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Looks cool. More........villainy

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Looks interesting. I just hope that at some point characters like Joker and Robin will be introduced. You can't have a Batman TV show that doesn't somehow include the Joker!

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I would go straight to Justice League and then work from there. If it's a success, then I would make Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash and see how those do. If they are also popular then I would make Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Man of Steel 2, and finally Justice League 2. If DC's future movies are hits, then I would love to see a big screen adaptation of characters like Animal Man or Swamp Thing.

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I think this is a huge mistake. Now, I personally loved The Amazing Spider-Man movie, but I don't think that the second one will be as successful as they think. After the success that was The Avengers, I believe that Marvel is getting a bit cocky scheduling all of these movies so soon. Especially after the terrible Iron Man 3, I truly think that Marvel has to take a step back and put in more time/effort into each of their individual movies, and not think about the future of their Cinematic universe. I want to love this announcement, but the second Amazing Spider-Man movie isn't even out yet. C'mon Marvel, C'mon. How about instead of worrying about future Spider-Man movies, you worry about how dumb Jaime Fox looks as Electro?

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What is your favorite Spider-Man series/volume? For example: Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man, etc.

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What are your opinions on the new Man of Steel movie? I haven't seen it yet, so please don't spoil it! From what I've read online, people either love it or hate it. I personally am really looking forward to seeing it. It looks like an exciting and different take on the origin of Superman.

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What are some good Marvel Knights series?

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Can't wait! Personally, I enjoyed the last 3 Star Wars movies, so I'm quite excited to see what direction the series goes in!

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What are the best Marvel comics about the Gods? (Not counting Thor, Loki, etc.) I'm talking about Gods like Apollo, Ares, the Egyptian gods, and so on.

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I'm really truly excited for the next Batman movie. I know it won't come out for a REALLLLLLLLY long time, but hey, I'm still excited. I was thinking about who could possibly be the villain in this future movie? Would they want more realistic villains like in the Nolan Trilogy, or would they want to go with more 'comic-booky' villains like Penguin or Mr. Freeze. Then I thought of two villains that could fit perfectly into a future movie. Why not bring the Court of Owls to the big screen? It was such a popular story arc, and I could easily see it in a movie. It would be pretty epic in scope, which would be really cool to see. But then I had another thought. What if they had the Joker as the major villain? He is Batman's most recognized villain. But whoever would play the Joker would have to have their own take on the character. They shouldn't try to be like Heath Ledger, they should try to be something fresh, something new. I have the perfect actor to play the Joker. His name is Robert Knepper and he played the infamous T-Bag in the Prison Break TV show. Just look at him. Wouldn't he make a great Joker? He could be an older Joker trying to get back his glory days, trying to show Batman that just because he's aged, that doesn't mean he's any less dangerous. Do you have any opinions? Feel free to share.