Please help me

I am currently considering starting a cg animated internet show, but I'm looking to do one that will be an original superhero. I had a few questions, and needed people of this walk of lifes opinions.

1. Do you think an original superhero can be successful?

2. I have 2 different concepts one is about a young man fresh out of high school who has no idea what he wants to do with his life, but he was born with the ability of solar manipulation. As he tries to find his place in the world he discovers using his abilities to help the world that so desperately needs him, may just give him the clarity he needs. Granted that one has a lot more to it then I put but i figure its a goodstarting point.

The second is one based on a young man whose mother was a big time lawyer and his father a Government operative, on the eve of a trial to attempt to convict one of the cities biggest crime bosses the young man's mother, brother are killed. He and his father are shot but both survive his father forever handicapped by the incident trains his four year old son, by taking him on a global excursion to the masters that have trained him to make his son into a weapon of revenge. The 15 years later the young man returns to his home with his father, and after a failed attempt at fighting crime quits. Only to have his impulsive father draw attention of the daughter of the previous mob boss, getting himself murdered. Leading the young man to embracing his fathers goal.

again not completely how the story will go but a starting point. The question I have is either of these are good? if so which should I go with? And do you have any suggestions on how to improve the story?

Thats it please be kind but honest I'm new at this but I have some connections and I'd like to take a stab at it. I know that this site is full of superhero fans who i know would be experts so please help me.