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I'm glad they didn't forget how easily Deathstroke handled Hawkman, Flash, Green Lantern, Black Canary, the Atom and Zatanna before Green Arrow stopped him. Id be really disappointed if they depowered Deathstroke like that.

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, hear hear! Far too many writers just don't know what to do with Lois and they resort to reducing her to a pattern of cliches. She fluctuates from being supe's emergency, to his scheming girlfriend, to an outright booty call. Anytime you have a character with 70+ years of backstory and you can't think of anything to say, I'd ask you why are you writing? It's amazing how few times they actually write her as an actual successful adult.

Beyond it's literary flaws, the treatment of Lois is too often sexist. I can't stand her being presented as a damsel constantly needing to be rescued. The most distasteful moments are when her trouble is caused by her supposedly "strong, independent ambition;" It's the tired "Lois gets captured while investigating" plot. What kind of role model is that? The lesson seems to be that strong women will only get into trouble. DC wonders why they can't sell books to women. Maybe if they stopped insulting them we'd see some results.

As far as what Robinson has planned for Earth-2 I'll reserve judgment for when the book is released. He does not have a great track record and I remain skeptical. If this turns into "DC Extreme! Shock and awe and SEX!" I'll be very disappointed.

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I consider it a question of sexism to not show a proportionate amount of naked men and women. How skewed is the ratio now? More than 90% of gratuitous nudity is of women, because our society is biased and wants to objectify and depower women. What we need to do is correct that imbalance with an initial over-correction. Say, 50 years of 95% male nudity. I want to see penises everywhere!

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Hark! A Vagrant is so, so good. YES!

Anyhoo, I did get the fiance hooked on Fables. She enjoyed Watchmen, and also really enjoyed Identity Crisis.

I think what's importance is to go by quality, not by genre. Some superhero books are well written, and some are pretty dumb. A good book will speak for itself.

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Continuity only exists as a bizarre consequence of the cool idea to have your characters meet up in the others' books. And while yeah, it's neat to see Batman team up with Doc Savage, I think the consequence of continuity is often a roadblock to good ideas. I wonder how many books got crushed because they didn't fit with what someone did 35 years ago?

I propose the no-continuity universe. At the end of every issue/arc/mini series, everything resets, and fanboys and girls stop fretting over tiny details. We still have the other in-continuity universe for people who dig that, but writers deserve a place to try other things.

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Or, they are rushing to copy the idea of Batman Inc.

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As much as I like Phil Noto's style, his faces all like very similar. It's the same problem greg land has, except that Phil is way better at anatomy.

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Slytherin Hall, anyone?

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Gonna drive past the stop n shop with the radio on! (Radio on!)

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Even the adults are probably super distracted (Get what I did there?). The only difference between a teen's sex drive and an adults is that the teens are pissed off they haven't got any yet. All poison ivy has to do is have a wardrobe malfunction and taunt "you can't have this nah nah neeners!." Instant advantage!

Plus, there's no hiding your 'excitement' in that skin tight spandex, once the heat of battle has your 'blood up.'

Both heroes and villains have used this at least as a distraction 
. Power girl, anyone? 

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