Wesley Gibson(wanted) vs hitgirl(kickass)(read OP)

i finally watched kickass and was very impressed by her skills so i had to make this thread
ok hitgirl has mistaken wesley for a member of the mob and starts to shoot at him. wesley see's its alittle girl and try's to run to avoid the fight, but hitgirl is still following him bullets ablaze. they ended up at a local office building. wesley amazed by the little girls aim realizes that he might have to wound hitgirl to get away so he uses his curved bullet. Hitgirl dodges the leg shoot. hitgirl is in wonderment at the attack but opens fire and hides behind a desk still reeling. wesley realizes that he cant hold back any more if he wants to live. he also moves behind a desk. 
the fight is at the office bulidings cubical area
1)the police is on their way due to complants of gun fire
hitgirl has 30 minutes to kill wesley or retreat
2)morals apply here 
3)they are 25 feet away from each other
wesleys setup:
Wesley has 1 glocks with 3 clips and a revolver(12 bullets) with one and a hunting rifle(five shots)
wesley has body armor and a tactical knife 
has two glocks(six clips), a desert eagle(1 clip), 12 throwing knives, 12 ninja stars, and two tactical knives.
hitgirl has body armor
who wins?


obama on the view

i heard about this on this on larry king 
so i guess obama showed up on the view a couple of days ago. i was surprized to hear that people were angry about this.
i look on line and went to yahoo and went to the news page, it would seem people are mad because he is on tv while they are broke.
those people act as if obama is the primary cause of this rescission that we are in. they also act as if they think if obama work all day and night this ressecion thing will pan over, over night
what are your thoughts?


you choose the fighters!

You pick the fighters (two) you want to run my anime gauntlet. you each get 160 points you can use to equip your fighters with equipment, time, or power ups. power ups. note: 80 per  characters  and the characters do not share powerups, equipment, or prep. 
the fighters you can pick from
black panther
equipment: vibraname suit (thats all)
powerups: invisiblity
equpiment: bone claw
powerups:healing factor
suit and one katana
powerups: none
equipment: gun
powerups: venom
equipment:twin pistols
powerup:healing factor
iron fist get no points
no points
invisiblity; 30 points
venom:10 points
reaction time(daredevil); 30 points
healing factor: 30 points
adamantium: 40 points
bloodlust:20 points
speed boost(spiderman) 20 points
prediction30 points
energy dagger; 20 points
vibraniom blades; 10 points
adamantium katanas; 30 points 
smoke grenades:10 points
two pistols: 10 points
rocket launcher(one round):30 points
1 hour: 10 points
6 hours: 30 points
12 hours: 60 points
rest after battle; 10 points
gluttony and sloth (FMA)
fight is in a factory
both have 3 lives which can be lost by head/heart shot
morals apply
pre shippuuden naruto and sasuke
fight is in open grassland
morals apply
no curse mark or fox
al and ed (FMA)
fight is in a forest
morals applied
one hour prep 
fight is in gluttonys stomach
envy is in full form
envy has 5 lives
fight is in a train cart
wrath is bloodlusted
wrath has 2 adamantium swords
(hope i did this right lol)