of the catalyst that will save her life. He would be ashamed if she suffered just becasue he didn't want to be inconvenienced. Now, that's a man.

The Bad

It sometimes surprises me on how large the female readership is for BLEACH. Partly becasue the series doesn't treat their female cast incredibly well. Masaki is shown to be this powerful character at such a young age, but all that power is just going to be lost. I'm just left wondering why the Visored came out of this even more powerful than they were, and Masaki has to lose all of it. However, maybe it's becasue she's a Quincy that she could never control it, and that's why Ichigo in turn could never seem to keep his Hollow on a tight leash. He's part Quincy.

In this chapter, Kisuke says he's been researching Hollowfication for a century and been banished from the Soul Society. Though, I don't think 'banished' really qualifies when he ran away. I'm sure they'd love to have him back, so they could throw him into a cell. That's besides the point. Does this mean that Kisuke and the Visored have been there for 100 years of Earth history and no one in Japan noticed, or is this 100 years of Soul Society time? I really need to stop thinking about what the time difference is between Earth and the Soul Society. If Kubo isn't going to think about it, then why should I?

Verdict 4/5

I'm glad that the answer as to why Masaki could be killed by Grand Fisher is explained, but I'm not surprised that it's rather unsatisfying. It has some problems, but you can't hold too tight a grip on what's realistic when you're dealing with something so fictitious. I enjoyed the characters, the drama that was created in the choice to save Masaki, and I admire Isshin's reasoning for stepping up. It was a good chapter.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ FoxxFireArt


ONE PIECE: Monet Wallpaper

The making of my new computer wallpaper.

Original screencap

I've been needing some practice to try and sharpen with my tablet drawing skills, so I decided to make a new wallpaper for my computer. I currently have a self made wallpaper of ONE PIECE's Nico Robin. While no one in that series will ever replace my adoration for this mature and alluring femme fatale, I've also been seduced by yet another ONE PIECE character with looks to kill. Monet from the more recent Punk Hazard Arc.

I really liked this one image of Monet from the latest ONE PIECE anime opening theme, "Hands Up". I got a screencap from You Tube, but the quality was poor and colors flat. I wanted my wallpaper to have some depth to it.

I took this captured image and increased both the size and image quality to 300 DPI. I redrew all the lines that were in the image. However, I wanted to give the picture my own sort of style of coloring. I used the original as a bit of a guide, but you can see where I took some liberties.

My new Monet wallpaper

I hope you enjoy the picture, and I'd like to hear your thoughts.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ FoxxFireArt


First Date: Cross Manage

First Date: Cross Manage

Shonen isn't just a boys club. The girls know how to play, too.

Meet the Fujioka High Lacrosse Team

The First Date was a concept once used on Anime Vice to discuss a brand new series. I originally thought it was sort of a silly name, but I finally understood it when I wrote an introduction on Anime Vice for the TRIAGE X series. It just seemed to fit. Like a first date, you're feeling each other out and getting to know the other person. I originally purchased my subscription to the digital English edition of WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP to follow series such as ONE PIECE. Along with this series came several others. One that has caught me completely by surprised is CROSS MANAGE created by KAITO.

I'd never so much as heard of it before, but it's really won a place in my heart.

" Talented but aimless Sakurai just can't find a place to belong. After trying - and failing at - one extracurricular activity after another, his life changes thanks to a chance encounter with lacrosse fanatic Toyoguchi, who thinks Sakurai has just what it takes to propel her girls' lacrosse team to victory! "

- VIZ Media

Skill doesn't need to come from super powers. It can be earned.

Most people seem to think shonen manga is little more than a boy's power trip fantasy, ala DRAGON BALL Z. However. last year SHONEN JUMP , the highest selling shonen magazine, released information that their readership is 50% male and 50% female. That seems to have effected the sort of series they publish. In fact, CROSS MANAGE only began in Japan back in September of 2012, and I came in at chapter fifteen. The cast is primarily all girls since the story is about a girl's lacrosse team. This isn't a romantic-comedy or filled with fan service. This is straight up a sports drama with some honestly funny comedy mixed in.

Basically, Sakurai was a young soccer prodigy who got injured, and even with surgery would never be back to the way he was. He gave up on the sport that he loved and seemed to lack a direction in his life. One day, he spotted Misora practicing lacrosse under a bridge and found himself offering her a tip that helped her improve. Since then, she was intent on getting Sakurai to be the manager/coach of the team she founded for school. Long story short, he kind of gets tricked into the job and discovers he enjoys it.

Choran Academy's Team is not to be underestimated.

The girls of the Fujioka Lacrosse Team aren't what you'd call your average athletes. They're an assortment of all kinds, but what they have in common is a love of the sport and playing with their friends. They each bring some unique talent to the team. Misora is incredibly agile and full of energy, Nachi has strength and endurance, Junko is level headed and excels at making snap decisions, and Yurika is great at reading people's movements like a book. They're hardly the best, but Misora has the goal of winning the high school lacrosse tournament and defeat the Choran Girls' Lacrosse Team, who have held the title for the past ten years.

Misora wants to show winning and enjoying yourself are equally important.

This is an inspired goal, but not hardly seems plausible. Currently, Choran has Namine Chihara on the team. She's the most skilled player in the nation and even earned a spot on Japan's national team. She has never lost a single game she's played in. The girls of Fujioka are really aiming for the top.

CROSS MANAGE has quickly become a favorite to read each week for me. It can be really entertaining to watch the friendship of the characters as they interact on and off the field. One of the best things about the series is that you don't need to know anything about lacrosse. The way the series is structured, the author slowly spoon feeds the audience the positions, rules, and tactics as they're needed. I sometimes wonder if these manga authors who make these sports series are already fans of the game, or do they just do an insane amount of research before beginning.

I really believe female comic readers who are tired of how women are treated in comics would find this refreshing. It's not about their dating life, and ever girl doesn't have the looks of a super model. It's about their bond as a team and supporting one another to try and do something big. Also, the only spiked heels you'll find in this series are on the cleats. A sports series about a girl's lacrosse team is something you'd never see get so much as a chance in a Western comic series.

Unfortunately, the only way you can currently read this series legally outside of Japan is on the subscription to WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP. A $26.00 subscription gets you a year of this weekly series translated into English. You can find more details and even read a free sample of this and many other at CROSS MANAGE is currently among the series that are being published same day digital with Japan.

If you're curious, you can still learn about the cast. I've been building up the cast in the wiki database on both Comic Vine and Anime Vice. You can't even find this level of information on Wikipedia. I hope you've enjoyed this first date with a brand new manga series that is well worth your attention.

UPDATE: Volume 1 of CROSS MANAGE is now available for digital download in English through VIZ for $4.99. You can download the first chapter for free or read it online HERE.

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ONE PIECE Set to Invade the Comic Vine Database!

Well, I've been adding quite a few series to the Comic Vine wiki these past few months. I've added in casts from smaller series. They're easier to get done and over with. You feel a sense of accomplishment in filling out a whole cast. Call me crazy, but I've finally started in on one of the largest and expanding series in manga. Eiichiro Oda's ONE PIECE.ONE PIECE is one of the the highest selling series currently running. It doesn't just outsell other manga. Nothing is even close to it's numbers. Last year, NARUTO, ONE PIECE's closest competitor, released four volumes that sold 6.5 million units. ONE PIECE sold 23.5 million.units.

I've maintained the cast on Anime Vice for a long time, but I felt I should also add them to Comic Vine. I'm going through them alphabetically as to not miss anyone. The problem is that this cast is gigantic. I did the math earlier today. This series has over 420 characters. I think I've added up to 30-40 characters to the CV database today, and I'm not even through the Bs yet.

There are quite a few characters on the Comic Vine database, but many, many more aren't. Just to give you the briefest idea of just how expansive this cast is. Just look to the image below drawn by Oda. Almost every single character you see in this picture is a named character in ONE PIECE, and they are mostly just from the series' Navy.

I may be insane taking on this task, but better to start now. It also gives me a good excuse to really help stress test the new database for the site to find bugs. I recently reached over 1 Million wiki points on Anime Vice. Odds are that by the time I'm done with this project. I may be half way there on Comic Vine.

My plan is to first go through the characters before I start filling out their appearances in the actual volumes. After that, I'll then look to the teams or locations from this series. I'm already adding new characters as they appear in the series. I have my digital WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP membership that helps me get some nice images.

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Could Trafalgar Law Cut Adamantium?

Could Wolverine's claws be cut?

To start things off. This is in no way an article about if ONE PIECE's Trafalgar Law could defeat X-MEN's Wolverine. While I feel he's completely capable of defeating the X-Man. I'm here to talk more about the physics through science of Law's ability to slice through Adamantium. The fictional adamantium metal has been built up as the most indestructible substance in fiction. Though, why can't it be damaged?

To discuss the science of the matter we first need to understand a basic understanding the molecular structure. Substances such as wood have a weak molecular structure. It's porous to allow air and water through. Metals, on the other hand, have an extremely tight bond of the molecules. This also explains the differences in weight. A six-inch block of wood wont weigh nearly as much as a six-inch block of iron or steel.

The basic idea is that the stronger the metal. The tighter the bonds of it's structure. With that understanding, it would reason that the refined adamantium, that has had many of its flaws removed, is so strong becasue the bond between the molecules is extremely tight. That's why adamantium can cut through steel. It's the equivalent of a steel axe cutting through wood.

Trafalgar Law: The Surgeon of Death. A man who cuts through everything.

Now, we come to the meat of the issue. All of Wolverine's protections depends upon physics. The problem here is that Trafalgar Law's powers defy the laws of physics. Law ate the Op-Op devil fruit. This made him a modification man. He can create a semi-circle around himself, and anything in his "room" is under his control. You're basically a patient on his operating table. His sword doesn't even need to touch the object he's cutting. It just needs to be in the path of his swing, and he'll slice right through bodies, stone, and metal.

The only object Law could theoretically not cut through is called Sea Prism Stone. This is a rare natural-metal found in the world of ONE PIECE. It actually contains minerals of the sea inside of it. Since sea water is a weakness that all devil fruit users share, sea prism stone is used by the Navy in shackles to cancel a devil fruit users powers. Physical contact with this metal will weaken and and prevent them from using their powers. The metal is said to be indestructible. However, the only reason Law couldn't cut it is becasue it has sea minerals in it.

Law slices through Vergo's armament hardening

There is one more force that could potentially stop Trafalgar from cutting it. In ONE PIECE there is an ability called Haki. There are several kinds of Haki, and one creates an invisible armor around the user's body. They can strike out with this Armament Haki that cancels out any devil fruit power. High level armament haki users can do something called "armament hardening". This causes the body to turn black and stronger. This makes attacks have a far more impact. Think of it like putting on a glove covered in metal before you punch. The thing is that even devil fruit users can use haki. The strength of haki is based on the strength of the will of the user.

In the recent Punk Hazard Arc, Trafalgar went up against Vergo, an armament haki master. Law faced him years ago and lost. When they faced each other this time, Law didn't just slice Vergo in half. In the following panels it was revealed he had cut through the facility and the very mountain they were inside at the time.

I hope you enjoyed this look into a blending of worlds between ONE PIECE and Marvel. I thought it would make for a fun exercise, and possibly introduce you to a cool character. If you'd like to see Law's powers in practice. You could either watch ONE PIECE Ep. 585-588 for free on Hulu, or go to You Tube and search for "Trafalgar Law Vs Smoker".

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers/ @ FoxxFireArt


Pre-Order Some Busty ONE PIECE Ladies!

I knew that title would get your attention.

Starting now, pre-orders can be made for a set of three bust figures of three of ladies from the record-shattering manga series ONE PIECE. These figures are of the Straw Hat's navigator Nami, the Navy's determined lady-swordfighter Captain Tashigi, and mysteriously alluring Monet. These three figures are based from the Punk Hazard arc that recently closed in the manga. In this arc, many of the cast had their minds and bodies switched temporarily by the powers of Trafalgar Law. Nami had been switched with Sanji, and Tashigi was switched with Vice-Admiral Smoker.

This set of three is part of the fifth run of Bandai's popular "Mask Collection", and they're being sold exclusively by Premium Bandai online through their website. These three figures are 85 and 100 mm. tall (3 1/3 and 4 inches). The total cost of these three figures is ¥3,780 ($39.83 USD). However, this offer is only available for a limited time. Pre-orders are being accepted online until May 15, 2013 at 3 PM (JPN). All oders will be shipped in August 2013.

Pre-Order Site: HERE

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers/ @ FoxxFireArt

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Porn Stars Can Be Geeks Too!!

Porn Stars Can Be Geeks Too!!

Hey It's April

What you do in your occupation should never reflect on your entire quality as a person. You can have a depth to your personal interests that far exceeds what you do in your work. There is always the stereotype that people in the porn industry are just going around from job to job having increasingly wild sex then partying to all hours. That they are not too different that what you may see on JERSEY SHORE. Nothing could be further from the truth. Especially in the case of two adult models. One a childhood friend of mine, and another woman I follow on Twitter.

To start matters off. I have a friend who I've known since the fourth grade. She's always been fun to be around, and we used to tease each other almost constantly. When she turned 18 she started working at a strip club. She then went into nude modeling, and has gone on to make quite a name for herself. Though she runs her own career in the adult entertainment industry. She is also an avid mountain climber. She's traveled to world to climb. Just last month she went to South America and Antarctica.

April O'Neil on the job (left) real life (right)

However, I'm getting a bit off track. I'm not here to talk about my friend. She's not big on geek culture. She thinks games are boring, and I doubt she cares much about comics. I'm here to talk about an adult model that I actually follow on Twitter. I don't follow her becasue she's a porn star. I follow her becasue she's an honest to goodness geek, apparently rather proud of it, and an overall cool person. She's a huge fan of DOCTOR WHO, BACK TO THE FUTURE, STAR WARS, and she loves TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES so much she gave herself the stage name April O'Neil. Her Twitter name "@undeux".

From the best information that I could find, April has been working in the industry since around 2009, and she's currently about 25 years-old. If you've ever seen Twitters for many adult entertainers. They are little more than promoting their stage shows, appearances, or DVDs. One of the things I like about following April O'Neil on Twitter is that she's more likely to post just some random pictures of having fun with her friends, eating a giant pizza, her new game merchandise, or DOCTOR WHO memorabilia. The pictures are mainly hosted on her site, "", which is more of a photo blog of what she's up to. Fair warning. It's still a site only those over 18 should visit. Some pictures are NSFW with graphic nudity, but just as many SFW images..

April O'Neil was at Emerald City ComicCon this year. Not as some promotion for something she was working on. She went to have fun as a fan. She even cosplayed in a Michelangelo Ninja Turtle dress and as a female Marty McFly (colorblind version). These are a small assortment of what you can often see her posting on her website. Some taken at the Emerald City ComicCon.

I've never met the woman, but she seems like a cool person you could talk to about all things geek. I bet she could even teach me a thing of three about DOCTOR WHO. The point I'm trying to make is that geek doesn't just come in one flavor or brand name. Your occupation, where you live, or your age can't predict what you can do or your personal interest.

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