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This is not a battle thread.

The truth is that Superman would win no doubt.

But the result is not as one-sided as people make it out to be. The reason is because I would say that Goku's speed is comparable to Green Lantern's usage of his ring. As in, the speed at which Goku uses IT in battle is the same at which GL uses his power ring: The speed of thought. Now arguably, Goku possesses more destructive power than Lantern due to his ability to easily blow up planets with energy alone (Although, I'd bet Hal Jorden can make a massive drill construct to drill into a planet's core to blow it up if he wanted to...A lot of Green Lanterns have done incredibly crazy things with their power rings).

Since Green Lantern can stand somewhat of a chance to beat Superman, I'd argue that Goku has the same chances as well. At any rate, Goku would be a massive asset to heroes/JLA in the DC universe and he would be around the level of a top Green Lantern.

What do you guys think? Any objections or agreements?

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^Well, that is understandable as you can't even seem to spell "personally". People who like Bleach are pretty much stupid in general from experience. Do you even know what the word "plot" means? ;) 
Kubo needs to take lessons on how to develop characters and story from Kishi and Oda-sensei.

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Ya, you guys are right lol. It's not the worst, but I was just so pissed off with the recent chapters. 
Yammammotto sucks big time. Old geezers in Shonnen Jumps are supposed to be cool and wise and help everyone before dying or retiring. 
- Master Roshi was the best of them all in DB. He was so cool, chill, perverted...and he was pretty much a role model badass character. He blew up the damn moon!
- Naruto's Jiraiya was pretty close to Roshi. His death shook a lot of his fanbase and was really tragic.
- In One Piece, Silvers Rayleigh owned pretty much anyone that got in his way. Whitebeard was epic and he even sacked himself to save his crew and Luffy. No wounds on the back, but like 200+ gunshots/stabs on the front and still died standing up. What a badass mofo.
And Yammotto? He just yells around, talks crap and reveals everything one needs to know about his bankai. And what happened to using his bankai in the first place when Aizen defected SS? The best thing this guy did was kill a giant fodder beast and get some vice captain girl to pee her pants by staring at her like a creep (Nanao-chan?).
There are so many instances in the manga where Yammamotto could have saved the day with his "oh so awesome" bankai, which actually sucks if you think about it except for the raising dead thing. I mean this is the guy who got owned by Wonderweiss. That's just sad.

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^ U guys are especially right. Aizen planning out everything from Rukia's Hygokyou was just complete crap. No one could have planned something like that as there were too many variables.
That's like saying I planning my victory the moment your first chess move was white pawn e4, which isn't possible at all. I'm telling you not even DC Brainiac could have planned this crap as Aizen claims.
If you want planning, look into Light Yagami and L's antics in Death Note. THAT is how you plan sh**. I'm also tentatively referring to Code Geass (as I have a few issues with the manga too) but Lelouch has his moments when he comes up with nice plans too.

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Holy sh**.
I can't believe this manga at all. There are so many plot holes, bad story telling, random events that occur in this manga that it's just SICKENING as to how there could possibly be 
a fan base for this manga!
- How the hell did Ichigo beat Kenpachi without his bankai or Mask when Kenpachi beat Espada 5 (Ichigo+Bankai+Mask barely beat Espada 6 and only on his 3rd try)? Off screen training Kenpachi is 
a terrible answer as that's just bad story telling. And WTF was that about Kenpachi beating Nnoitra with 2 hands on a sword?? That's complete crap.
-  WTF happened to the Vastro-Lordes? We never saw them...??? Kubo didn't confirm whether Espada 4+ were Vastros...
- What was the point of the Espadas? They all lost, never took down a captain. Aizen himself ended up cutting up Espada 3 just for fun.  
- Stark's powers was just bad. For Espada 1, he sucked. The captain who fought him didn't even have to use Bankai. 
- Yammy...Espada 0...that's the limit of trolling, but no. Kubo always manages to push the limits of trolling.
- How is Aizen so ridiculously strong? There's got to be a GOOD explanation. You'd think SS would be aware of his strength and have preventive measures in case such a strong person ever turned.
- WTF was the Fullbringer arc? It was just complete nonsense. 

- This new arc is even worse. Since the concept of sacrifice never existed in Bleach (Like Jiraiya sacrificing himself for Konoha and information about Pein, Ace sacrificing himself for Luffy's escape, or Vegeta sacrificing himself to kill Buu in vain), now everyone is dying. Kenpachi got beat off screen by a fodder and Byakuya died by his own bankai. Pathetic. Not tragic, but PATHETIC.
- Yammammotto had to show all of his bankai's special moves to beat a fodder when just "North" or whatever would have been enough. And he talks too much and gets pissed off too much. What happened to being a calm leader of SS? Even Roshi was a more badass old man than this stupid geezer who got trolled by a deux ex machina fodder. 
- Where was the Vandenreich when Aizen almost wiped out SS? 
Everything in Bleach seems to happen in random with no prior hint or explanation to them. Randomly and conveniently the twins "LLyod and Ryod" get introduced as trolls in a couple of pages. Randomly the Dangai time abuse is introduced and Ichigo apparently trains off screen enough to be stronger than Aizen. 
I'm betting you in this Quincy Arc, Ichigo is going to discover he's partially Quincy and he's going to get a powerup randomly to beat up Juha Bach. 

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@buttersdaman000 said:

@Flamingo117:  Thank you for being one of the more.....reasonable DBZ fans i've seen in awhile. The others seem to think attack names, panel-by-panel translations, and timed intervals actually prove some type of point lol I don't agree with everything youre saying but its better than what we usually get here......one question....this is all travel speed, correct? Because I don't think there are any solid indications of comparable reaction speed in DB. 

Hahaha! Yes, that's how I feel also. A lot of these people who post scans don't seem to understand what concrete proof is. And yes, what I'm claiming is travel time. I'm guessing reaction time could be faster due to adrenaline. 
I failed to consider that SSJ2 is actually a 100x increase in strength from SSJ1 from @Laurcus's Super Exciting Guide Story Volume. That still proves my point further, but it doesn't change the fact that SSJ1 Goku is not FTL.
Which part of my proofs do you not agree with though?
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^Not sure what that scan proves as there is no quantifiable proof from that scan.Piccolo may have well been exaggerating. That's the kind of discussion I want to avoid.


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Oh...sorry, I am new lol. So...the exact same proof was done on Animevice? Is it commonly known that SSJ2+ characters are FTL and can fight Superman level beings?

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I lied on the title!  My true claim is that characters above SSJ3 are FTL.
Alright, alright. I'm here to settle this petty argument.

I recall asking before how you can say powerlevels correlate with speed. The pro-DBZers insisted they were right without actual proof but childish speculation.

But I can actually prove the relationship between power levels and speed have relationship WITH Math. With this, I also prove that SSJ2 Goku is FTL while SSJ Goku isn't. This is a simple proof with no bullshit. Please take your time to read this.

When Goku first started out to cross snake-way, his power level was 334 without his weighted clothes. He crossed 1,000,000 km in 177 days. That means he was traveling at speed 235.404 km/hr.

When he finished training with King Kai, his power level was 9,000. He crossed 1,000,000 km in 2 days. He traveled at speed 20,833.33 km/hr.

Now = 334 : 235.404 km/hr to

9,000 : 20,833.33 km/hr

When you divide 9,000 by 334, the multiple is 26.9. If speed and power level have a linear correlation, their division should also yield the same 26.9. BUT IT DOESN'T! The division of the speed results in 88.5.

This means that every power level increase by 1 increases speed by 2.42 km/hr!

And we aren't even considering an EXPONENTIAL "r" relationship, which can mean even greater speeds. But let's focus on what we have now. Our "r" is still a constant 2.42.

We can now come up with this equation:

Speed in km/hr given power level = (x - 334)*2.42 given x = power level

SSJ Goku had a power level of 150,000,000 according to the Daizenshu. This means that, according to our equation (plug 150,000,000 into x), he had a speed of 362,999,191.72 km/hr. Speed of light is 1.07925285 × 10^9 km/hr. Goku is therefore slower than light by a lot.

However, if we take his later forms such as SSJ2/SSJ3 (SSJ has a x2 increase from SSJ1 and SSJ3 has a x4 increase from SSJ2 according to the Super Exciting Guide Story Volume), we are now dealing with an FTL SSJ3 Goku easily. At SSJ2, Goku's speed is still below the speed of light.

At SSJ3, his power level should be 150,000,000 x 8 = 12 x 10^8. His speed is now 2.903 x 10^9 km/hr. He is now faster than light speed!

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Also, when you notice, Goku learned IT after he learned how to transform into an SSJ. He prided on traveling at the speed of light (which he wouldn't have to do if he is already FTL) to which Vegeta was very jealous of. Goku clearly stated IT "is when you transform into particles of light and travel anywhere you want"

During Goku's battle with Cell, he used IT to escape a situation. Cell asked about IT and eventually taunted Goku with his own crazy speed claiming "I don't need IT with my speed" as he proceeded to hit Goku around. Perfect Cell was somewhere greater than SSJ and below SSJ2, just as how speed of light is between the speed of an SSJ and an SSJ2 as proved in my earlier post above.

Sorry I can't pick up the scans, but if someone else can, that would be great!

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