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Gambler said:
"I think that actually happens alot when one character takes on several. If they didn't scale back certain characters then the fight wouldn't last past the first panel. Sadly battles like that are a way to showcase one character, while kinda sh!tting on the others involved. There's an issue of JLA where Wonder Woman is blind yet still beats down Black Canary, Plastic Man, Flash, Batman, and Green the same time. It was meant to show just how dangerous Wonder Woman really is, that even though she's blind she can still handle the likes of (insert characters here). But while doing so, it totaly undermines the abilties of the other characters involved."
This is a great point.
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The only way Bullseye would have a chance is if Batman didnt have his utility belt.  As has been mentioned, Batman has several things in his belt that he could use to take Bullseye out without even hitting Bullseye.  Add to that the fact that Batman is as agile as characters who routinely dodge Bullseye's attacks and it is a certainty that Batman would have enough time to use one of those tools.

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Assuming that when you are talking about lifting Ego, you mean actually lifting Ego's weight under standard Earth gravity, I would answer as follows:

Ego said:
magneto? (there should be metals in ego)
If there were enough metals perhaps.  But doubtful.
There's no evidence to suggest he could come anywhere close to actually lifting ego.
No evidence.
Again, no evidence.
red hulk?
It would be a huge leap to suggest his strength was anywhere near that level.
savage hulk?
Never displayed strength on that level.
jean grey (pheonix or dark)
That level of telekinetic power has never been displayed by any version of Phoenix.
dr. doom (via tractor beam)
Certainly not.
movie superman (any verion of the movies)
None of the movie versions displayed the necessary power.
Certainly not without boosting his strength with the Odin power and even then this level of power has never been displayed by him.  Destroying a planet or solar system off panel is completely different from lifting a planet.
Its possible though he has never displayed the level of power necessary (in strength, telekinesis, etc.) to lift a planet.
green lanturns
No evidence that I am aware of.
No evidence.
rhino, collossus, strong guy, iron man, mr. fix it, captian marvel, giant man, and wonder woman combined.
Almost certainly not.
the destroyer?
Never displayed anything close to this level of power.
the u.s enterprise (all versions) via tractor beam?
It would be incredible to believe that a device that was created to pull in damaged shuttles or to tow other starships was actually powerful enough to lift an entire planet.  I sincerely doubt that this would be the case and have seen nothing that would make me think that a starship could produce that much power.
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He's seen better days.

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I have to lean towards Martian Manhunter but I would like to see more examples of all of their less used powers.  I dont see enough of them using their super speed for one.  Superman holds back so often that people without super speed get to him repeatedly so I dont know if his top speed is any better then Manhunter's or not.  Simply going off of what DC claims about their powers and what has been shown of them, you would have to lean towards Manhunter.

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Without having read all of the books I'm going to have to agree with Gambler.  From what I've seen, he should be able to kill them all easily.

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G-Man said:
"Seeing how  pretty much everything in the Marvel Universe was affected by the virus in Stark tech, it would seem that Tony is earning more on patents and licensing.  WayneTech may be busy but Bruce seems more focused as Batman and trying to secretly fund his private projects.  Tony is more open about what he's building.  Think about how much of his tech is used to build one helicarrier.  Each time they build one, he's getting royalties over the use of his tech.  Since Stane Enterprises isn't much of a force anymore, it doesn't seem like there's too much competition.  And having the CEO be a member of the Avengers, that's gotta put some faith in the company among stockholders and consumers.  In the DC Uninverse, Lexcorp is a fierec competitor of WayneTech.

I say Tony."

Very convincing argument.
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I never seem to see any of this drama, but welcome back.

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Midnightist said:
"because he stated he had trouble with Kyle Rayner in Marvel/DC and I'm pretty sure Supreme has some kind of magic ability"

That would simply then be magic ability that goes along with his pre-crisis Superman powers.  So he would not need to use this magical ability and would quickly stop using it if it did not work.  But that would not change the fact that he just might be stronger, faster, and more durable (among other things) then Superman Prime.

All crossovers between Marvel and DC should be taken with a grain of salt.  With his powers, Silver Surfer should have very little trouble with any Green Lantern.  If he were to have fought Yat, the fact that Yat had a power ring wouldn't have been any real benefit against Surfer.  His best bet would have been his Daxamite powers, but at their post-crisis levels that shouldn't be enough against Surfer, if the character were allowed to use his full powers.
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Midnightist said:
"Prime has the advantage with the magic even the PC Superman wasn't as resistant to magic (as far as I know) as Prime is plus Prime's insanity and determination has made him go and do things I don't think any Superman or Superman like character can do. I give Silver Sufer runner up ,because I believe his use of the power cosmic give him an nearly unlimited amount of energy to do with as he pleases for an attack. The only reason I put Prime ahead of SS is do to the fact I feel anyone that can beat down on a Ion possessed Daxamite can pretty much beat anyone."

Who's using magic in this battle?  And you picked Prime over Silver Surfer because Prime handled someone Silver Surfer has never fought?  Who's to say that Silver Surfer couldnt just as easily handled an Ion possessed Daxamite?