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@Noctis said:

I think this would be a very interesting battle since Cullen can read peoples minds and Spidey has his spider sense. So I'm not sure who would win.

oh yeah good point

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@AngryHulks: yeah just saying the wall was better imo

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think team horse face has a better edge. team brb

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@venomoushatred1001 said:

Thor solos and then kills Storm for the laughs.

or gets with her afterwards

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@SpideyPresence said:

Doesn't edward have super speed? I'm saying spidey anyways.

Yeah super speed

@AngryHulks said:

Is it Garfield or Toby Spider-Man? The poster is Toby.

Spider-Man have better feat of strength here, if it Toby, as well as reflexes and agility.


@AngryHulks said:

@throughmyeyez said:

I don't see Toby pushing trees over with ease, like cullen did.

He stopped a train, it's commonly accepted that locomotive is one good test for superheroes' strength.

Eh, not without webs. A better example wouldve been when he lifted the huge wall that was going to fall on mary jane

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@Jezer: " I'm not Batman, but I also know that I can't hear a color. Alas, it contradicts how the human body works. I can't do that, but hey, I'm not Batman - so maybe Batman can? No."

Unlike hearing a color, theres actual sense and support for Bruce Wayne beating Michael Phelps, so not the best analogy there.

"Comics build there world after establishing basic human bases. Unless there's a special ability"

*their* world

Yes. There was a basis established, 8 year old Bruce. Then he trained and became Batman. Another one, Tony Stark established. Used resources, built Iron Man.

"this includes the idea that a person's body doesn't magically learn a movement by reading about it with their brain"


"Batman trains technique and stuff for a reason. If he could simply read it and be done, he'd have done it. There's no substance to this point."

too bad it wasnt my point? -_-

"Why are animals so much more physically fit than humans, generally, when they have like no brain power in comparison? "

Theyre made that way. cmon man. Humans like Bruce worked for that fitness.

"C'mon now, this is just getting ridiculous. Why do people categorize jocks as big and dumb, if they're using their analytic and learning brain power to be good at their sport?"

Ridiculous indeed dr. watson. They can be academically dumb and athletically "smart". LeBron never went to college but he sure knows how to use learning power in basketball and analyze the aspects of the game. Fortunately for Batman, hes academically smart, and athletically "smart" and knows how to intertwine the two for his advantage.

"I can assure you that the coach had to show Phelps proper swimming techniques, and then he had to practice them, get corrected, and practice more to get his body to do it. Watching the technique does not employ any noteworthy analyzation."

yeah i said that

"Bruce may be a genius fighter, but the fact that he trains so much shows that his genius doesn't allow him to magically sync his memories and the information in his brain, with his muscle memory."

no but the fact that he can learn 1/5 the rate of normal real life grandmasters sure shows a lot about the extent of his learning ability no matter the difficulty of a physical challenge (*begins to connect points...*)

"Saying that he has a genius intellect in the field of fitness...just...makes it sound like you don't understand how physical fitness works. Fighting and fitness has nothing to do with intellect or being a genius, it has to do with training, hard work, dedication, and skill. You don't say someone is a "genius" fighter, you say they are skilled or good."

He's a genius because hes got so much knowledge and understanding of the way things work when it comes to everything dealing with fitness. " You don't say someone is a "genius" fighter, you say they are skilled or good." Dont know if you watch MMA, but wouldnt you say Anderson Silva is a "genius" at what he does? Now its just being picky about figures of speech. Fortunately Bruce's knowledge and brain power intertwined with his training, hard work, dedication and skill are what make him so superhuman. Normal humans + life training = eh, UFC, Olympics etc. Life Training + Higher functioning and understanding of everything = Batman <--------- cant really comprehend that in real life-------"200 pnd man benching 1000 pnds easily? what? out-swim michael phelps? excuse me? no one can beat phelps! youd have to be superhuman! thats like stuff in the comic books! oh...."

"Cool. But he's not learning "how to swim"

oh thank god

", he's learning Olympic technique and developing the body of an Olympic Swimmer. My point is that there is a specific physical "prowess" for swimmers. Him being overall fit, muscular, and athletic does not mean he has that "prowess"

"Overall", meaning his body is adept to a wide spectrum of physical exercises due to a "lifetime" of discipline (but we know it wasnt an actual "lifetime" *wink wink*, because Bruce learns faster than normal experts!). I understand swimmers have a specific build (Phelps' body for example), but Bruce's body can output greater performance despite its shape and size.

"otherwise shouldn't bodybuilders just go out there and swim professionally? And he can't simply change it so that he does, in a day."

Batman isnt a bodybuilder, different outputs of performance

"Yep. Oh, look how far Batman has fallen. And again, everything you listed that had to do with his mind - does not support your point in any way.

The Dark Knight Rises. "had to do with his mind - does not support your point in any way." 1. The mind is very important. 2. dont think you got my point in the first place

" You should probably stop wanking Batman(I dont care if you're joking).

......god knows what "wanking" means.....

" I've read of Strongmen with real life strength feats better than that of comic Batman's. Joe Greenstein. Let me know when Batman's flattening bullets on his skull and holding down planes.

sounds like a job for superman...............

guy looks like he cant even do a backflip

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***BOTH movie versions***


Los Angeles

40 feet apart

in character

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@Jezer: "It's a fallacious point because learning a swimming technique has to do with muscle memory and training, not intellect. I could do a quick google search on all the different swimming techniques, it won't mean that I actually know it in the sense of my body being able to use it properly.

yes but youre not batman, so you cant use yourself in an example. you dont have his genius intellect which intertwines with his godlike (exaggeration) physical abilities. no one does of course so we cant exactly put ourselves in his position. ppl always put themselve's in Batman's position when examples like these happen, when we cant even comprehend a man of bruce wayne's intelligence and power in real life. let batman google those techniques

"So, again, analytic and learning power has nothing to do with a person's body learning how to do a movement properly and then retaining that memory. That's like saying Albert Einstein would become a pro boxer in a fight, just because he's intelligent."

Of course ive thought about that. Thats absurd!

Analytic and Learning do have to do with a person's body. My mentioning of how smart Bruce is was to demonstrate the power of his learning abilitiesin additionto his superior-to-phelp's physique. Learning and analytic abilities go on in different areas other than science and math. I assure you Phelp's had to learn and analyze swimming techniques, and look how smart and fit he is compared to Batman. Not even close. Bruce's genius is not only prevalent in science, but physical disciplines. He's a genius when it comes to physical activities of any kind. Thats why he's a plot device. "That's like saying Albert Einstein would become a pro boxer in a fight, just because he's intelligent." --> You definitely didnt get my idea. Does Albert Einstein have godlike attributes in Physical fitness and a genius intellect in the field of physical fitness like Batman? No.

Bruce's genius is displayed in both fields: body and mind. His learning power is displayed in both fields: body and mind. His analytic power is etc. etc....And the extent of his body disciplines, knowledge, and performance are derived from his knowledge of the human body's science in addition to physics.

"There, you got it. Batman has to develop his physical prowess. There's a reason Batman trains his body everyday...because otherwise he wouldn't be able to do the physical things he does with his body, regardless of intellect. Same thing applies with swimming."

yeah but Bruce already has the superior performance machine here. hes not some out of shape guy thats needs to learn how to swim

"No, because different physiques affect how a person performs in different sports. That's why they have those specific physiques."

But Batman has an all-around, well-rounded physique. Its the result in training in so many disciplines. Ppl may consider him too bulky because of the size of his muscles, but the performance his muscles can output make up for that.

"Nope, not a good assumption. Show me an occasion of Batman displaying too good for real life swimming. We can't just assume Batman can do any physical thing because he's the Batman."

Good assumption. The amount of physical trainiing, discipline, complete body control, knowledge, knowledge in addition to genius intellect, genius intellect in addition to godlike physical attributes etc. and the damn guy cant swim fast? lol. "Show me an occasion of Batman displaying too good for real life swimming" DUDE for crying out loud, the mans whole stupid life is too good for real life in every way. F bruce wayne, hes got everything and can do everything. And yes we can assume he can do anything because hes the Batman, you answered your own question. Hes a superhero, a fictional comic character, he's written to do anything. Thats why hes not real haha

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@Shawnbaby said:

I find it humorous that people have a harder time believing Batman can beat Michael Phelps than that he can bench press a thousand pounds and dodge and deflect Bullets.

@Shawnbaby: I KNOW RIGHT!?

the guy can achieve superhuman feats but god forbid he beat michael phelps in a swimming race lmao

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@Jezer: "Most of the list you quoted has nothing to do with mastering a physical technique."

The point of the list was to give an idea how smart Bruce is for ppl who might not entirely know. now----->

" Intellect is aside the point. Muscle memory has nothing to do with the "analytic", higher cognitive functions of the brain."

------>The mentioning of his analytic and learning power was to show that learning proper swimming form is going to be easy for Bruce. If he can learn all those sciences, at like what, 1/6 the normal rate of normal geniuses (who spend a lifetime probably only covering like 3-5 areas of those sciences but bruce covers them all in 10 years. nothing to do with swimming, just to give you an idea of how easily Bruce learns things no matter the dificulty), and learn and develop his above-olympic physical prowness and mastery of like 130 different martial arts (nothing to do with swimming, just to give you an idea again of how real life ppl cant hope to compare) at like 1/6 or 1/5 the rate of real world experts, if he can combine and do all of those things we cant comprehend would look like in real life, then he can learn how to swim faster than some guy. You want an example of muscle memory in addition to an intellect that challenges Lex Luthor? Its called Batman.

"different physiques are required for different sports. An Olympic swimmer doesn't have the same physique as an Olympic boxer or an Olympic bodybuilder. Because the sports require a different motions, different muscles engaged, ect."

yeah but Batman covers all areas of peak human fitness =) thats why he's a superhero

"Anyways, I've missed the past four pages of the thread. Is there a feat where Batman swims fast as hell or is that just an assumption since he's a comic book character?

nope i never mentioned one. good assumption though