Chapter 2

Well school starts in 2 days for me. I'll be a sophmore in high school, which could be fun. My biggest problem in high school is that I'm really quite odd. I like my friends a lot, but for some reason I prefer to be alone. I have no idea why. Oh, and the girl that I have been in love with for 7 years just moved to the other side of the country. I'm really beating myself up over this because I never once told her how I felt. I've been trying to figure out if I should email her and tell her how I truly feel about her. Any advice?

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Posted by sithfrog

Pouring out such deep emotion through email can be easier than face to face. Is this girl someone who you were friends with? If so it may be better to call her and do it over the phone. The tricky part is if she doesn't share your feelings, then that can be tough (been there done that). Good luck with whatever you choose to do about that. Just don't keep yourself so focused on her that you don't allow yourself to be open to meeting someone new.

Also, if you have friends that you can confide in and hang out with, there is no shame and wanting time for yourself. If you are like me, you probably "recharge" better with alone time. Have a great sophomore year!