Guess who made a blog?

It was me!
Wow i don't know what to write.
The new Harry Potter movie looks crazy awesome.
Just like pillow fights that are pillow vs. pillow.
You probably wont get that last part unless you like Demetri Martin.
My Favorite characters are Hulk, Green Goblin and some other dudes that i can't think of.
Dude is a cool word.
I wonder how it started.
 The term "dude" was first used in print in 1876, in Putnam's Magazine.
Now we know.
Thank you wikipedia.
Well this was fun but i think I'm going to end it soon.
Man, Tom Sawyer by Rush is such a sweet song.
The meaning is that man has no intrinsic meaning but is still able to balance power but only within himself and from an outside source obviously. Namely from first taking from others and so on. 
That was the meaning of Tom Sawyer by Rush. 
I guess.
I kinda just copy pasted it from stuff.
Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones is also a good song.
So much symbolism in that song.

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guess some people have a lot to say. thats good if some of it makes sense.

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but rush is such a crappy band
Posted by firewrkninja
@umbrafeline: they're pretty good.
i was just saying that Tom Sawyer was a good song not that Rush was a good band in general