Tramsformers Prime- What are your thoughts?

I've been a Transformers fan for a long time and this show has really impressed me since its debut on the HUB Network. Being the only TF show to be done in CG since Beast Wars and Beast Machines, its production value is much higher. The characters themselves are in the "bayformer" style, which has been critisized by some fans but I really don't mind. The show has recently ended its first season and the second is set to air on November 28th 2011. I want to hear from everyone what they think of the series so far and were it's headed in the futrure. (No flaming please, keep the comments nice and clean.)

"You will do as I command!!" -G1 Megatron

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Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Love the new series, Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime, and does help to have Frank Welker to be Megatron.

Posted by HellionVulcan

Love the series has been great best transformers since the 80's but Bumble bee needs a voice hate the beeps .

Posted by MrDirector786

I think the show's awesome.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I just spent the last few days watching it on youtube and will but the DVD for the season when it comes out. So many good things. Loved the battles, crisscross was and excellent episode, and the Humans kids are not that annoying. its been a while since we saw a transformers that could incorporate them in good way, but thats my opinion. I have never read a transformers book so I dont know how much of the character histories are true but I find them to be pretty compelling. I also enjoy the way the show does flashbacks too. They keep them simple when they need to reveal a simple story and make them dramatic when they need to be(like the episode where we learn of Arecee's history with Arachnid).

Posted by EganTheVile1

Heavy contributor to the Prime wiki on anime vice here, this series is unbelievably good, way surpasses the Bay films story wise, has awesome animation, and great characters and voice acting. The series has done everything right, season 1 earned 2 daytime Emmy wins, and many additional nominations, hope this series has a very long run.

Posted by Sinestro2828

Transformers Prime is a HUGE improvement over the Bayformer movies, I love hearing Frank Welker as Megatron and Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime again, though beyond that the show is kinda hit and miss for me. Some aspects of it I love, like the original voice actors for the Con and Bot leaders returning, while other elements, such as Bumblebee communicating only in beeps or Starscream's increasingly sad & comical portrayal, annoy me. I like the use of space & ground bridges, and the darker story telling, though I'm not a fan of the human sidekicks (especially Miko) or all the extra mystical associations with being a Prime. Being able to wield the matrix of leadership is one thing, but having the power to wield magical artifacts that no one else can use, such as the WAY overpowered & cheesy star sabers, is dangerously close to "Mary Sue," territory. I prefer Megatron & Optimus to be evenly matched adversaries locked in an eternal struggle, one good, one evil.

Overall, its not a bad series, but not a perfect one either. I still consider Beast Wars, G1, & even TF Animated to be superior shows in general. Prime's weakness probably stems from how it tries to force too many elements from different series together, some of them fit well, others don't (like the Bayformer influences designs, Megatron looks awesome, whereas Starscream looks awful for example).