Ultimate Pull-List help Please!!

So I am Really Stuck on which of these titles to get...

I will tell you what I like about all of them

  • Ultimate X-men: I love the Ultimate Orgin for mutants, and I like mutant, and I want an Ultimate Title
  • Ultimate Wolverine: I like Jimmy Howlett, It is only 4 issues in, It is meant to be quite good,I want an Ultimate Title, I quite like the new costume
  • Avengers A.I: It has just started,I love Hank Pym, I love Vision, I like it how there is a Doombot on the Team,It is a spin-off of age of ultron, Which I loved the ending of.

My Current Pull List

My All New Pull List

Secret Avengers
Guardians of the Galaxy
Superman and Batman (TBC)

I want to get a Bit of every thing that is what draws me to the Ultimate titles.

Here are all the contestants

Thank You very Much

If you are Reading (Or have Read) any of them you could tell me if there good or not.

all the best responses will get a Follow

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I haven't read any of them but I will be getting Avengers A.I. because I love both Pym and Vision, plus, Avengers 10AI was great. I would get that one.

Posted by Squalleon

I would stop reading secret avengers.The title is mediocre.
And i like team books so i would read Avengers AI since it needs no background info.

Edited by flazam

@squalleon: I love Secret Avengers it is so Beast