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When exactly did it get to that point? When Edgar Rice Burroughs describes her as running around completely nude in the original novels 95 years ago? When Frank Frazetta painted her with nothing but a gold thong over her junk in the trunk forty years ago? When she was played by an actual former porn star in a direct-to-DVD movie three years ago? Face it, Dejah Thoris has been titillating eye candy from day one.

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You know what else Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl have in common? They have comics currently being published. That's more important than what happens to some obsolete/alternate version of a character.

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Meh, these are for the most part relatively new characters, especially the Decapitator. Even Barney Barton and Superia were minor characters who only recently returned from the dead after decades of nothing. This team doesn't have that feel of classic baddies that the first Dark Avengers had.

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@movieartman said:

@Jamiracles: ULTRON WARS thats how fans of marvel i been begging for years for ultron to make is final big skynet type take over and its coming very soon and will be drawn by badmofo Brian Hitch so yeah the last few marvel events have been mixed but i garentte this will be one of he big sucsesses

Hitch, eh? So how many months will the gaps between issues be?

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So if we're supposed to stop supporting sexist comics per Eric Stephenson's suggestion then I guess I'll stop picking up Bomb Queen minis... which are put out by Image. Let me guess... he'll probably say that's different because BQ is supposed to be satire so it can show as much T&A. Nope, doesn't work. Skin is skin. Sorry, Eric... you don't get to bash another company's character for have a cleavage window when one of yours has her boobs actually falling out of hers. And don't get me started on the output of their partner, Top Cow. But thanks to Eric's hypocrisy I will stop supporting a company that panders to its audience... Image Comics.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:
@spiderbat87 said:
Slightly pissed they never mentioned Blue Beetle or Nightrunner
im gussing that he chalked them up to knock-off the real deal alongside steel and john stewart.
Blue Beetle and Nightrunner are far less knock-offs than what Arana's been turned into yet Spider-Girl makes the cut.
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I prefer the fictional ones. I see a lot more personality in a place like Gotham or Opal City than any of the real ones. And as others have stated, Marvel's everyone in NYC approach is just ludicrous. But the issue I have with real locations is for the most part  is that writers and/or artists for the most part don't know enough about them to do them justice. I've read comics where LA is just a short drive from San Francisco instead of hundreds of miles away. Spidey can be visiting Aunt May in Queens and get to the Daily Bugle in Manhattan in about two minutes. Other than mentioning a sports team or showing a landmark in the background, the "real" cities could be just about anywhere. With the fictional ones more efforts gets made to flesh them out.

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@MarvelJackAss433 said:
" @Strafe Prower:@velle37:  She has been beaten by Batman WITHOUT the use of any kind of special suit or anything else like that. "
Hence RoA's initial use of "well-written" as opposed to "jobbed out with no logic."
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Cheetah with her Zoom upgrade would make it DC easy.  
And no Dex-Starr or Hairball? 

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My, that Hayley Atwell wears a uniform well...