Titles I would be Reading if I had a Bigger Budget

These are all the titles I am not Reading, But Would if I had a bit Bigger Budget

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Posted by EnigmaLantern

I agree with some of your listed titles, they look really good. All GL titles have new creative teams so it's a great jumping-on point. I'm currently debating between GL and GLC, seeing as I don't have enough money to follow both simultaneously.

If I could I'd follow all the Lantern titles, even Larfleeze perhaps.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great list and some good titles. Ultimates however is nothing like the early series by Mark Millar and I've heard nothing but bad things about Avengers Arena. Constantie, JLD, Ultimate Spider-Man, Batman Inc., The Green Hornet, and Green Lantern have however been good lately.