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Hey Comic Vine! I'm a new reader and member here on CV. I've recently started reading a lot graphic novels or trade paperbacks I think. Blackest Night, Kingdom Come, Civil War, Watchmen, Green Lantern: Rebirth; I guess I'm really just always on the hunt for more to read. So I guess any suggestions would be great! Red Robin seems interesting. I am also looking for good places to start for Deadpool and Spider-Man. Lovin' it here on CV!

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Whoops...sorry about posting this in the wrong place.

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@flashlantern91: No problem :)
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Welcome ta have ya here. 
Okay, I suggest these to you.  
Spiderman: Pretty much all the stuff from 60`s and 70`s. Essential Spiderman-volumes are great to collect, if ya don`t mind the fact that they`re black and white. But still, if you`re gonna collect Spiderman, start from the 60`s. But don`t forget  all the other deceats either. Dan Slott is guite cool. He`s truly a Spidey-fan. 
Batman: There`s just too much Batman...But you could pick books from any of his eras, and see what you like the best. Dark knight returns is really great, if you already don`t have it.  
Superman: I don`t really know about Superman `cause I haven`t got so much stories about him. But I`ve liked his 60`s stories alot. You can find those in here
Crossovers between companies: Pretty much anything`s good. 
Matter eater lad: There actually isn`t stories of him. 
Neil Gaiman: Anything. 
Hulk: 70`s, Peter Davids run.  
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 
 The life and times of Scrooge Mcduck (by Don Rosa) 
Anything from Carl Barks. 
Fantastic four: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Jonathan Hickman, John Byrne and Mark Waid. Or actually, anything! 
2000 AD.  
Kurt Busieks, Alex Ross`s and buddies MARVELS. 
Asterix and Obelix 

I don`t know if I actually helped you, but anyway, those are some of my suggestions.  

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Welcome to the Vine! Enjoy your stay! =)

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@Samimista said:
Welcome to the Vine! Enjoy your stay! =)
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I think you should really start Red Robin it is a pretty good series. If you end up liking that than get Batgirl which is an amazing series. To start Spider-man I think you should start with the Spider-Island story arc which just started at issue 666. 

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Secret Six 
Stephanie Brown's Batgirl 
all Green Lantern titles after "Green Lantern Rebirth" 
and Dc's new 52 coming at the end of the month

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If your interested in spiderman then you gotta read back in black and the clone saga. If you wanna read iron man the read the 80's michellinie and layton run, the iron monger story arc, and 280-291 war machine arc. The story that knauff did back in 07 was really good... it was called haunted

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i have to say, don't be afraid to look for smaller companies, I' a big Dynamite entertainment fan, and I got to say, their the last phantom and green hornet comics are GREAT.
@flashlantern91: Superguy is right. also Boom Studios has some pretty interesting stuff.