Wonder Woman needs some decent enemies

Most comic book characters that have been around for as long (or substantially shorter) than Wonder Woman have a well fleshed out collection of enemy's to do battle with.  With Wonder Woman though it seems like she is constantly dealing with the same four or five bad guys.  The bad guys (actually they are usually gals) themselves aren't entirely horrible.  Circe works ok as a arch-villain and so does Cheetah, but after Silver Swan (who isnt all that interesting) the bad guys really thin out.  So it is no wonder that her comic is always going off in a hundred directions and that no movie ever gets made with her.  There arent the bad guys in her background to justify it, even for one of the most iconic characters in comic book history (I would say she is probably fourth most well known hero after Supes, Bats and Spidey, but the Iron Man movies might have pushed her to sixth.)  So I think DC shoudl think long and hard about giving her some decent foes, and they might want to base them on something like these foes: 

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Posted by Vitalius

Wonder Woman has Circe who is like Loki.

She has been a villian of Secret Six a better Suicide Squad

And she already fought against gods and Nazis.