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@willienotwilliam: No, No, No. This is a forum. This is made to be a discussion. I discussed my views about Miles Morales and how he is the worst black character in all of comic book canon as all of you have posted your views about other characters. This should not have been posted under general DISCUSSION if it is not meant to be a discussion. Sorry you are one of those posterior-pained social justice warriors that get their feelings hurt easily because he is the WORST black superhero...oh wait.. hero. Thanks to the power of Obama, his boyfriend was able to be such an adored wannabe "Spiderman".

Ugh, there's a black man in my comic books! Thanks Obama!

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I would have kept watching this show but meh, it was indeed the worst of the new comic based series. Aside from the lead performance I found it to be pretty flat. And it never managed to get to Gotham or Arrow "so bad it's good" territory either.

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This show definitely suffers from its repetitive formula. Each episode is a different crime, eat a brain, have a couple red herring visions and solve the case before the credits roll.

I hope the ongoing story of the missing people and secret zombie(s) continues to develop and make this show more interesting. Its not bad, but among the glut of comic based shows it definitely falls well short of the top rung.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

She isn't English nor is she Japanese...

Good grief, the things we nerds find to whine about. Can I presume you're equally bothered by the fact that Black Panther is from South Carolina, Widow isn't Russian, Banner is from Wisconsin not NY etc.?

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She is so hot.

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@teerack: It's the producer on site who is making all executive decisions. Most ongoing shows don't have a single writer or director through each and every episode.

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Multiversity is easily the best thing going at the big 2 right now.

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I bought that Deadshot miniseries back in the late 80's as a kid and it fascinated me. Much darker take on superhero comics than I had been exposed to up until then. He's been one of my favs ever since.

Also; the only real version of Floyd has a mustache.

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I've tried and dropped the New 52 Suicide Squad 3 times now, one for each "new team" they've tried to launch.

IMO they are so sorely missing a Rick Flag character, and suffering Harley Quinn's overbearing presence being shoehorned into the spotlight.

They need to bring someone in to write this as a cool counter-espionage type book, instead of this weird 90's cartoon style melodrama. Though IMO that's a running theme for DC these days...

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Definitely agree with the comments that it looks fan made.

Just too much photoshop cramming to not look awkward.