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He is Called Superman, just about everything he does is super, and his body was made to be super. He can easily do exhausting workouts, and not get tired because his stamina is far beyond that of human beings.

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@Daae said:

What about the killer robot - The Living Brain? Really old stuff (The Amazing Spider-Man #8). It COULD predict Spidey's next move which made him a little interesting, but still - it was pretty pathetic ...


The living Brain could predict Spidey's moves based off what being a mind reader? He looks like that electronic villain in that one Turtles episode that could control all items that use electricity.
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Who wins?

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It comes down to Sam vs The Devil in what Sam is good at which is quarters. Quite frankly this seems more like a series finale than a season finale. To begin with if Sam get's out of the contract then all that's left is The Devil trying to corrupt Sam.

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In the tradition of Marvel Max style these adventures are set in the real world. Jason Case that's me is a regular College Student, but he's also the Nuclear Man Firestorm. Set in Omaha Nebraska Jason lives a regular life as a College student, but also fights crime in Omaha as Firestorm taking on the savage gangs Bloods, Crips, MS13s, Meth dealers, and other Scallywags that plague the city of Omaha.  He wears the classic Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) costume of the original Nuclear shown in the picture below.

Jason Case                                    Firestorm

It's a cool summer night in Omaha where the leader of MS13's Domingo Marco dressed in boot cut diesel jeans, plain burgundy tshirt,  adidas superstars, with a haircut similar to Bon Jovi's with his bangs combed foward close to his eye brows, and long in the back covering up his whole neck, and a beard gotaee combo that Actor Orlando Bloom styled as Will Turner  is having a meeting with his minions in his grand Wallstreet Tower condo in downtown Omaha. 

Domingo Marco "As you know there has been a tights wearing frustrating meddler in my affairs. He is called Firestorm. I want him dead."
MS13 Thug "He's not a problem Lord Marco. The guy is just someone that's getting lucky fooling people he has superpowers, and stopping criminals. The guy will screw up be exposed as a fraud, and then some criminal or criminals will kill him."
Dominco Marco "You fool the guy is for real, and the evidence cleary attests to that. He manage to turn your guns to ice cream bars, flies, and his nuclear energy blasts are more powerful than non nuclear weapons. He's made us, and other criminals look like chumps. I offer second in command, right hand man, and one hundred thousand dollars to the guy that kills him, and brings me his dead body. 60 Thousand if he's alive so I can mock him before I kill the man that has been a bane to me."
All thugs are still sitting around thinking that there was more that Dominco would say. Domino says in a angry loud voice.
Dominco Marco "What's everyone still waiting for a genie to appear to grant you three wishes, a incurable disease to fall out of the and infect Firestorm. Everyone get out there now, and kill him Don't come back here until that's accomplished."
Dominco's thugs leave Dominco's grand condo to do deal drugs for the purpose  to attract Firestorm, and do their regular criminal activity that plagues Omaha.  All spread out in downtown Omaha dividing up into groups of 4 armed with 45 autos.

MS13 Group 1 Thug Leader "Perfect there is one guy that looks like he should get high. From what I see he's down in the dumps. "
The MS13 Group 1 Thug Leader approaches the frowning young chap.
MS13 Group 1 Thug Leader "My guess is you are unhappy, and mad about your wingman stealing your woman."
Armo Russo "No it's worse than that.  My fiance left me for my rich older dad, and I've become the laughing stock of this Old Chicago resteraunt in downtown Omaha. Add in some jerk auto chopped my car. I loved that classic Mustang, and I loved my fiance. This day sucks, and is abysmal."
MS13 Group 1 Thug Leader "I can offer you a drug to help you cope with this misery. It will be so fun. Getting high is funner than getting drunk. It's marijuana aka dope, mj."
Armo Russo " Sure I'll take it to escape the misery I am experiencing at the moment. Im going to love getting high. This will be so fun, and cool."
Firestorm (Jason Case) is flying through downtown Omaha looking for any criminal activity.  He manages to recognize MS13 Members, and flies over to The MS13 Group 1 Thug Leader, and Armo Russo landing on the ground 5 yards away from both individuals.
Firestorm "The Nuclear Man has arrived."
MS13 Group 1 Thug Leader "Yes you showed up. Your'e going to be killed, and I'll bring your dead body to the boss."
Firestorm "Did I miss something like you getting super powers."
MS13 Group Thug Leader  "Shut up you punk. Shoot him now guys."
With 4 MS13 thugs surronding Firestorm from all four corners all aim their guns at him, and proceed to fire. The shots are futile becuase Firestorm is bulletproof. The bullets fail to go through Firestorm's skin. Firestorm retaliates by turning their 45 auto's into ice cream sundaees, and the mj into roses. He then nuclear energy blasts two thugs that puts them down. Firestorm moves to the side of one thugs punches and rams his elbow into the thugs stomach, and then closes his hands together swinging them at the same thug at his head like a baseball bat that puts him down. The last MS13 thug does a sidekick with Firestorm moving to the left side avoiding it, and then does a punch called a nosebreaker to the MS13's thug nose where you can hear as if the sound of the blow as if it's a hit in the NFL. Firestorm rounds up all of the 4 MS13 thugs then turns their necklaces into handcuffs.
Firestorm "You, and your cronies have been torched by Firestorm."
Domingo is shown back at his superb condo sitting on the couch trying to think of a way to weaken Firestorm. It comes to him, and with a grin he says in a happy voice.
Domingo Marco " Good old Happy Days I've got it."
End of Issue 1 To Be Continued.

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I think this could be a close fight. You can't touch Sunstreak without getting burned unless the character is bulletproof durability or higher.

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Norman the swine Osborne, Sinestro, and Red Skull all belong in the top 10. He's conctrolling a lot in the Marvel Universe, marked the end of the silver age with his nefarious act of killing the beautiful Gwen Stacy, and is ugly, and deplorable as a real Goblin.

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Wow no takers.

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DD vanquishe's Dr.Mightnight easily like he's another one of Kingpin's thugs.

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A battle of two psycho's with no conciences when it comes to the suffering of others. Who wins?