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Awesome stuff! I do have a pet peeve: Spidey 2099 shoots webs from the top of his hand, not by making the "I love you" sign like Peter. Of course Miguel could just be saying he loves everyone.

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For those who have been reading, it's obviously a very story-driven move. Stark's been fitted with a device that acts as a limiter to the arc reactor in his chest. It's part of a plot by Justine Hammer (who is secretly working with the Mandarin) with the support of the U.S. military in response to his operating the Iron Man while under the influence during Fear Itself. He's basically been forced to sideline himself. Having said all that, I don't think anyone expects this to be a permanent thing. It's probably just for this story, which is fine. Who knows, though? It may be part of a long-form story (the presence of the large octopus robot first seen in the annual kind of hints that it is), which is also fine. Calm down, people. Enjoy the ride!

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I love me some Broo! He is my absolute favorite of the youngsters at the Jean Grey School. Genesis is great too. He won me over with his "Nobody talks about Kansas!" line.
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I think it's simulated because they aren't truly feeling the emotions. The ring just channels them and recognizes them, but the user doesn't actually feel it.
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I really felt like Carol had come into her own as Ms. Marvel. If you really think about it, modern comic audiences probably have more awareness for Ms. Marvel than they do Captain Marvel at this point due to her being around a great deal longer as well as her being somewhat high profile in the past few years. The series sounds interesting, and I'm very glad that she's going to be back in her own ongoing series again, but I really hate the new look. Something about it is very "lesbian Power Girl" to me. Only time will tell if she'll end up going back to her roots.

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If you've been reading Spider-Island, especially the last issue, I think it's pretty obvious who the new Scarlet Spider will be.

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Let me just say that ever since Steve Rogers came back and everyone started saying Bucky should be the new U.S.Agent, I've thought this was dumb. It's stupid. Bucky should definitely not take on the identity of a wanna-be Captain America. I know, I know...Bucky wasn't the original Cap himself, but he at least DESERVED to be the next in line. Bucky's a legend. He doesn't have to pretend to be anything or anyone he's not, and he's had absolutely no interaction that I'm aware of with John Walker to support taking up his mantle.

Anyway, this is probably just the introduction of another Winter Soldier.

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As someone who is really unfamiliar with Wonder Woman, I sort of hoped this issue would give me a little more information about her. Right now, all I know of Wonder Woman is that she fights in a halter top one piece with boots and uses a lasso.

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If you look at this picture, then look at the cover for Nightwing #1, it's even more ridiculous.

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My first thoughts on the Cap uniform was that it was too bright, but I've seen other pics of this session that didn't look that bad.  I think once all the editing is finished it'll look fine.  I do wish they'd have made the pouches a different color.