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Odinson says:

"Hey Enna and 4power, how's it going?"

Real good. I'm hoping to meet some of you new guys (Odinson, Enna). Although I only have to ask one question to know what kind of person you are.

Batman or Chuck Norris?

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Superkitty says:

"Are you staying back, even maybe as someone else?"

Nope. Sorry duder.

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DAMMIT! I'm always a step behind.

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What's you guys position on the whole thing? I'm especially asking you, P-Man, because you're a smart dude.

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See, now I'm old school.

I don't know half of these people. Who the hell is Hagane Enna? I feel like an old man...

Are you Prodigious Man too? You have two profiles? Cool.

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What a huge forum! This is a pretty cool setup.

As for the Spanish, other languages that aren't Pig Latin give me headaches.

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I know I'm dead. I'm still dead. And normally, I never would have come back, and probably never logged on again. But these are special circumstances.

Out of nowhere, I got an email from my old friend (nemesis?) Buckshot. He described the Vine Villains problem we've been having. I was an original Vine Villain-when Noir Dark created it, I had 50 posts, but decided to join in. Now someone resurrected me, just so I can give my opinion on who the leader should be-Magneto or Noir Dark.

You both have a case. To tell you the truth, if Prurience Man-I mean Prodigious Man-was still evil, I'd have voted for him, but he's not in on it. I've got two things to say on the issue.

  1. Arguing like schoolchildren (yes I'm a hypocrite) about who the leader of your online club will be takes away from the main point of evil-to pwn those damn heroes! FOCUS FOR GOD'S SAKE!

  2. Believe it or not, I was there when the Vine Villains thread hit 1000 posts. It was a big accomplishment. As I write this, I look down and see that the thread has 12,991 posts, and it will probably have more by the time I click Submit. If not for Noir Dark and his idea to have an evil team, it never would have happened. But if not for Magneto, it never would have grown into the Juggernaut (bitch!) that it is today. Noir Dark deserted the VV when it was young. Of course, Hell's Hand is the all time greatest villain team (Mags will laugh when he reads that), but the Villains are huge today because of Magneto. Noir, you may have created it, but Mags made it. You can't come out of obscurity and take it now.

But Magneto, you need to keep Noir on the VV-and if the Inner Circle that I made is still around, he's gotta be in. He's a valuable member. I would also advise you lighten up a tiny bit.

My vote goes to Magneto.

And also, you guys had better appreciate Buckshot. The dude is a frickin genius. More then anyone else, he IS Comic Vine.

I've missed you a lot, and Buckshot requested that I hang out around here a litle to say hello. So until 9:00 tonight, Eastern Time, and not counting dinner, I'll be on here, socializing, like old times.

Good luck.

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Any twelve year olds on here?

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Captain Britain isn't too major. Hawkeye I switched for Red Skull. Beast Boy I put in instead of Çirce. Any other suggestions?