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@Buckshot: Good to hear things are going so well for you and that you're so busy. You must be loving Grad school. Sorry I was so late in replying but I completely missed what you said and you know I haven't been on here in quite some time.

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@Buckshot: I've just been working far too hard.  How've you been my friend?
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@Buckshot said:

I'm never going to understand why, other than favoritism, people think Cap beats Batman with them both in standard gear. I get that people don't think Batman is peak human (or "as peak human as Cap"). I disagree, but I get it. I even get why people think Cap is more skilled. I disagree with that as well, but I get it. Even with those advantages for Cap (which, as many who would claim they exist have admitted, would be slight), I still don't get why people think he'd go unaffected by things like sonics, knockout gas (the only one I might buy because of Cap's healing, but even then, he's been put down before and Batman's stuff has worked on many metas), smokescreens, and explosives, etc., etc., wielded by someone of Batman's skill.

@Gambler said:

@Buckshot: What I dont understand are the people using "combat experience" as an advantage for the Caps. As if they're going to do something that Batman (either one) has never seen before. Or that because they fought in WW2 that some how elevates their combat experience to such a degree that it would be a significant factor in this fight.

I agree with both of you.  Of course I would take the two Caps in pure hand to hand for the reasons that Buckshot understands but does not agree with, though when they have their standard gear, the Bats should be able to win this fight.
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@Buckshot: I'll have to look and see what's going on in these other forums a little later.  I'll talk to you later my friend.
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@Buckshot: Glad to see things are going well and you're favorite characters are getting some use.  That's the first thing I noticed when I looked into the battle forums.  Midnighter seems to be drawing a crowd, trying to gauge his place again.  Just like old times.
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@Buckshot: I had some free time so I decided to stop by.  I can never really say how long I'm staying.  Even when I try to find time I end up not being able to.  How have you been my friend?
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@homeslice said:
" I don't like him that much cuz I think he's overrated. It's not because he's so UTTERLY TERRIBLE or cuz he exists in 1000 places at once. These make him annoying but I think most people who are sick of him, are sick because every time he shows up somewhere (which is..everywhere) he tends to dominate the pages. People have favourite characters other than wolverine and once he is in an issue he absolutely HAS to be the star. marvel makes him the alleged best h2h fighter and a mutant and an avenger in addition to 100 years of fighting practice which basically makes the other characters in the book irrelevant.  I think cyclops is cool but he never gets a fair chance cuz of wolverine. I was terrified when he became an avenger because he would then put characters such as cap and spidey and thor etc on the sidelines. If he wasn't as FORCIBLY important as he is I'm sure the few people that don't like him,might. "
I agree with a lot of this.
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Midnighter wins round 1
In round 2 I'm assuming the prep is for the second group and the outcome would be determined by just how much they are able to discover about Midnighter (assuming round 2 is basically starting over as if the three weren't killed in the first encounter with Midnighter).
Again if everyone is alive for the round 3, the outcome would depend on just how much of the power cosmic Midnighter was afforded.  Characters who utilize that power source have multiple power levels, depending on just how much of the power cosmic that they can tap into.  The same question goes to the Nova Force.  Is it completeley distributed among the three?  Do the three each have the maximum level available of the Nova Force that has been displayed in one character?  Too many questions to determine the winner of this round.

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@Strafe Prower said:
" @Forever: I'm sure you will get in the next round though :) "
Of that possibility, I'm completely unconcerned.
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@Buckshot said:
" They billed him as the most powerful guy in Marvel and for a while he was just not showing that was true but the talk still said he was. I didn't like that. Though I don't like all the ways he's finally earning that ranking, I'm liking him more now that he is what they said he was. His origin is getting rehashed/cleared up/finally revealed and I think him as someone who just is not cut out to be a hero (for several reasons) but still trying/pretending to be (for mostly the wrong reasons), is more compelling character wise than what he was supposed to be before (and fits more with what he has shown and is showing). So together, he's finally acting like the top dog that he should have been all along, and has a more interesting backstory that's consistent with his character. There are still issues, but I like him more now.      "
I agree with this entirely.