It's been awhile

I haven't posted anything in a long time here.  I've noticed the quests and really find myself sitting on the site looking things up for hours at a time.  Though some of them don't seem to be working.  Maybe I'm doing them wrong.. but the Jean Grey page never gives me her thing.  Oh well, either way it's pretty cool.
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I finally reached my 500 point goal and I'm slightly disappointed. I mean my massive 189 points from the Shi'Ar felt pretty good but all-in-all it's been sort of disappointing. I don't know what the meaning of the points are. There's nothing showing what you get when you reach a ceratin amount, or I'm just missing it. Why set a goal if there's no reward?



Well I hit 200 points and I did it much less time than I expected. Gaining points for all the pictures I've been adding and also a huge 46pts for adding text to a page, this should take no time at all. My new personal goal will be 500. I wish there was a way to see how the points were given out and what you get at certain levels. Maybe I'm just missing it. Well with another list of 15+ pendings.. I'll see my new goal in no time.

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Ya know?

So I've been looking through some of these albums and I start to wonder if people even have read the comics they've submitted pics for. Obviously I'm a Morph fan, it shows full front, but there's some pics I wish I could have rearrange and put them where they really belong. It's like going to the library and the books being slightly out of order. I guess I'm just anal like that. Ok, this is more a rant than a blog.. but it's that what blogs are for?

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Here I be

So then this is Comicvine. A friend of mine randomly stumbled onto thie site and I haven't been able to stay away. I looked around for a long time before signing up because it seems that most people will sign up for anything these days. So after some consideration here I am! I plan on visiting every day and uploading butt-loads of images and posting anywhere I see fit. I hope this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship.