What If....Bruce Banner was a mutant?!

This Blog excepts the fact Bruce Banner is not a mutant it just is an alternative.

I was wondering what if Bruce Banner was a mutant, Who mutation was triggered by the bomb, His mutation would naturally have been him growing larger and getting Stronger but because of the bomb it "Mutates his Mutation" causing it only to work when he is angry.

What are your thoughts on this change would you mind it?, Or do you hate the idea?

Just wanted to hear your thoughts....

Posted by kyrees

it's becomes boring to me since he actually got depowered by that bomb. having anger as a trigger for such ability is severely limiting him.

Posted by flazam

@kyrees: The Mutant ability was dormant within him until the bomb. Like with Penance, He Felt anger when the bomb went off causing his power to only activate in the same conditions

Posted by kyrees

having one emotional state as a trigger for such ability is quite limiting and that storyline almost always go to where he needs to keep his anger in check. there would be a greater variety in such story if there were other more emotional states that would trigger his ability

Posted by DecoyElite

He is a mutant, his power is not dying of radiation poisoning.