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All super heroes be they great or small should triumph over the evil dastardly villains otherwise the bad guys win. PIS has to be implemented or Galactus would consume everybody hands down with little fuss. The thing with Black Panther is the writer is required to think of ways for him to be victorious and up the cool factor by any means necessary. If you write comics... You write PIS!

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I hate watered down and neutered Black Panther that lives in his kid sister's shadow. But fully functional and operational Black Panther is that dude! Hi Umbra!

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The best way to make a Black Panther movie is to go all in. 
If you fear the name Black Panther or fear the idea of a powerful black super hero it will fail because the lack of confidence in the product will manifest itself on the big screen. 
Barack 'Hussein" Obama made it as president with that name and almost four years later it has been proven that it did not mean what many before he was elected implied that it meant. 
Every time that an effort is made to avoid or hide from the true concept of Black Panther it continues to fail so the approach should be to put that name out there and ride that "Storm" of controversy. 
There will be those who shy away from it at first but once the trailers show the action potential this type of movie could catch a buzz of excitement because for the first time in a long time a movie steps out of the boundaries of the standard norm for super hero movies. 
There is no other movie that could compare to this one so it might create a whole new genre upon its release… That is if Marvel is willing to take that chance!

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Okay let's try this one more time... We are talking about science fiction here right? Every scenario you could come up with for why anyone including aliens and billionaires being super heroes in their spare time would still be a forced concept any way that you slice it. Even Doctor Doom has way too much time on his hands for a monarch himself to be consorting with heroes or villains. Black Panther works like every other fictional character that does things real life people don't. If you are a significant character in Marvel or DC you may be called upon to help save lives or the whole world just because you are there and have the resources so you may as well get fitted for your cape and tights day one.

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Yep, just toss out everything that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby intended Black Panther to be so that he can slum around in Hell's Kitchen. 
The Marvel Universe is full of super heroes that happen to be gods, billionaires, scientists, aliens and blind attorneys but a king fighting crime is too far fetched. 
The movie 300 had a fighting king as did a lot of ancient civilizations inside and outside of the bible… Just saying.

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How about... 
T'challa challenges his sister for the title which she never won by fighting in the first place. 

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The problem might be who is really the Black Panther? 
If you get rid of the Panther Cult then do you still call The Black Panther... The Black Panther? 
And Shuri seems to be too much of a problem for the Black Panther franchise as a whole. She generates very little revenue and is more in the way than an actual factor in the story. All she does is suck panel space from Storm so she needs to go. 

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Do the math... 
Each and every time they attempt to water down the Black Panther they end up canceling or placing the character in limbo. 
This is a character that needs to "Fail Forward" and not backwards. 
The Avengers cartoon has him in the mix doing heroic epic things and this is successful. 
Priest set the blueprint for the Black Panther and Hudlin raised the revenue numbers beyond anyone else's expectations. 
The numbers don't lie...

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Here is some more of my fan fiction.  
Hope you enjoy!

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You know I can't relate to Darth Vader, The Predator or Godzilla but they are among my all time favorite characters.

Sticking the Black Panther in New York has already been cancelled so a return to recent past glory is in order before what is left of his core fan base completely jumps off this deconstructive ship.

And what really needs to change is finding an audience bigger than the below 20,000 cancellation point.

Also the marketing plan for the Black Panther is all but nonexistent.

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