My Top Ten Non Cannon Story events.

My top ten Non cannon story arch to date. I thought this would be a fun list and also a guide to things that I enjoy to look at now and again. 

List items

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Posted by comicfanforever

good list.
Posted by Billy Batson

What about #9 and #10

Posted by Final Arrow

Still to add nine and ten, they are the hardest to add.
Posted by brc2000

Are you sure The Long Halloween isn't considered canon? I always thought it was, especially because of the Two Face stuff.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

What was #9 & #10?

Posted by PowerHerc

Really good list.  Good choices.
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@brc2000: It is actually. I thought that everyone knew it.   
Decent list BTW, Final arrow.
Posted by TheAnnihilator


Posted by Decoy Elite

Haha! Own all of these but Parasite X. (Although I do have Earth X). 
Great stories. (Except Old Man Logan. >.> )

Posted by Knightsofdarkness2

Wait, Long Halloween isn't canon? WTF?????