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Loved the original Scooby Doo series, after that they were rather hit or miss. When I dived into this expecting the same, I was surprised by the great writing, the fact that they put the characters in high school but also spend time developing their characteristics as well as the great nods back to the older shows of Scooby (with the Crystal Cove museum of ghosts that also has things like a small statue of Scrappy Doo that Fred & Daphne vow to never speak about ever again in one episode). The addition of Vincent Van Ghoul (aka Vincent Price) is a nice treat as well to see someone bringing him back & doing a good recreation. Highly recommended.

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Glad I've given up on Michael Bay making any other good films, with those changes to TMNT it seems kinda silly but guessing if he kept with the mythology of that series he wouldn't be able to fill 1/3 of the films with explosions & crappy characters/writing. Looking forward to seeing more of the other films talked about in the CV Weekly News on this.

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Stopped caring about Michael Bay making a good film anytime in the future. Best thing that was done lately with his name on it wasn't made by him, it was the parody of his films on Robot Chicken in a piece only a couple minutes long (if that). Know someone into 1980s cartoons though who might have a slight issue with this news though, think I'll go contact him to hear his reaction.

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That Batman series from 2004 was okay from what I saw of it though still putting Paul Dini's Batman series, though after seeing a few of the new Batman Brave & Bold, I'd gladly embrace the 2004 series as the stuff I saw on Brave & Bold was rather stupid (in writing & how the characters looked).

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Few interesting ones, would have been good to get a full shot (or non-blurry) to better see the entire piece.

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I'd go with the Arkham City DLC for a Batgirl (babs) & Batwoman characters. For a full game, Deadpool or Wonder Woman would be a good pick.

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Lots of good ones though my favorite is the redhead as a 1940s alternate history version of Captain America. Always enjoy seeing the alternate what if? costumes with some slight twist on what we know on how some hero/villain looks like.

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Only thing that was good about the GI Joe movie from a few years ago aside from Scarlet & Baronness were the various military gadgets/vehicles had some neat designs to them. That's about it, they could have just had Scarlet & Baronness just talking about the military tech in the movie for an hour & 30 to make it better than the bad story/acting.

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Purple ones look great along with the one from Arkham City game, ones from the MK games are a little more open (while looks good, doubt the thing would stay on while trying to move) & thought that the Catwoman costume from the last film was just looking like some 3rd rate stripper costume. Great article, liked the one panel image of Catwoman looking over her bed with the assorted costumes.

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Seems WW & Aquaman are the only ones that are little different than before, everyone else just appears so close to how they used to look that it's not really needing all the fanfare.

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