Great Bad Guys

Bad Guys I love to hate

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Good list.

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epic, arrow

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I think you have the wrong Magnus on there, the one you have is Magnus, Robot Fighter

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cool dude
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em black knight is a hero right?

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Why is there nothing on 7?

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You HAVE great taste

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great list
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best bad guys ever
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interesting number one. great bad guy i feel is very overlooked
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Whoa whoa whoa...Godzilla's not a bad guy. It's not his fault his feets are so big. And that stupid city was erected while he wasn't paying attention. He was around well before it was so really, who's in the wrong?=P

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For the longest time that Hush hadn't definitively been proved to be Tommy Elliot I so wanted it to turn out that he was John Paul Valley=( Still think that would have been better

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I didn't know you were a Johnny Sorrow fan! Awesome!

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Great choices. 
You certainly have good 'bad blood' here.
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nice list
Edited by Argantyr did Blazing Skull make it on that list? He's been a hero since the Golden Age? o_O
Unless you were looking for Jim Scully aka Blazing Skull II?

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@thechessclub: Good point! In fact while this is a pretty good list, I don't think these are ALL villains! MANY of them are either anti-heroes, OR just misunderstood!

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Great list, love Ocean Master and The Joker.

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Flamingo, nice :D