My Favorite Alternate Reality Characters

Big Thanks to Trevel8182

This List is my favorite characters who are not from the main continuity.

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Posted by Trevel8182

"Very cool" I'm very dissapointed in myself that I forgot Peter Parquagh. So what do love about Ultimate Fantastic Four I'd be interested in hearing your recommendation.

Posted by flazam

@trevel8182: Well For one I love the costumes, I find Each member of the team in the Ultimate Universe are more devolved and more Interesting than in the main continuity, I also love Ultimate Reed

Posted by OmniBeast

Ah, I finally got around to picking up some Earth 2 stuff, I gotta say, I'm loving it!

Spiderman 2099 looks interesting.

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Nice list, I really love Earth-2.

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No flashpoint characters?

Posted by flazam
Posted by thespideyguy

@flazam said:

@thespideyguy: I was very tempted to put Thomas Wayne Batman

I was expecting him to be here.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

1. Smallville Superman

2. Jay Garrick (Earth 2)

3. Smallville Green Arrow

4. Thomas Wayne Batman (Flashpoint)

5. Peter Parker (ultimate)

Posted by Kairan1979

Any characters from Marvel Noir universe?