Taiji's secret: Dolphin massacre



Taiji, located 150 kilometers south of Osaka holds a terrible, mischevious secret: a slaughter, massacre of (anual) 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are performed on these waters. The perimeter area is covered and blocked by fishermen, so people cannot enter this area, the perfect way to hide the horrible truth. It is also covered by the japanese media.  

  Their meat is said by Japanese government, is useful for dietetic habits and it has been tradition, but it contains high level of mercury, damaging people and pregnant woman's babies; selling the meat as Antartic whale meat.
U.S activist, Ric O'Barry wants the International Whaling Comission to stop the dolphin massacre and says that international dolphin trainers come to Taiji to select their dolphins. Dolphins are captured by DISTURBING underwater noises created by noise walls caused by banging hammers on metal pipes, and thus they drive dolphins to shore, perfect place to pick and kill these mammals. Due to this, Barry created the movie "The Cove" that shows this dreadful truth. With the help of free-divers: Kirk Krack and Rae Cruickshank, filmaker Louie Psihoyos, CNN, BBC, German and Swiss journalists and the recent help of Heroes star  Hayden Panettiere (who had recently protested against whale sluaghter, gaining a japanese warrant for arrest); The documentary received more than a dozen awards on festivals, including the audience in Sundance. Ric O'Barry also is against dolphin captivity.  


If you want to help the dolphin's that are killed, turning the ocean red with the bloodbath of these creatures, visit 

http://www.savejapandolphins.org , signing in and commenting on these, so the petition is brought to USA President Obama,  Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki. You can aid innocent dolphin and porpoises by just doing this, if you want to make a change on what is happening to the world by twisted japanese fisherman and buyers (I have nothing against japanese people, I actually love their culture ^-^ but i still think this is a stone-hearted action, with no compassion and no soul within) 
Mother nature gave us life, and a beautiful escenario and appreciable companions within, why waste this? 
you can make a difference, just by signing in. Dolphin wildlife counts on you  - 0 . 0 -  

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Dogs and cats being used as bait for sharks >·'||

On an island in France, called Reunion there are 150,000 street  and cats being physically abused or thrown into the cruel world. Do you know how they use them?
Oh no: It was seen they used these dogs/cats as bait for shark capturing
Apparently, the people with slight and stupid neurons stabb the hooks on their front legs, back legs or even sew the nilon string on their head and mouth, or in the tongue.

And the worst part:                        T H E Y   A R E  A L I V E ! !                
http://www.denunciando.com/animales-y-mascotas-162/97687-sabias-ke-gatos-y-perros-vivos-son-usados-como-carnada-para-tiburones.html some lacked evidence,

http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/10/1019_051019_dogs_sharks.html this is oficially evidence bY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

everyone who would like to sew these assholes, well personally i dont have a facebook, but anyone who has join these guys to help these dogs and cats

"God is personally sick of giving us friends, cuz everything he gives us something, they end up or dying, or living terribly disgusted" -- even for non catholic people or religious, atheist

"Will the intrusions never end?" Saix, Kingdom Herats 2 (i love posting kh phrases x-x)
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