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This is probably the first post I ever wrote that made me feel like I was relevant in the RPG. So, yeah, here it is. Raw and unedited :s

A few days ago- A Spider's Call

"Hey sis! It's Dave, I wanted to tell you about all the great (sarcasm) stuff I've been doing. Yea, so first off, moving to Champions Island because of my membership there. Just packing my stuff from that hole I used to live in. Did you hear about that attack on the island? I was there. Well, you know, mister "Wolf Spider" was there. Crap name, I know, don't remind me. Anyway, those people were apparently a bunch of cultists. Right up my alley. So I was knocking heads when some blonde chick shows up, some kind of a leader. The other Champions, for the most part, were on duty or something so I was almost alone with this mess. Got stabbed by one of the cultists too! I'll send you a picture in my free time. Anyways, that chick was shaking buildings! I managed to glob her hair up good though, then she left. Edward, the guy who took me in the team, talked about it later. Admittedly, I didn't show up at his meeting he had. I had all the information I needed. So, I'm at the Champion's base of operations, and Edward asks me if I wanted to do some extended work for him. I would usually make a joke, but he was my boss so I listened. He wanted me to do some limited work with another group he was a part of, "League of Justice" or something. I'll be heading with him to a team meeting soon enough, the place is apparently across the ocean. Should of expected that. Anyway, can't tell you about the new team, it's pretty hush hush from what I've heard. Gotta go." ~Dave

An hour ago- Catching up

Dave sat in a corner of the room at the meeting. It had been weird getting to this "Mirage" place, if not a bit complicated. He understood it was needed though. A bunch of faces around, a very colorful place. It made sense to him why they called it "International". As he listened to the chit-chat around the room, he heard doors opening. A man he assumed was "Surkit", a little bit told about him by Edward, the leader of the team. Dave straightened up from his lax position and listened intensively. As the man shared his words about the situation, Dave tried to gather as much information as he could. Are we under a attack or something? Huh, sounds like I was brought here as back-up. Well, whatever, I like knocking heads. Dave thought to himself. When the meeting was over, he was told to just act normal. No one seem to stop him from simply pulling a book from his knapsack and reading. Hopefully he'd look normal enough......?

Present time- First day on the Job

Okay, so the captain boarded the enemy ship.... and as he draws his blade he charges the enemy in a dynamic clash of- As Dave was reading his book, upside down for that matter, the lights in the building flashed out. "Guess that's my cue?" He said, shutting the book and throwing it down. He didn't like pirates anyways. Okay, so the room is dark- scratch that brain, the entire building is dark... He thought as he maneuvered his way into a hallway. He heard miscellaneous noises outside and inside... action. He opted for a sneakier form of getting from one place to another; the ceiling. He leaped up, sticking to it. He crawled around, looking for a exit. He wanted a piece of the action. As he scuffled around in the dark, he finally saw some light. He crawled out and found himself somewhere on the side of the base. From his vantage point, he looked around. Okay, lets see.. who to help out first... he though, trying to work out a short term strategy.

Before he could think of anything he felt the danger sense. His head instantly turned down, looking to see Edward. He felt it coming.... wait, not it, she. He saw, bursting from underground, the blonde goddess he had met in Champions City. Huh? She seemed nice when he had met her... But she had a sword in her hand and the intent of hitting Edward. Dust was in the air from her emerging, he couldn't see if she was successful or not. He did see her fly above Edward and the sense acted up again... He didn't know what she was doing, but it wasn't good. Okay, here we go... fighting gods now.... "Oh no you don't!" he shouted out in his standard joking tone as he fired a stream of web, aimed at the side of her head. Right after it hit, he leaped into the air and yanked as hard as he could. Here we go! he yelled in his head as he sling-shotted himself forward, his right hand gripped in a fist. Uppercut Davey uppercut! Just like Greg taught! Think fast, Spider, think fast! he through his arm upward, aiming for the blondes jaw. He knew this probably wasn't gonna go well... but it was probably worth it.

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@_The_Ant_: Interesting abilities.
@Trinity00: I'm not living on Earth you idiot.
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Well now that's just racist. Guess you're another one of those "horrible things".

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That was rude.

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So many horrible things happen in this universe..

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Me talking badly about you while reading a file about you, being no where near you, isn't harassing you.

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@agentxx: Maybe
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And then I'll file assault charges.

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@agentxx: There is no robot hell besides in animated sitcoms. :P
I'm trying to get S.T.A.R.S. in on this.
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@Forgotten_Knight said:

Men of my world knew how to take a loss. The man who created this one didn't.