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Please stop doing cosplay articles in which you don't give credit to the cosplayers!

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@xwraith said:

Who else saw Left Shark?

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I don't think X-23 can finish off Batman before he works out her abilities and uses them to his advantage.

I say Batman

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Is that Johnny Storm in the cover? Didn't he get cut off from 616 by substituting himself with Thing in that ... thing that happened ...? He died right? People mourned? Future Foundation? White Spider-man? Something about an alternate Reed Richards making Doom his slave? Doom lost his intelligence? But still found the time to separate Hulk and Bruce Banner? Then Hulk grew facial hair and Banner went nuts?

Ah forget it, if Human Torch is back so quickly then I doubt this issue will have any significance in 18 months time either.

Comic books.

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Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Hal.

That's all they need as far as I'm concerned, additions can be made in the next film.

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@Babs: If you'll indulge me and an issue I have before you get back to discussing the topic at hand with the rest of the comments:

Is it not a contradiction for the Assistant Editor of a publication, of which their are only two members, to be calling an opinionated article an Op-ed? Unless I've missed something, this is clearly an Editorial, not an Op-ed.

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@G-Man said:

@cyberchop979: Yes. This was the secret. It's out now.

@FLStyle: All done after hours. I actually filmed this when I took a day off here.

Nice, that is commitment!

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Does BermanBraun know that Joey is cheating on them with CBSi? Hardy har har.

Good video!

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@Supes1903 said:

I like the costume, but there's just something off about her fighting style to me. I'm also disappointed that they didn't showcase her big special/ultra/hyper/x-ray move.

NetherRealm has always had a habit of making DC characters fighting styles from existing Mortal Kombat characters. In this case it seems Mortal Kombat guest DLC character Freddy Krueger has been used as the base for Catwoman. Lots of upright-standing Freddy-style claw-slashing and not much in the way of the known feline agility fighting style.