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@fodigg: I actually whole heartedly disagree with that; I personally think Johns is highly overrated and the book got better about halfway through its run with the introduction of some of my favorite characters (Ravager and Kid/Red Devil). The only earlier issue I loved was the Identity Crisis tie-in which was mainly because I love Tim Drake so much.

Kid Devil and Miss Martian were the two things I actually cared about but the book as a whole went pretty much nowhere.

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Ha. Yeah, that's Father Time. Not every character in a domino mask is Damian.

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If you're going for different, I think the full-on golem approach from this fan-art by Aaron Diaz was pretty interesting.

The downside, of course, is that undercuts the humanity of a character who for many exists solely to represent the fact that women are also human. You could use that to create an interesting story, but if you make that question a fundamental part of the origin it kinda weakens the message. The question shouldn't have to be asked. So I like the concept, but I wouldn't want them to go with it.

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The concept of old man fury just makes me want to reread Fear Agent.

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As with the Sentry, her superpower is essentially "retcon". That makes people nervous.

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Why is this a surprise? The director told the cast of GotG the same thing, "don't read the comics." It's not about anything other than the director remaining in control of the film's tone/vision. It's no different than any new writer on FF trying to make their mark. At most this means it isn't a transplant of an existing storyline.

James gun never said that because chris pratt already admitted to reading multiple comics with starlord in them to research the role and james gun was siting right next to him when he said that

I can only go by the quotes I've seen:

My favorite exchange of the press conference went like this:

Pratt: "I was aware of Guardians of the Galaxy, but James told me not to read any of ‘em. And so…"
Gunn: "[Laughs] You keep saying that! You overheard me tell [Michael Rooker] not to read the comics, because he’s…"
Rooker: "I read ‘em. I read ‘em anyway."
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So I guess Angela isn't Thor's sister after all?

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Badass costume, and it totally makes sense for the character.

Oh, and lol hard at the racists who don't know Isaiah Bradley and Josiah X mean that ship has long since sailed.

Truth: Red, White, and Black is one of the best Cap storylines of all time.

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@madeinbangladesh: I don't think he is replying, man... Besides kinda odd to dig up such old thread O.o

Especially when his last post was 10 months ago.

@pizzaman said:

@fodigg: I need to pick up the Icon series. I also miss Dwayne McDuffie.

It's so, so good.

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Hot diggity damn.

Nothing wrong with that.