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Loving Multiversity so far. This issue was awesome.

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Pointless issue. Couple cool parts but easily could have been 1 star.

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i get tired of all the negativeness that spews out of this place. Im done with this site and forums in general, None of you are ever happy about any book.

Really? I'm not even reading this series, I just came to this page to check out what was up because a rating as low as 2 stars is so rare around here.

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@dagmar_merrill said:

I thought Latour was an artist? Is he a good writer?

He did a really good job with the last few issues of the last Winter Soldier volume after Brubaker left IMO. I'm less of a fan of his current run on Wolverine and the X-Men, which I just dropped.

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This event started with so much promise.

Did I miss something completely, or do Uatu's motives remain pretty much a total mystery? He was just over it and decided to commit suicide by Nick Fury?

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The horribly grating and ill conceived "Fifty Sue" character aside, I'm actually enjoying Future's End lately. Mister Miracle's plots and plans, the Brainiac reveal and now with the developments of this last issue, I'm interested to see where the story is going.

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I enjoyed it overall, but the art was weird in parts to me. There are a couple panels right near the start where X-23 looks far more enraged than the story and dialog portray her.

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Ugh, this is the saddest news ever.

The world needs more comics like Superior Foes of Spider-Man, not less.

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@foreverman: lol way to take something out of context. Did you even watch the whole video? He didn't even say it was all Cena's fault. He stated John Cena should get some of the blame and not just creative and Vince. He explains everything.

Actually I did watch the video, right up to the end where the guy heaps the blame on Cena for holding other guys back with the brilliant argument of incredulously stating "tell me he isn't".

I agree on principle when it comes to guys like Barrett and Wyatt, much less so in the case of guys like Zack Ryder, but generally the blind speculating on what goes on behind the scenes is marks making pointless noise.

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@syncig said:

@madeinbangladesh: Burying more talent than Triple H is some kind of twisted accomplishment. lol

This video sums up how twisted John Cena is lol

I'm no fan of SuperCena, but this is a joke. Basically "Everything is Cena's fault personally because he has all the creative control because you're gonna tell me he doesn't?" Smh.

It's interesting, wrestling and comics definitely have a whole lot in common as far as their insular fanbases.