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Ronan should take this. Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Energy Draining, Absolute Zero Powers combined with Morals off is pretty ridiculous.

Plus he can create powerful stasis fields and stuff.

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Anyone here could likely solo to be honest.

While 'zilla is certainly bigger, heavier, and stronger; he's not really a threat to any of them. They've all taken blows from 1000+ ton characters (WWH, Thor, Savage Hulk, etc.) and gotten up just fine. At the end of the day, I don't think Zilla's bones and skin have any feats to support they can take many hits from people of this strength caliber. Lets not forget, a single missile was enough to give Zilla pause, and these guys can dish out quite a bit more in terms of striking power.

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Deathstroke vs. Drizzt Do'Urden (Compilation, as all the comics/novels are in the same universe and span the same timeline)

  • Standard Gear + Taulmaril

Deathstroke vs. Tomi Shishido (Marvel)

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@jashro44: That'd be great. Right now I'm working through the Valiant comics, if you want any feedback on those lemme know.

So far I've conquered: Eternal Warrior, Shadowman, and X-O Manowar.

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@joygirl said:

Austin, Archer, Archer, Archer.

Pretty much this actually.

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Wolverine - Odds are he'd be incapacitated, KO'd or BFR'd.

Doctor Doom - I see them developing an immunity to his electricity, and from there he's pretty much boned.

Hulk - Would rip it in half before it could adapt. Colossus could fight one toe to toe for quite awhile before he was defeated.

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@erik and @higorm

Alright, I can't really find your response to my defense, so I'm just going to make my point.


Your character isn't starting very far from mine. A suppressor doesn't work quite like it does in the movies. In movies you just sort of hear the "sthmp" noise whenever someone fires a gun with a suppressor on it. However, in real life it does make a CONSIDERABLE difference, but it's not silent.

My Character

Normally you'd have a huge advantage. However, these aren't normal circumstances. My character has weapons drawn and is on full alert, in fact, he's no doubt fully ready to be ambushed or shot at. Why? Well, my character was in a full fight with stormshadow_x when he was teleported away. His weapons were drawn, he was actually IN a fight, and he was prepared to block/dodge anything that came at him.

From there, he was teleported into the middle of foreign territory in a field, under the same circumstances, and he was ASLEEP. For all he knows, there's 10 snipers waiting to shoot him alone. His weapons would have been drawn immediately, and getting into position and keeping an eye/ear out for danger would have been his first move. Drow are paranoid, and with Zaknafein's training, he should be fully ready for an ambush or attack from afar.

Between the not-so-silent bullets, my character probably not standing still, and his insane reflexes/speed. I think it's more than safe to assume he can avoid the hit altogether. I've already posted scans of Gambit reacting while asleep. Gambit is nowhere near the level of awareness Zaknafein is on, and he should be pretty covered.


I'm not going to provide more feats, as I think I've posted any that would be relevant here, so I'm sticking with my original counter-measures.

Feel free to make a decision from here, I don't think there are many more points I could make, and I'm satisfied with my debate thus far.


Whoops, forgot to mention a major point. My character can conjure an energy shield nearly immediately with his specialty item, and this would cover the majority of his body, and should be more than enough to stop a bullet.

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@jashro44: As for this thread (sorry, just been skimming so I apologize if I'm missing points here), I don't think this is going to be a landslide victory for anyone here. I'm just making a case for Hellboy and posting just some stuff I found around the web (heck, some of it isn't even the right order).

That being said. The one thing I'd like to point out is the "Deathstroke cutting the jet" feat. It's really not as great as you may think. We have an object with a weight upwards of 5-8 tons flying at possibly near sonic speeds. And then we have Slade flying the opposite direction at a similar speed.

Realistically, all he has to do is have a durable metal and the strength to hold the blade upright. The Jet should naturally cut itself on the blade with it's weight/velocity. Hell, a metal pole would have the same effect if someone were able to hold it straight upright. If anything, it's more of a feat for his flyer to stay upright with weight/pressure thrown against it.

I have no doubts DS can cut Hellboy, but that one particular feat just doesn't seem that great to me.

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@erik said:

@higorm said:

@erik: Ok man, you're the boss, It was a honest doubt.

Also, have you seen my move and floopay's reply?

I did. I didn't know you two were done debating though. I will read it again and make a decision if you both are done. @floopay, have you also finished debating?

Sorry, been busy. I'll get a post up pretty soon. Going through notifications atm.

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@jashro44: How up to date are you on Hellboy? I was thinking of picking it up again (I've read up to Vol. 7), but wasn't certain. I've gotten iffy reviews, but all these Hellboy threads have made me think about re-reading (been a few years) the series.

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