Heroes and the Love Stories that stand the test of time or why the hell aren't they still with each other List.

Well a list of heroes who have fallen in and out of love and who they should be with. 
Green Arrow and BC will top my list but im thinking old school GA and BC, during the long bow hunter/

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Posted by MichaeltheFly

Nice list.

Posted by arrowfan237

I agree with all of these. PURE GENIUS
Posted by comicnerdy

Great list.
Posted by buns134

agree with all
Posted by Green Flash

You could add Beast boy and SOMEONE!  Lol...

Posted by BatChaz

poor dick and babs
there's been so much too-ing and fro-ing between them, 
they're just too busy saving the world

Posted by arrowfan237

I agree you should add Beast Boy and Raven but GA and BC ended their marriage.
Posted by IsabellaRoth

I would agree to add Raven..but with Beast Boy? Nooo!With Zachary Zatara...He is too inmature for her..she even told him that...

Posted by GTG12

great list
Posted by arrowfan237
Why Zatara?
Posted by Pizawle

Damian Wayne with himself. =P


Awesome list!

Posted by DomDom

Dick and Babs...i wish they could just-just!!  Kiss and stay together already! 
It's so sad...
Posted by The_Martian

Hawkeye and Mockingbird
Luke Cage and Jewel
Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman

Posted by Ultimate JSA
@arrowfan237 said:
"I agree with all of these. PURE GENIUS "

what he said and what about superboy and wondergirl and wally and magenta
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@arrowfan237: I didnt reply you before...SORRY! Why Zatara?? Well if you read Teen Titans #39 you will know. Or a couple of pages from 52. But Teen TITANS #39 explains why I said Zatara
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agree with all of them except one...
Joker doesn't love ANYONE :-)
(except maybe Batman, which is weird...)

Posted by nightshroud1

didn't you hear? green arrow and black canary are now divorced
Posted by PowerHerc

I liked your list.  It's succinct and I agree with most of it.
Posted by Wytchblade

No hate for Tim an Steph here.  I think they are the it couple.

Posted by davekennedy

Dick and Babs, most definatley. But I would rather see the bat and the cat hook up after all these years. It'd be an interesting read!

Posted by Final Arrow
@nightshroud1 said:
" didn't you hear? green arrow and black canary are now divorced "
Did you read the title!!! or why the hell are they still not with each other?
Posted by DarkShadows

I like your list, but I have to disagree on Raven and Beast Boy. I'm not so keen on them being together, how did they end up together? Was there even an explanation? He suddenly likes her! 
But Raven needs more love!  
And Batman and Catwoman should get together.

Posted by PrincessSolaria

 Amazing list , but I think it 's best couple Dick Grayson and Starfire (sorry fans to DickxBarbs and sorry Barbs) and I love the couples of TimxSteph, BatmanxCatwoman, RavenxBeast Boy, Black CanaryxGreen Arrow , honestly 
are the best, sorry friend!!

Posted by doomsilver
@Pizawle said:
"Damian Wayne with himself. =P "

that was funny


Posted by Kairan1979

Nice list. I'd add Iron Fist and Misty Knight to it.

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No Jean Grey/Wolverine or Matt Murdock and.....Karen Page?  Milla Donovan? Black Widow? Elektra?....never mind, nice list :)

Posted by BlackPookie

please add stephen strange and clea, tony stark and pepper!
Posted by 84taskmaster84

What ever happened to Gambit and Rogue that is one of my personal favorites
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No Spider-Man and Mary Jane?  How about Hawkman and Hawkgirl?

Posted by SicKid

Haha, I believe Raven and Garfield actually did ended up together before the whole DCnU fiasco.

Nice list. The only one I don't agree with is Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Personally though, I think it's just b/c I've never been too big a fan of Hawkman.

Posted by Delphic

For Daredevil you need to add either Electra or Black Widow.

Posted by Final Arrow

@Delphic said:

For Daredevil you need to add either Electra or Black Widow.

I meant to add Elc...wonder where she wen't, crafty ninja assassin ..

Posted by Supreme Marvel

I wonder what ever happened to Stephanie's child? Who would you have with Matt? Elektra? Karen Page? I've only been reading him since Brubaker. But I read his first issue a few days back and a story arc revolving around Black Widow. I really like Dakota North. :D

You forgot the one couple that will stand above all of these people...Clark and Lois.

Posted by X9

Totally agree with the Dick/Babs statment... though I believe they'll end up together at last

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Okay, 1 question: Wheres Batman and Catwoman? The best comic couple ever! Well, next to Phineas and Ferb :P Okay, one, those 2 suck eggs IMO, and, two, that was just a joke. Oh, never mind, just saw Batman and Catoman on there. All thats left is to add Phineas and Ferb :P

Posted by PrinceZiara

Of Course Joker loves her! He just doesn't like to admit it.

Posted by DCDoll666

Awesome List, but you should put Superman and Lois Lane

Posted by FatFriar_16

Who's with DD? Elektra? ... You could add Storm and Black Panther =)

Posted by Emily87

Sigh... are the Bats doomed to have an on-off relationship with their significant others? Bruce and Selina, Dick and Babs... even Tim and Steph got dragged into the Batcurse.

Dick and Babs have it the worst, though. At least Bruce/Selina got a happy ending in Earth-2, and Tim/Steph are apparently married in the Batman Beyond-verse, but Dick/Babs seem to be separated in every continuity. They deserve to be happy together, DC! >:(

Posted by JROCK72

My wants:

Kitty + Colossus

Lois + Superman

Grace Choi + Thunder

Luke Cage + Jessica Jones

Thing + Alicia Masters

Wonder Woman + Steve Trevor

Husk + Chamber

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) + Alexandra DeWitt