My Ideal Sequel Plan for the Amazing Spiderman franchise

For those who check out my other list with a similar title on the avengers this list will be fairly similar.

(If you haven't and would like to here it is)

So this is from the third film onwards I will try to keep it realistic in a movie and comic friendly.

List items

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This is really good and very thought out.

Posted by flazam
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I like the inclusion of Kraven's Hunt.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Very good ideas though I doubt Wilson Fisk could be used due to him being a Daredevil character as Marvel have the rights back to that. Though if Sony and Marvel land up making a deal for Spidey appearing in an Avengers film we could very well see the likes of Fisk in a Spidey film.

Posted by jackbensley777

thats a big franchise budd... pushing it a little way too much

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