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This is a great month to be born in baby! LOVE Cyke, so glad he's finally getting his just dessert.

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Like you all Ive really enjoyed this book. I got the first issue for free on a whim and was hooked right in. It quickly took Venom's place as my favorite read. The freshness of his series will be's to the new warriors I guess.

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@allstarsuperman said:

@cuddlebear said:

if rick could take shane in a fight i don't see why phillip gave him such trouble.

he didn't, Shane was kicking his teeth in until all those walkers showed up. And I liked that Governor was beating up Rick.

he even had the jump on him!

Exactly. Shane was stronger and a better fighter; the thing with that fight was that he'd beat on Rick then leave him to go kill Randal. Rick would then attack him. The Gov is a big strong, fierce man. Rick is cool but fighting physically superior foes is not his strong suit.

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My favorite part of the show? Any scene that shows Skye's amazing bare legs. No joke, the girl has the right amount of muscle tone in those beauties.

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I'm still hoping it comes back around. I like Bendis, but splitting those two up has annoyed me.

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I agree with you.

It's sad that these are nothing more than popularity contests.

Batman, being the most popular "super" hero, will win 99% of these so-called "battles" when based on fan voting, if for no other reason than "Does Batman Always Win????"

Fanboys say...? Yes!!!

There is not a single batfan who would vote against Batman, if he is awarded prep time. "He's a genius detective!" "He prepares for all contingencies!" "He's super rich and has unlimited resources!" "Batman is better than everyone and I love him!!!1!!11!"

Honestly, what a joke.

One punch from Supes : dead (no BS, one _real_ punch ~ as in, an Earth-shattering punch)

Not to mention MM, WW, GL, Flash, etc. (blah blah contingency plans and all that, wtf? Does 'random encounter' mean anything to you?)

One encounter with Bane, a low-level villain compared to those of many other superpowered characters : broken back (lucky to have survived)

One (Earth-shattering) punch from Hulk : dead

ANYthing from Prof X or another telepath : done

One Wolvie claw : dead

One Optic Blast : dead

In closing, Batman will win the vote. Some over-zealous fan will (attempt to) explain away the fact that, while Bats lacks superpowers, he will still be able to buy his way out of defeat. Batman wins the popular vote again! Congratulations; you have proven the idiocy of the masses.

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Really great thread, people who arent familiar with Cyke should read this before voting on his Batman fight.

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@lokheit said:


- This is a random encounter. Both are great tactic minds in their own universes, but while Batman is the king of prep, Cyclops is at his best when improvising and this is a chance encounter with no prep (read Nick Fury files, and you can see in a lot of comics how he thrives under pressure). Even when not improvising Cyclops is one of the finest tacticians of the Marvel Universe (probably only the original Nick Fury surpass him, Steve Rogers leads by charisma more than being a genious at combat tactics like those 2).

- If this goes H2H at some point, Cyclops is still one of the best H2H fighters in the X-Men and at any point could use a blast to make the fight ranged again (being able to punch with your eyes gives you an aditional thread in H2H if you manage to hold both of your opponent hands).

- If either at some point he thinks that Batman is too high a thread, or that he will survive it but be taken out, he can remove his visor (I want that thing out of my lawn moment) and win this.

- If Batman tries to go stealth, Cyclops can simply remove all cover from the battlefield negating him the stealth card.

Cyclops rivals him in tactics (in fact in this scenario he can beat him given what each one is better at) and has super powers able to destroy a small planet.


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Cyke takes this one. His optic blast is too accurate, hard to imagine bats staying out of Scott's field of vision the entirety of the fight, and itll only take one hit. If this were Spidey or Kaine or someone of that caliber agility sure, but peak human wont cut it.

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This is an amazing piece. Charismatic actor, good writing, good music. I'm sold!