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@Batmandemon23 said:

If people are worried about the De-ageing of lady shiva, then why not just make cass her younger sister so that way she can retain a genetic connection with shiva while still being within tim's age range.

For that matter, why not make Cass Shiva's niece? In the old DCU Shiva had a deceased older sister, Carol, if I remember correctly.

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I found this link on the YJ:Legacy facebook site:

Most of the info. we already know, but here's a few new pieces:

1) The game will explain how the characters got to be where they are in season 2, such as "Robin (Dick Grayson) becomes Nightwing and Robin (Tim Drake) is introduced".

2) "The game focuses on what is initially a search for a missing archeologist, but turns into something much bigger."

3) Greece and Siberia have been revealed as locations.

4) The "game has been in production since October".

5) The game will "play a little like "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" where you choose your team and level them up".

I don't know who the archaeologist is, but in the comics Wonder Girl's mom was an archaeologist, so that might be how the Team first encounters Cassie Sandsmark.

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Only 35 facebook likes away from the final YJ:Legacy screenshot! So keep liking the page

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I have a question. I'm sure some people are aware of the Young Justice television series which is set on Earth-16 of the DC multiverse, anyway some people have been changing main pictures to screenshots from the show because it showcases some characters that haven't been seen in comics in forever. Is this allowed? Secondly if not, are people allowed to use images from the tie-in comic, since the comic is still set on Earth-16?

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@Snickersss said:

I'm not going to get excited about this game until I see a trailer or game play stuff.

There is going to be a trailer and a playable build for the game available at E3 the first week of June, which is less than 2 weeks away.

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Good news, the 7th new episode of Invasion is scheduled to air June 9th! It's called "Depths".

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@cbishop said:

...About them not going back to pre-Flashpoint, anyway. The New 52 seems to be doing well enough to sustain interest for some time to come. I don't think it's a home run, but I think it's scoring enough to win.

The problem is that alot of the New 52 titles have sales numbers that are rapidly dropping, to where a significant number of them are at or below pre-New 52 levels, and many are continuing to drop. I'm sure DC is trying to salvage the sales numbers by doing the issue #0s in September and the upcoming Trinity War event. If those things don't boost sales enough, then I think it's very possible that the DCnU may already experience certain retcons.

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@DarthShap said:

Post-Crisis/Zero Hour, they had tossed away the continuities of the JLA, Wonder-Woman, the Legion and Hawkman, all of which came back in Infinite Crisis and were welcomed with open arms. The same could very happen for Trinity War, by the same Geoff Johns.

It's very possible that DC has been monitoring what fans have reacted negatively to, or elements that have proven to be problematic from a story standpoint. The upcoming event may be used to reverse certain changes or further alter characters to make them more appealing to readers and easier to write.

I browsed DC's August solicits and it looks like most if not all books are concluding arcs that month, with September being the start of new arcs. With it being the one-year anniversary of the New 52, I have to wonder if September onward will be the prelude to Trinity War. If not, then virtually all books starting new arcs in the same month would seem odd.

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We're currently only 150 facebook likes away from getting the final Young Justice:Legacy screenshot! The final screenshot will be posted when the YJ: Legacy facebook page has 2,000 likes. So keep liking the YJ: Legacy facebook page:

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@Miss_Garrick said:

"The idea of DC having a backdoor to return to the pre-New 52 world is a nice idea."

Geez DC. At least wait a year before changing things AGAIN! Do you want to be like Marvel where nobody respects you due to the constant ret-cons?

I think the problem is that a number of the DCnU titles sold far below expectation from the beginning. And some titles who started with decent sales have rapidly declined, to where they're at or below pre-New 52 levels. I'm sure DC realized the reboot was risky and put the "backdoor" in as a failsafe if sales dropped below a certain point. To me the primary goal of the reboot was to attract new readers by making the DCnU more "modern" and "edgy", but in doing so some characters were altered to the point that they're barely recognizable, or where some of their most defining characteristics were changed.

The floundering sales seem to indicate that the new readers just picked up a few issues to see what the buzz was about and then didn't stick with the series'. Now DC has to decide whether to continue to move forward with the DCnU, go back to the old DCU, or create something else by merging the old and the new universes. I'm personally hoping it's the merging option, because if not what was the point in creating the new universe in the first place? And as we have all already learned from Flashpoint, everything we know can change in a flash. Hopefully DC has learned from its mistakes and if they choose to reboot the reboot, I hope it's a more cohesive universe than the DCnU.