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@jashro44: Ah, I have no idea. I haven't read a mainstream Marvel or DC comic in years.

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Hulk almost always has to resort to BFR to defeat Juggs. Juggernaut should win this all rounds, unless BFR is an option, in which case Hulk has a chance.

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@jashro44: I probably won't be on til tomorrow or Monday, but I'll gather scans then for posting.

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Mid Street takes this. Most of them can at least compete with the High Street characters in a good fight (some winning 2-4 out of 10, and others can even take the majority depending on who they are up against).

With the massive numbers advantage, I just don't see how High Street is taking this.

Not to mention Ultimate Cap and Spidey can rival the High Street characters in physical stats, so there's that.

Plus I hear BP has gotten a huge boost recently.

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@floopay: wow i can't believe i missed ur amazing thread! i shall read it and give u an answer ^^

I've got quite a few of these. If you're into Indie characters (or the characters I put them against), give it a browse and see if you wanna bump any for discussion:


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@allstarsuperman: Hmmmmm, apparently Gilad Anni-Padda is 12,000 years old. Says it right there in post 7 that he was born in Circa 10,000 BC.

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@jashro44 said:

@floopay: XO is not a very skilled fighter from what I have seen. Blitzing soldiers before they react is something Slade did in the first page of his ongoing. I think Slade has the edge in reflexes. Who's he fought in terms of skilled fighters?

He was able to keep up with Archer for a bit, though he lost their encounter when Archer was morals off/bloodlusted. Even without Powers, Archer was able to take on the entire HARD Corps team.

He stomped through Armstrong in their fight. Armstrong is actually a pretty dang good fighter, and his durability/strength is well above Slade IMO. He was dishing out far more than he was receiving in that fight.

He fought XO in the Manowar suit on a few occasions, and was actually able to not get stomped. XO is Iron Man level or better (and was actually trying to stomp Gilad at the time), so it's a pretty impressive feat there.

He took on Toyo Harada briefly in Unity part 2.

I haven't read Unity 2 yet, so hopefully he gets a few more feats there.

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@rd1027 said:

@floopay: Impressive feats I must say. The problem is most of those feats are repeats of what I was saying before. Cloud blows link out of the water in physicals, we already know this. However it did shed some light to me as the extents of cloud's durability after watching all of the videos.

My case for link is based on the fact that the op said that he wants the dispell death battle's decision. So I assumed that its death battle equipment that link is using.

Golden gauntlets- cancels out anything that cloud can hit him with, along with the hylian sheild which again gives link another angle to defend with. Nothing can break it, none of cloud's materia would affect it I think (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Hylian shield- again counteracts anything cloud can hit him with.

Red ring- increased defense.

Z-targeting- incredibly fast reflexes, now I'm not sure if he can survive cloud's omnislash but I digress.

You get my point. The question is can link do enough damage on cloud. We both know that they're incredibly skilled swordsmen and I dont think the hero's bow will do much damage once cloud gets up close. For me, Link must keep his distance in this battle to even stand a chance because his durability does have limits compared to cloud's. Now if he does this he has a variety of tricks up his sleeve to hit cloud with but that's a big if.

After seeing cloud's durability feats I'll give the slight edge to cloud against a death battle equipped link but just. Composite link will still stomp however.

While Link's equipment does give him an advantage, Cloud still has his limits to fall back on. Blade Beam is a great ranged attack, Climhazzard can cut through almost anything (easily cut through Bahamut SIN's body, which previously withstood Cloud's greatest attack, which again, have been shown to easily cut through skyscrapers), Braver v2 cuts in multiple directions, Finishing Touch threw Kadaj a few dozen meters (ranged gust of wind attack), and Omnislash has thus far proven to be unblockable, though it has only in canon been used twice (and they were slightly different each time).

I don't think it's a stomp, but I think Cloud would take a solid majority. I've actually done this debate in a CaV. Even with the Death Battle Equipment, Cloud would have Fire Materia, which as you can see here (3:40-4:05) provides enough force to blow apart 3 floors of an office-like building. Which is a solid 20+ cubic meters of area. Even if Link blocks the attack, the explosion will still affect him, as it will spread to encompass him and everything around him.

If this is Death Battle equipment only, Cloud still holds a decent advantage based on feats alone.

If it's Link's end game equipment (excluding invincibility equipment like Fierce Deity) vs a fully equipped Cloud, then I think Cloud can also take a solid majority, and with the right materia (canon materias have thus far included the following and more: haste, fire, lightning, ice, summons, restore, regenerate, stat increasing materia) could dang near take it 10/10.

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@rd1027: That is a completely wrong analysis of Cloud. As for Standard Gear for Cloud, Death Battle was WAY off. Cloud doesn't use Fire Materia in canon. In canon, he actually has ALL the materia in game. The only reason he doesn't use it in the Advent Children movie, is because the Remnants of Sephiroth steal Cloud's stash of materia before he can equip it. To top it off, Cloud hasn't use the Buster Sword since FF7, which takes place a good 6+ years before the end of the series. He has since moved onto the Fushion Sword, which offers far more versatility.

First of all, Cloud also has multiple lifetimes worth of experience. He absorbed Zack's memories and gained Zack's training/experience in addition to his own, as well as some of Sephiroth's. Added to that he's a master tactician, a very good engineer, an extremely skilled fighter (as shown below), has an overwhelming stat advantage (and that's assuming he doesn't have materia), and has a host of natural abilities to use (Create gusts of wind strong enough to send 120+ pounds flying a hundred meters, blow apart small hills of dirt with ranged attacks, cut through buildings/steel without trying, levitation, cut through almost any material, etc.).

To top it off, Cloud has a host of materia to fall back. ASSUMING he's not allowed to use his summons (which a good number of which could arguably take Link), he would still have Haste, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Earth, and materia that would just enhance his stats (which was shown to be canon at the end of Advent Children). Plus he's naturally immune to fire, heat, and is dang near bullet proof.

Cloud's Skills/Abilities

In this video, Cloud is actually weakened by a life threatening disease.


Throughout Advent Children you can actually see Cloud hover in the air multiple times. This has nothing to do with Glide time, this has to do with the fact that Cloud Strife can levitate.

Cloud vs. Loz and Yazoo, plus Shadow Creeps

Keep in mind: Cloud is affected by Geostigma, and nowhere near full strength for this fight.

0:20-0:40 - Cloud kills a few Shadow Creeps, as you can see, they are fast enough to keep up with the motorcycles

0:40-End - Cloud takes on Kadaj, Loz, and a ton of Shadow Creeps simultaneously. Notice his ridiculous bike skills, ability to block and dodge attacks from all enemies, and just his skill in general

1:26 - Bullet deflects off Cloud's goggles, barely scratches his forehead

Cloud vs. Loz and Yazoo round 2

Again, Cloud is affected by Geostigma here, so far from full strength

0:00-0:15 - Cloud dodges and deflects attacks from Yazoo (guy shooting gun), while dodging and blocking Loz (fist guy)

0:25-0:40 - Blade Beam

0:41-0:50 - Fights Loz and Yazoo spamming haste like no other

0:51-1:15 - Cloud deflects, dodges, and handles Loz and Yazoo simultaneously by himself

1:16-End - Kadaj fights Cloud and seems to have the upper hand.

Cloud vs. Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz

Again, Cloud is affected by Geostigma and it causes him extreme pain, so not fighting to the best of his abilities.

0:50-1:12 - Not only a good showing of reflexes and ability, but excellent motorcycle skills

1:15-1:21 - Dodging and dealing with Loz

1:35-1:40 - Good showing of his motorcycles durability, and his driving as well.

3:40-4:05 - Look at him handle these guys, pretty effortlessly to.

4:05-5:10 - Fast dodging, cuts a motorcycles in half, makes a fool out of these two, pretty handily too.

6:08-End - Cloud and Kadaj go toe to toe. Amazing showing of strength, speed, motorcycle skills, and how fast that thing can go.

Cloud vs. Bahamut pt 1 and 2

2:45-3:20 - Cloud throws his sword with extreme expertise, then proceeds to lop through steel towers like they're nothing.

The Rest - The bullets fired by the guy in the red cloak (Vincent Valentine) can rip through reinforced steel like butter, but don't even kind of harm this thing. Same goes with Barrets shots. Over and above this, it's breath weapons are melting steel, blowing down steel structures, and leveling entire city blocks.

0:00-0:15 - Cloud can't even pierce this thing's hide

0:15-0:35 - Cloud performs some more strikes to no avail, and then performs Cross Slash, which stuns and knocks the thing out of the sky.

2:15-2:50 - Flies through it's breath attack, something that was melting steel in earlier scenes, with no affect to his person.

2:50-End - Climhazzard. His sword rips through that thing's spine with zero effort when performing this limit break. Then falls a couple hundred meters and lands with no problem, because he's awesome :P

Cloud vs. Kadaj last fight pt 1

3:30-3:41 - Cloud Dodges a lightning bolt, still affected by Geostigma

4:00-4:30 - Cloud is cured of Geostigma

5:30-5:35- Cloud dodges lightning bolts again, after they are fired

5:35-6:00 - Cloud is more than just matching Kadaj now, he's vastly overpowering him.

6:11-6:20 - Cloud throws Kadaj quite a ways with his attack

6:54-7:00 - Cloud attack Kadaj, and gets disarmed

7:15-7:25 - Continues kicking the crap out of Kadaj after retrieving his weapon

Cloud vs. Kadaj last fight, pt 2

0:12-0:30 - Cloud and Kadaj face off

0:35-0:45 - Finishing Touch, one of Cloud's limits. Throws Kadaj pretty dang far, and disarms him.

0:50-1:00 - You hear a "SWOOSH" sound, and then Cloud's there.


Cloud vs. Sephiroth, Advent Children Complete

0:40-0:50 - Notice the crater Cloud creates when someone BLOCKS his attack

2:25-2:40 - Keeps up with Sephiroth pretty well, gets thrown through a steel structure, no signs of injury

2:42-3:10 - Fight in the dark, does pretty dang well

3:11-3:20 - Shoves Sephiroth through several floors of this steel/concrete structure

3:30-3:35 - Limit Break: Braver, rips through the steel in the structure

3:35-3:55 - Not only leaps a hundred meters or more, keeps up with Sephiroth, and slices through a huge steel structure with zero issue while in midtravel

4:10-4:40 - Cuts through several pieces of steel and concrete, and then blocks an ambush from Sephiroth

4:41-5:10 - Fights Sephiroth, even while the platform his is on keeps turning, then cuts through a pieces of steel and concrete that looks about 4 meters thick and about 20 meters wide

5:15-5:40 - Dodges an attack by Sephiroth, then dodges, and block several more attacks. Gets thrown through a steel wall and emerges pretty unharmed.

5:40-6:05 - Emerges from the wreckage pretty unhurt, and ready for a limit. Comes in and throws out some pretty fast attacks, and then gets impaled in the chest.

6:10-6:35 - Gets launched twenty meters in the air, then gets stabbed through the arms, chest, legs, foot, and hand, and then thrown back into the structure below, and bleeds half to death.

7:45-8:55 - Cloud's greatest Limit Break, Omnislash version 6. Thirteen unblockable attacks right at someone's life force. Strikes so fast not even Sephiroth can react to them. That's really really fast.

In addition: Materia

Again, Cloud doesn't have his materia throughout Advent Children.

With it he would have Fire Materia, which looks like this:

Fire Materia:

3:40-4:05- Fire Materia, blows up a floor of a skyscraper.

Plus he has Lightning materia, which I've already shown can blow apart a heavy concrete pillar with absolute ease, and he has Haste materia which amplifies his speed a few times over for a good minute or two.

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Composite Link wins because of broken combinations of equipment.

However, any standard version who is not wearing a plot device that makes him invincible (Fierce Deity, Ruby Armor with unlimited rubies or whatever) is not taking this.

Cloud is faster, stronger, and in general, more powerful. He's also more skilled, smarter, and can match Link's versatility.

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