daily bugle

hey daily bugle dose exsist! it is at comics zone it is free! pretty good stories in it about angel namor and robo torch he is a robotic human torch namor can fly! more later from pigman me.

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calling all teens read cricket man but it has langue! emointion. also read the heck seires. also check out my book series; andy advenre and pigman!


join the pig patrol!

come on heros join my team and become famous! we have a talking computer. heros needed! lair barn in superoplis! come in and join! now! call pigman! or go to pigman .com and join. mister hero please join and ill put you in my books of pigman! also you get fans! come on the fame! piease post! oh and check out my super life!!! long but cool. yes i got one my friend steve said i could put rockman like thing oniy better in my book!

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