Can Someone Please Answer My Question!!!!!????

why has the dc animated films released a movie about superman,wonder woman,green lantern,and batman. BUT NOT THE FLASH!!!!??!!? now the new justice league movie is coming out and after the are making another batman movie!!! i mean really whats the deal? why cant the flash get his own movie, i think it would be pretty sweet but its like they are scared to make a movie about the flash. i get so pissed when i see that the just keep making movies about batman or superman. everybody has their own movie from the justice league but the flash. why?

Worst Crisis Ever!

Final Crisis Was Such A Let Down For Me. the only good thing that happend was Barry Allen Is back! but i want them to stop changing the story of great charcters like superman and  Green lantern. green lantern story is getting more jacked up with every issue that comes out. i want dc to get their head on right and fix all this mess!