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@orpheus_knightfall: I'm sitting this one out lol. I join it means I need a bio and I'm too lazy.

I always like the alternate/future version of anything.

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@orpheus_knightfall: Always a good show at the least.

I don't think I'll use Nova after all, so now between Zeon and Future Tassi

Future Tassi, obviously :P

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@legacy_ said:


"Wow. That's, that's interesting." Yikes. Junior isn't one to judge upbringings, especially when considering his own, but Gothic City? No shade toward his working on burning fuels coworker, but every time he tried to escape that godforsaken cesspool of monthly death and decay; the city had its' way of getting back into his airwaves.

However, rather than marinate in the surely obvious awkwardness protruding from his pours; Junior makes it a point to exit personal trappings, having realized this probably wasn't the right first conversation.

"Well uh I've been around. Gothic most recently cause the rents were cheap considering how its' basically taken over every Tuesday," he tries to make a playful jab at the expense of struggle, because what worth was life if two dudes couldn't share a laugh about it? Okay, okay maybe it's in bad taste and Junior knows that, but he really didn't feel like letting Whitaker in on his upbringings' poor quality environment.

"So, I guess we're very much aware of its' like to live down there Maybe you could help me with something?" Making a quick trip back to his desk, Mendax Junior puts his empty frappucino down, having sipped in down between takes, and picks up hefty folder in turn.

"If you'd follow me real quick...listen to what I have to say.....maybe you'd be interested in helping me out on this case." Junior moves his head left, indicating they move toward the room where the detectives most of reconvened. "It'd mean heading back to your stomping grounds," He spoke, raising the folder up as he began his trek. "Who knows, you might know or catch something." Junior whilst within his own thoughts procured the belief that the best way to ensure whether or not a partnership between the two would work was if they there to actually work together; a free trial of sorts. As a result, he makes it a point to give out the invitation. It's only matter of rejection or acceptance on Whitaker's part going forward.

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Minutes later and Junior acts like he never yelled at anyone. Not once. "Bradley and Brandon," He forgets to mention their last name, though he's certain everyone's read the clipboard he decorated with their wrap sheets, mug shots, and personal information. "They're former low level drug dealer....used to be sweet," He stops speaking, his catalog smile shining as he looks in the captain's direction, afraid to let him know he's not exactly the shiniest penny in the jar.

"ANYWAYS, Bradley and Brandon are members of the big time now. They're big components of the @_dox_ movement that caught some gas some weeks ago. I heard the ring leader might've pussied out," Junior's still salty Dox went off line, "....considering the people he was calling out, but regardless the twins have always been very anti government."

"They've got a history of black mailing politicians, moving their dope through republican party circles, black mailing politicians for that very reason, and getting bail because....well you get the point. They're bad news! And the only reason our boy Kelly could identify them is cause the twins are personable dealers. They like to meet their customers one on one," Junior looks at the captain yet again, this time however trying to grasp a firm reaction from the man who raised him, trying to figure out if were impressed or indifferent.

"I'm guessing they don't trust anyone with the new product....konite." He pauses, not for the word to sink in, but because he had to cough. "No one knows how they got it, but its' made them the big kids on campus. Everyone wants a piece of Wood. Rumor has it they've been getting offers from the who's who of Gothic Crime to become an even bigger franchise. I don't know about y'all, but I think we've got to find a way.....to stop that from happening. Right Captain Mendax?" Junior purposely throws all the attention toward the big boss man, hoping the pressure would force his hand to take action.

Bradley and Brandon Wood

(Not my strongest, but I hope its' alright)

Just as he was about to answer his smartass partner Brian hears Junior use a level of bass he couldn't really control, telling the unit what their next case will be. He sighs with a sound like air escaping a bike tire.

His lips scrunch the sides of his mouth, as Captain Mendax sits erect and rigid in the back of the grouped Force officers as Junior delivers his unexpected speech. The boy had taken more of himself into his attitude than Brian thought, but he was more insulted to the point of embarrassment. The last thing the Captain needs is word getting to the President that he couldn't do his job better than a twenty-four-year-old in a vest jacket.

"Right. We'll need to gain their trust with an undercover, start him or her in the lwer ranks and build respect, yeah? Whitaker and King, you'll take charge on being handler for the undercover, you tail him and sweep up any messes he leaves behind in the process. If either of you or one are busy, I'll see to it personally. But it's your territory so I'd rather a local who knows the lay of the land."

Stepping through the crowd Brian stands beside Junior, bumping him over slightly to take full center, "While this is going on, we will squeeze the distributor level, choking out the Wood twins competition. This will make them confident, bold, and stupid. They'll feel untouchable and be more open to new relationships. This will get our undercover in with ease to formulate an arrest and containment plan. " Sliding a file under his arm, "We don't know what type of meta's are in this crew, Konite fiends, mutants, aliens- who knows. We need to show that a department named The Force isn't necessarily without tact. So."Smacking his palms togethr and looking around the unit, eyeing the candidates" Who would be brave enough to volunteer as the UC? "

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I can see all yall

Goes back to sleep. Leaves account logged in to fck with people

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I'm about to race Nyquil. Thing is, I know I'm gonna lose :P

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Would be a good chance to make a knightfall that isn't a third cousin of the guy who shared a hotel room with Jayden in college's maid who slept with the mailman.

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@legacy_: @mercy_:Now I see it. Almost makes up for some of the bugs lately.

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Something new on the site? Legacy bein dramatic and wont tell me lol