i dont know if anyone has heard of this bill but apparently it is being called one of the most outragous bills to ever be passed in america.

here is the link to the bill:


it was passed two days ago of the radar. I actually skimmed through a lot of it and was very shocked at what was in the bill. Granted this bill is clearly written in a way that is hard to understand and i had to get most of it translated a lot of the parts in the bill sticks out.

1) this bill gives the president the power to take over any industry deemed nessicary to defend the united states of american.

2)if you have a "outstanding ability" to perform a task you are obligated to conform or face charges

3)they do not have to compensate you for your work or business

I was wondering what are your thoughts about this bill?

have you heard of it?

do you have any prior information on it you want to share?


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@FLCL1: sounds whack dude

Posted by FLCL1

@Nerx said:

@FLCL1: sounds whack dude

lol that it is